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Warner Babes thread, get in here losers.

Previous thread (RIP): >>12587096

Our Discord:

If you like Fifi, Minerva, Lola, or any of the other WB girls, then this thread's for you.
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Towergirls Thread

GATTAI Edition

Current work for the chart:

Bunch of Card info and such:

Previous thread:

All towergirls content from any chart is welcome as long as it is in proper moderation.
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It's almost Thanksgiving, anons!

Let us have a Pavita thread.
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Prequel thread: 'It's Been Over Two Weeks So There Will Be No Update Until 2019' edition.
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/GDR/ Gay dragon/reptile thread
Rules are simple: Post gay dragons or reptiles

last thread:

Get postin comrades
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/ZTG/ - Zootopia General: Dental Hygiene Edition

Thread journal Backup:
ZTG Creator List:

Archives: / /
Previous thread:
Previous thread:
Previous thread:

Current TT Theme: Spy Story (Submissions are due Nov. 23)
More information on TT:
TT Archive:
TT Pastebin:
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/hfur/ general
Post and discuss your favorite furry dickgirls, herms, shemales and futas.

Contribute to the thread with pics, stories and banter.

Pastebins of stories from previous threads:

A cool drawfag:
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What does /trash/ think of transgendered people? Is there struggle similar to that of LGB people? Should transgendered people be considered mentally ill? Are traps gay? Curious as to what arguably the most degenerate board on 4chan thinks of these people.
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Whether it's an imp, shortstack, or loli, this is the thread for small characters getting bigger through gluttony.
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