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Welcome to the great Savanna games. A /trash/ smut quest in tribal world. Thread #6.5 – /trash/ Moves Too Fast Sometimes Edition

Previous threads – desuarchive.org/trash/thread/18631276/

>The Story so Far

>Additional Stuff
Short Story from Rhino Perspective by Anon -pastebin.com/1HJ36eJy
Antelope Tribe Short by QM - pastebin.com/LayYNB8c

>Missive from the original Quest Master:
Welcome /trash/ to my crackheaded quest idea. One part ‘Olympics’ two parts ’survivor’ & three parts smut. I welcome you to the great Savannah games. Try to guide your team to hopefully out compete & out fuck all the other teams.

Let’s get right into it.

>The true origin of the esteemed “tribal games” are shrouded in mystery, most people believe that they were first created by the first chiefs of generations past to create peace in a violent age while others feel that the games evolved into their current state by accident. No matter how the competition began it has since become a cornerstone of society within the Savannah. Countless feuds that for most would be settled with violence are instead settled through the games that have enabled peace between the 8 tribes for as long as can be remembered.

Hopefully with more consistent updates this time
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Welcome to Pets of Furries general (or /PoFg/ #81)

>What Happened? Edition<

[relevant links]
/trash/ archive if you missed a thread or two:https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/PoFg/type/op/
Previous Thread:https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19379901
New or updated pastebins and greens

By Anonymous
>Stray Bath
>Train Ride
>Vet Visit

By Blurg2021
>/Pofg/ Rory's Boy

By Phi_Fi
>Hannah the Red Panda

By Retroboy64
>hard ass

By Pofg_anon
>Ratgirl request
>Wolf request

By Razrien
>Wingman [Part 1]
>Wingman [part 2] - Calm before the storm

By Dapper_Dan
>Creature Comforts

By BaronGoldfaggot
>Road to Home

By Jathma
>The Joy of Homophilia (Dog)
>Finding Love (Gay, Ferret)
>Sasha's Desire (Bear)

By Anonymous
>With owners like these [part 1]
>[part 2]

If you would like your works to appear here, simply post your relevant Pastebin links and they'll be added (probably).
A full list of writer's and their stories can be found herehttps://pastebin.com/kyd8Dwd2
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/trash/ Drawthread

Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19407005

Edit and Color thread: >>19460472

Our booru: http://trashdump.booru.org

>How do I request?
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits in the thread for edits.

>What if I want to start drawing?
- Check these resources for beginners: https://pastebin.com/4CpXsY7a (embed)
- When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw.
- Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread:

>What else should I know?
- Maybe don't respond to the spam. Just report and/or hide it and move on.
- Feel free to post anything that gets done in the booru for others to find later.
- When making a new thread, refrain from adding unnecessary rules to the OP. That's dumb.
- New thread should be made after reaching the bump limit and around page 8 or later.
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Boku no Bimbo Academia/ Bimbo Multiverse Thread

Prodigy Edition

Previous Thread- https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19482924

MHA Story List- https://pastebin.com/TawcaS45

Bimbo Country Story List- https://pastebin.com/2xWMgBam

Danganronpa- https://pastebin.com/SYP8UJY9

One Piece- https://pastebin.com/jfkN2EcF

DCBU- https://pastebin.com/xEPcLEUb

This thread is for Boku No Bimbo Academia and any of the related Bimbo series and their thoughts as one big multiverse connected by bimbo magic.
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>>/vg/234918716 post 'em
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/ntr/ - Netorare General

Ride bulls together edition

Previous thread: >19437713

>Post your "loyal" waifu, tell us all about them!
>Discover that your waifu might not be as satisfied with you as you thought.
>Learn that your waifu always loved, and will always love you, even if you can't pleasure her in the sack.

>Tease Cucks and enjoy their trust shattering with your every post.
>Steal and fuck (and maybe impregnate!) other anons' waifus while they watch.
>Make fun of their waifus for being horny cumdumpsters.

>Post and see if any bulls and/or cucks bite.
>Ramble on about your love of big cocks.
>Wax poetic on how tempted you are to cheat
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Female Inflation Thread

https://discord.gg/7zDCGVH inflated/fat furry discord
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JOI/JOE Thread #204
(Jerk Off Instructions, Encouragement, and Captions)

>Oppai Edition<
>"Nothing like 3 Pokesluts."<

If you just want to chill, talk with the anons behind the thread, or make some requests and perhaps get some feedback—join our discord at: https://discord.gg/Pfuebv6

Come on in! We're a friendly enough community... for a /trash/ discord.

Previous thread:

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Another muscle/stronk/buff thread
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