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Oh lawd, hobba massa don't catch me here!
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/basurero/ Edición Demente

>Hilo anterior
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Edit, Lineart, and Color Thread
Luna edition

Post sketches you want to have linearts, inks, colors, and/or edits of, and anons will work their magic on them.

>Shit rules that few people card about
- Post your request, external reference links, and names as ONE POST.
- Once you're posting a request, cite the image source (IF IT IS FROM THE DRAWTHREAD OR THIS BOARD IN GENERAL, PLEASE SAY SO), author, characters, and show/franchise/series.
- Your request should have the highest quality images available.
- If a request gets fulfilled, please upload your request AND delivery on the colordump booru. Click the booru link below to upload your delivery.
- Please keep the thread alive if it reaches past page 9. Remake the thread if it dies.
Dead Booru is dead:
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Big Bug Thread - Almost squashed by purses edition.

Here's the archive, gots everything, even the discord link
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #101

>Dalmatian Edition<


By Deterna
>The Spirit of the Forest [Love, Wolfess, Native American]
>Cool Cat Helps Her Friend [Face-Sitting, Foot-job Humour]
>The Empress [Really Short, Mirage (Character) Exotic,]

By Tabletop-Anon
>Just Passing Through (Custom Tabletop Inspired Story) (Chapter 3 has been added)

By Wheresmysocks
>Time of the Season (German Shepard, Cabin, Heat)
>The Wanderer (Doberman, Apocalypse, Friendship)
>Way Back Home (Fallout, Snekdog, Violence, Desert)

By Alfa_Barf
>>Ladies' Night [Various; Crossover, Meta, Comfy]
>Happiest Place on Fur [Wolf; Theme Park, Lewd] (Chapter 6 has been added)
>Soothe and Nail [Wolf; Grooming, Romance, Fighting] (Chapter 11 has been added)

By Strong_Anon
>Bingle annoys everyone (Part 5 has been added)
>On the Iron Seas
>Anon's Hairy Fox Hunt Alternate ending

By Fritewag1
>Itsy Bitsy Spider

By Pixelated_Hobo
>Femme Fatale Pt. 9

By Lurk_Anon
>Today's Demons are Tomorrow's Angels (Full Story)
>Today's Demons are Tomorrow's Angels (Prologue)
>Anon's Hairy Fox Hunt (Chapter 24 has been added)

>>Folder of olds and new pastebins, to make room a new stories in the OP list. (I will try to stay updated with this)<<

Previous thread:
You missed a thread or two?:
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>Ew gross, she's standing on four legs, like some kind of FREAK.

Also, OUCH
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HG Thread.

Deleted edition.

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MS Paint Draw Thread
Let's draw silly doodles without any pressure of being good. You don't have to use ms paint if you don't want to as long as you're having fun. All skill levels are welcome!

Previous thread:

Artist resources courtesy of Anon: (embed)

And a bonus one stolen from /vp/ with some download links: (embed)

Some paint related tips:

Here's /trash/'s drawfriend discord If you like that sort of thing
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