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Male Fatfur Thread: Hypnotic Hunger Edition
Previous Thread:

>FatChat Discord:
>Hefty Hideaway Discord:
Don't be afraid to jump in at any time, we don't bite!

Fetish poll for drawfags/writefags and stats:

We're back on track to start running sessions of Nirulea, a fatty DnD-type group writing/roleplaying game. Sessions happen on weekends and generally last a few hours. If you have any questions or are interested in spectating or joining a game, feel free to visit the FatChat discord's #nirulea channel.
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Gay Pokephilia thread

"Where'd everybody go?" edition
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Let have a thread about your childhood cartoon.
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Or just an Uberquest thread.
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What the hell has happened to him in the last few months? Can someone give me a quick rundown?
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/awsw/ - Angels With Scaly Wings General #32, Forest Fire Edition
Post and talk about the game, spoilers are gods.

For newfags to these threads:
The OP should have one Mega download for the demo, ending in (VIlFCbjB!bgPDwSyIkxyaM099Pi_mzGzJ19ZZeKtvkGazjV_qrfI). If that Mega link is different, the new thread doesn't include this warning, or has more than one Mega download, then abandon the thread. Wrong one, it's another Speedy situation.
Ignore the robots, the captchas don't work anymore.
Drawfags and writefags are always wanted and welcome. The modded game will appreciate new content in it.
Modding tools can be found here:
New material pertaining to the current mod project will be posted here:
Anything else is unsanctioned and you download it at your own risk. Do not download and run any untrusted executable files posted in any of these threads. Some shitposter spreads terrible malware that way, wait until somebody checks the code to see what it does.
Adine owns a shipping crate full of Bad Human toys, Anna made Amely with Remy and slept with Damion to try and keep him quiet, and Remy is secretly a really brutal dom.
Previous threads have had a pastebin guide for a secret ending linked, and even further back is a 99% completion steam guide that only misses the secret ending. The archives are your friend.

Where to buy it:

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How come Kass get's all the recognition while the female of his species don't?
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/npb/ - NPB Mascot General: "Just sitting around doing nothing" edition

A thread mainly for posting any mascots related to Japanese baseball from both Central and Pacific League teams, but other Japanese mascots are allowed too. Post pictures of, discuss, or even draw your favorite mascot. If you want to make a new thread, wait until this one hits Page 10. Remember to have fun!

>Moonspeak guide:
バファローベル Buffalo Bell
ポリーポラリス Polly Polaris
クラッチーナ Clutchina
ハニーホーク Hawk Honey
リーンちゃん Rine-chan
DB.キララ DB. Kirara
ライナ Lina
ベルちゃん bell-chan
ポリーちゃん polly-chan
チーナちゃん China-chan
船場リリィ Semba Lily
マダム・ロビーナ Madame Lobina

>Links for mascot media

A: How your favorite mascot spends their day off.
B: Your favorite mascot in Spring fashion.
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/tfg/ - New transformation thread

>you will never come home from a hard day at work and this happens
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>"Hey Anon, you'll join my ANTIFA chapter right?"