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/scaly/ - Scaly General #296

Post lewd reptiles and discuss scaly stuff, male or female is fine. Dragons, wyverns, reptile folk, snakes, and sharks on top of other scaly things are welcome. Ferals, anthros, and human/scaly are allowed, but please, no monstergirls. As some may take a few creative liberties on their creations, do inquire if there's a particular edge case you're unsure about.

-Lurking before posting is encouraged
-Please avoid reposting images from the last few threads to keep the latest more fresh
-Arguments regarding scaly anatomy don't go anywhere, so don't start them
-There is no Discord server, don't ask

>Scaly Smut
>Other Resources

You are free to contribute to either, simply reply and post the information.

Did you miss something? You can find all previous threads here:

Today's featured image is a female dragon faced with a new challenge.

Topic of the thread: Has visiting /scaly/ caused you to find anything new you like?
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New Sonic thread

My Car Wouldn't Start This Morning edition

Hope you all are having a better weekend than I am.
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/trash/ Original Character Drawthread

Cafe Edition. Pull up a chair and get comfy.

Previous Thread:

Your own OC's/designs
-NO CANON or FRANCHISE based characters (Ponies, Pokemon, Sonic, Digimon, et al.)
-One request per character, maximum of 3 characters per person. And if you post 2-3, space them out.
-Put /r/ or "request/requesting" in front of requests
-Don't be afraid to ask for critique, or ask another about their OC!
-Feel free to shoot the breeze about your own chars; it's part of what this thread is for!
-Bump the thread when it gets low, but refrain from specifically bumping your own requests. Artists have scroll buttons too, and will browse the thread and draw what takes their fancy. Don't bug an artist to draw your OC.
-Related, a suggestion: If your character isn't getting drawn, maybe put them in the cooler for a thread or two (feel free to post a different character for a new thread, if you have multiple)
-If your character gets a delivery, and you want to request it again, waiting either about a week or two threads (i.e. You get a delivery, skip next thread, it's fine to post in the thread after that) is generally courteous. We all love to get art, let others have a chance!
-Be chill and good to one another

Optional Discussion Topics:
>What kind of jobs has your character had over their life? Were they enjoyable?
>A stranger spills something on your character's clothing and ruins it. How does he/she react?
>Is your character a coffee, cocoa, or tea kind of person?
>If the OCs in here were living/working in the same area, how would yours interact with everyone?
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Life, The furry Arcade Machine Thread 1.3
Bunny Hero Edition

Arcade Anon is back

Rules: The three first posts decide the next actions, First>Second>Third
No guro, no scat, no diapers, no politics

Last Thread:

Strawpoll for the next game:

Game starts in 30 minutes

Have fun
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RWBY/RT Trash General #560: Awoo Edition
Previous threads:

Rules of RWBY/RT threads:
>1. Read the Pastebin:
>2. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>3. Grimm can be cute too

1080P Episode Archive:!S1E3wTRQ!4RH3D97O1-ZiW_lMAu7xog

RWBY Chibi episode 20 link:

RWBY now in Blazeblue: [Embed]

Volume 5 Weiss Character Short: [Embed]

Volume 5 Blake Character Short: [Embed]
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What's /trash/'s opinion of this semen demon?
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Undyne Thread - But it Refused Edition

Previous thread:>>11534869

Image Collections:!fJ1D0ToC!jaLGre_xR2LEGfMAUfmZ2A!ZxQnALTQ!RJ0CyfW3tP5HzKy4YQHbXA

If you have many or rare Undyne images, please consider sharing your collection! MEGA folders, or sharing in the Discord is always appreciated!

Search Tips, Information, and Archives ->

Comfy fish stories

Official /Trash/ Undyne Discord

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/flg/ - F-list General: Mommy milk edition

F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, to create character profiles and to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with.
It features an advanced web chat (which can be used for textual roleplaying), custom kinks, image hosting, BBcode-enabled profiles and more built-in kinks than you can memorize.

The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where anons can freely share their characters, solicit roleplay, critique profiles, (consensually) share logs of roleplays, discuss kinks, and everything else related to f-list.
Note that actual roleplay should be directed to f-list itself or >>>/trash/erp

BBCode guide:

Previous: >>11666480
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What games have the best animal companions?
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Lewd Touhou Thread - A thread for lewd pics, lewd text, lewd links and lewd anything else Touhou. Gameplay, music, and other discussion is also more than welcome, but keep in mind this thread will be mostly lewd.

Previous: >>11584467
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