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Penny "Autistic NEET Catgirl" Thread #31: "Ello the Pothead Gamer Dog-girl" Edition

Thread about Penny, a catgirl who loves vidya and anime, but lives with her parent(s).

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/psg/ - Persona Slutposting General
Death Edition
ERPing, story writing, and all around lewding are encouraged.
Previous: >>19438129
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>tumblr is finally self-destructing and mass-deleting NSFW blogs
>apparently this is being done due to pressure put on them by the tumblr app on the Apple store
>artists prepping to leave as blogs are nuked left and right

Good fucking riddance to that site.
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kpop lewd edition
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #480

>"MINE MINE?" Edition<


By Strong_Anon
>A Bit Of Happiness (Chapter 4 has been added)
>Humans Are Such Easy Prey

By Just_A_User
>Home is Where You Feel The Most Welcome

By Jack_Dawe
>The Wolf and the Huntsman (Chapter 3 has been added)

By Idontwantthis
>Altruistic Intent
>Dying Hope

By Fritewag1
>Love Bites
>Digital Love

By an unknown author
>A Night with Sharkgirls.

By Kaktus-nsfw
>Weird krystal /ss/ or something

By Sham
>Shooting for the Star (Chapter 5 has been added)
>Hell-O Nurse! (Chapter 7 has been added)

By Bed-man
>Myrrah's Hunters
>Forged in Blood (Chapter 1)

By Dankmeme_anon
>No Escape

By Quoth_THE_raven
>Mechanized Memories (Chapter 49/50/51 has been added)

By Cheetah_Anon
>Akari and Mothra

>>Folder of olds and new pastebins, to make room a new stories in the OP list. (I will try to stay updated with this)<<

Previous thread: http://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19484231/
You missed a thread or two?: http://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/
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/bara/ - His Own Mas(s)ter Now Edition

old thread - http://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19477509
writefaggotry- https://pastebin.com/MBFuXYmR
- P U S H S E L E C T -
Anonymous, your ass game has weakened substantially! Remember that you can hit the gym, strengthen your lower muscles, and catch up to Blade Wolf! You can do it!
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Humanized/EqG thread
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/fesg/ Fire Emblem Slutposting General

Discuss, RP, or fuck your favorite Fire Emblem girls!

Lewd FE Flash Game Archive

Mommy Loves her little boy edition

Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19445954/
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hug not fug #69
general cuteness edition
the official tumblr
the official discord server https://discord.gg/DPQWFUP
all forms of cuteness welcome
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