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Are you a true comrade of the fandom? Can you show us your dedication?
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #8

>God It's An Anthro Girl Edition<


Some Pastebins

By Some random Anon from a old Shark thread.
>Late Night Mischief

By Cheetah_Anon
>Chubby Cheetah
>Buff Bear

By Zombie_Lenin
>Death Metal Panda - (in progress)

>No title and no Author name - (Anon with his cat and dog anthro pets)

By Just_A_User
>After-School Bullying
>Surfin'n Fuckin

>Yes You May - (May x Anon) - No author name
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Anthro MLP Thread
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Discord thread
straight gay r63 post it
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Is it possible to learn how to draw if you're in your mid-twenties and have no prior experience?

/ic/ seems to have a mixed bag of opinions. What do you think, /trash/?
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Last Asriel thread got deleted, so let's try again
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Rimba Racer

next episode is avaible on the official RR youtube channel
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Equestria Girls/Humanized Thread
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Why don't we have avian threads anymore? They're my favorite.
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