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/awoo/ - Gay Werewolf General
Relationship Goals Edition

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Shit you hate in porn thread? Shit in you hate in porn.
>Find comic/doujin around fetish
>Comic is 20/30/40/50+ pages long, in one case over 100 pages long
>The actual fetish part is only a page or two in the entire story
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Why do panties look so much better on boys?

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Undyne thread - Frisk <3 Undyne edition

Previous thread: >>11016165

Image Collections:!fJ1D0ToC!jaLGre_xR2LEGfMAUfmZ2A!ZxQnALTQ!RJ0CyfW3tP5HzKy4YQHbXA

If you have many or rare Undyne images, please consider sharing your collection too

Search Tips, Information, and Archives ->

Comfy fish stories

Official /Trash/ Undyne Discord
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mink pussy or skunk pussy?
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What does /trash/ think of programming?

Just started learning C++ and I've found it pretty interesting given that I've never done programming before.
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/Chubby/ gay furries thread #4 - "Artist? Who did it?" edition.

Previous thread: >>11071989
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Endtown thread - Who Wants Coffee? Edition

Mostly complete comic archive:!rlUGDTxC!Ks4RgV9ITtOw8eJ8RfgV-YSQk8eyBYUqwZ-SAJFYTzg

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Mirror mirror on the wall, whos got the most donk /co/ butt of all?
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Animation thread: Let's get those pixels moving edition. Post your best (worst) animated /trash/. GIFs and Webm and everything in between. It's a fucking race for the bottom.
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