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It's been too long since we had an Alphys thread.

Post all of your cute weebasaurus.
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Lovely fluffy abuse thread for the mods that deleted the last thread. Fuck you.
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Star vs waiting out in the cold to wait for new episodes

How yall passing the time? I personally am replaying old flash tower defense games because my computer is a pile of junk
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/sug/ - Steven Universe General

Killing Lapis Edition

Last Thread: >>14166264

>Steven Universe to return on April
>Lapis song leak

>Steven Universe Complete Season 1 DVD out now:
>The Steven Universe Podcast (Vol. 2 is out)
>Season 5 Episodes 11-12 (Stranded)
TVrip Daily:

>Episode downloads
1080p alt and comics:
Comics, soundtracks, older episodes:!Y5E0BKjK!UsE19rOYDa5Ttl5QRFwgtw
>Official airing schedule in EST (click to the right of the logo)

[LEAKS] (Dead after a change on the server)
>2 minute previews and screenshots from CN server


>/sug/ writebin
>Archived threads
>/sug/ image archive
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Artists and musicians will be replaced by neural networks, the question is not if but when.
As a whole people don't care about the artist but the result and an AI will be shitting out left and right for free. Our roles in life will be as consumers eventually.
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CYOA Refuge Thread - A thread for posting any and all CYOAs unpostable in /tg/'s /cyoag/ (and occasionally ones that aren't).

Previous thread:
Alternative link:

/cyoag/'s CYOA archives and related resources:

And remember: If the CYOA calls for rolling (or you just feel like leaving something up to fate), use (or physical dice, or something else that isn't your postnumber).
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RWBY/RT General #618: Want some candy little boy?

>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell us it's good
>2. Read the Pastebin:
>3. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>4. Don't believe their lies

Previous threads:


AMA questions and answers:
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/bpg/ Breath Play General
This thread is for all breathplay&asphyxia lovers! Including but not limited to all kinds of hanging, strangling, bagging smothering, drowning, suffocating and whatever form of breathplay you can think of

絞殺 - strangulation
首吊り - hanging
絞首刑 (death by hanging)
エロ処刑 ero execution
窒息 - asphyxiation / suffocation
溺死 - drowning
水中 - underwater
水責め - drowning, waterplay
泡の中 Inside bubble
圧縮袋 - compression bag

If you know more, please suggest!
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/trash/ Original Character Drawthread

Family Friendly Edition

Previous Thread:

Thread Rules:
-Use your own OCs/designs.
-NO CANON or FRANCHISE based characters (Ponies, Pokemon, Sonic, Digimon, et al.)
-One request per character, maximum of 3 characters per person. And if you post 2-3, space them out.
-Refrain from discussing shota/loli/cub, if you can help it.
-Start your request posts with "/r/","request:" or "requesting".
-Refrain from bumping your own requests, it just annoys the artists.
-DO NOT REPLY TO TROLLS OR DRAMA. Just hide the posts if you have to.

-Don't be afraid to ask for critique, or ask others about their OC!
-Feel free to shoot the breeze about your own chars; it's part of what this thread is for!
-If your character isn't getting drawn, maybe put them in the cooler for a thread or two (try posting a different character instead, if you have multiple).
-If your character gets a delivery and you want to request it again, wait about a week or at least for two threads. We all love to get art, let others have a chance!
-Be chill and excellent to each other.

Optional Discussion Topics:
>Does your character like kids? Enough to have their own one day?
>What makes your character laugh? Go more in depth than "Jokes" or "Funny things".
> What does your character smell like? Think about it and be real with yourself. Adventurers most likely aren't going to smell like flowers, but rather sweat and grime.
>If your character could give one blurb of life advice to someone younger, what would it be?
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Good boi edition.

Location scouter:

Last thread:

Who can draw anthros and could you please share your goods?
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