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/hfur/ general
Post and discuss your favorite furry dickgirls, herms, shemales and futas.

Contribute to the thread with pics, stories and banter.

Pastebins of stories from previous threads:

A cool drawfag:
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MS Paint Draw Thread
Let's draw silly doodles of whatever we want without any pressure. You don't have to use ms paint if you don't want to as long as you're having fun. All skill levels are welcome!

Previous thread:

Artist resources courtesy of Anon:

and a bonus one stolen from /vp/ with some download links:

Some MS Paint tips

And here's /trash/'s drawfriend discord If you like that sort of thing

BONUS QUESTION: The OP text is getting pretty old, should we change it? Is it still a good description of the thread? If not how would you describe it?
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Cartoon Expansion General - /ceg/

You'll need a bigger hook for this one Edition

Post any expansion related material (breast or butt expansion, weight gain, inflation to name a few) containing human or humanoid characters. Cartoon and vidya characters are permitted, either male or female. Have some fun, above all else.

Any original content is appreciated! Edits, fics, other pictures are all great.

Previous Threads:
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Equine mating thread
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ITT: Pokemon are real.

What's your favorite type?


Previous Thread: >>9066583
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Who likes saggy titties?
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Bara thread

Wet shirt edition
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Every day I feel my willingness to do an impression of a normie slipping further and further away and the desire to just be the manchild I am inside creeping in.

If I was locked out of ever actually being normal at puberty anyway why pretend?

Powerlevel general.

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Weeb lizard thread
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Towergirls thread: Would You Like Some Thread With Your Wine? Edition

Current work for the chart:

Bunch of Card info and such:

Previous thread:
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