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Male Fatfur Thread: Sweater Swelling Edition
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>FatChat Discord:
>Hefty Hideaway Discord:
Don't be afraid to jump in at any time, we don't bite!

Fetish poll for drawfags/writefags and stats:

We're back on track to start running sessions of Nirulea, a fatty DnD-type group writing/roleplaying game. Sessions happen on weekends and generally last a few hours. If you have any questions or are interested in spectating or joining a game, feel free to visit the FatChat discord's #nirulea channel.
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does anyone have more pics
like this?
Wat is the name of this specific style?
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Undyne Thread - Bathtime edition

Previous thread: >>8919344

Image Collections:!fJ1D0ToC!jaLGre_xR2LEGfMAUfmZ2A!ZxQnALTQ!RJ0CyfW3tP5HzKy4YQHbXA

If you have many or rare Undyne images, please consider sharing your collection too!

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Comfy fish stories ->
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Why aren't fat people attractive?

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From a purely evolutionary standpoint, doesn't it show that if someone's fat they can acquire a lot of resources and afford to be fat? Isn't that just like peacocking?
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Equestria Girls/Humanized Thread
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Welcome to Pets of Furries general (or /PoFg/ #15 technically I guess)
Lurk at your own risk

[relevant links]
/trash/ archive if you missed a thread or two:
Previous Thread Number: 8809669
Pastebins and greens
>To Tame a Human
>The Pacific Pearl
>Comfy Short
>Lizzie Origins
>The Smooth Among Us
>Various one shots
>Damaged Goods (Hiatus)
>Stoner Raccoon/Human
>Not Sure What to Name It
>The New Normal (Mit Deutscher Übersetzung)
>Mean Dog
>My Very First Human
>Allergy Anon
>There, but for the Grace of God
>Various one shots

If you would like your works to appear here, simply post your relevant Pastebin links and they'll be added (probably)

OP template:
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Lets's start this up again!

Mrs. Katswell General: New Beginning Edition

Booru: (Needs updating)

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Gay Pokephilia Thread:
Ram it in! Edition
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Suck my tits or Prequel dies
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