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My superpower is that i spread love on /trash/

I love you anon
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RWBY/RT Trash General #366: Stalker Edition

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Rules of RWBY/RT threads:
>1. Read the pastebin:
>2. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion.
>3. It's not gay if it happens in the wilderness

1080P Episode Archive:!S1E3wTRQ!4RH3D97O1-ZiW_lMAu7xog
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Anthro MLP Thread
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/ntr/ - Netorare General
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>Post your "loyal" waifu, tell us all about them!
>Discover that your waifu might not be as satisfied with you as you thought.
>Maybe see it first-hand! We'll give your waifu what she needs, and your protests wont stop us!
>Learn that your waifu always loved, and will always love you, even if you can't pleasure her in the sack.

>Tease Cucks and enjoy their trust shattering with your every post.
>Steal and fuck (and maybe impregnate!) other anons waifus while they watch.
>Humiliate the desperate Cucks sharing their waifus, while the jerk off pathetically.
>Make fun of their waifus for being horny cumdumpsters.

Cucks should try to post with images. Bulls can too. Waifu's of all kinds welcome!
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Huge Boobs Appreciation Thread #44

Doot Edition

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Reaction image thread

Does anyone have the image where AVGN is laughing while holding a shotgun
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There is no thread on here for the greatest of fetishes?

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Edición Miguel Hidalgo

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