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Cartoon Expansion General - /ceg/

-Fetish Fuel PSAs Edition

Post any expansion related material (breast or butt expansion, weight gain, inflation to name a few) containing human or humanoid characters. Cartoon and vidya characters are permitted, either male or female. Have some fun, above all else.

Any original content is appreciated! Edits, fics, other pictures are all great.

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What does /trash/ think of the shortstack king himself?
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Endtown thread - Jury Cutie Edition

Mostly complete comic archive:!rlUGDTxC!Ks4RgV9ITtOw8eJ8RfgV-YSQk8eyBYUqwZ-SAJFYTzg

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/GDR/ Gay dragon/lizard thread
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I'm not even gay, but preserve your threads, dammit. I was lurking for that green.

Post some gay dragons and lizards.
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/vore/ - vore general
snaek edition

TotT: what's the absolute best vore-related feeling for you?

Someone not posting from mobile can link the previous thread.
Don't ree.
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Post chastity
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Anthro MLP Thread

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Isabelle thread.
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Transformation Thread
Feral Edition
Of course you don't have to post feral if you don't want to it's your fetish
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