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So /trash/, is it just me, or has Old Spice really learned how to tap in to the furfag market? I mean shit, four out of the five of those names make me think of animal genitals, and the thought of smelling like such makes me want to buy it.

>inb4 shill
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Samurai Jack thread, BTW.
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No crossdressing thread? Let's fix that.
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diaperfur thread
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they're back
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I want to cum inside blue pegasi mare. Also RD porn thread
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Any people here who are unironic waifufags or voluntarily celibate? Bonus points if you're also not a virgin.

>Is it dedication to a character/lifestyle or can you just not get it up for 3DPD?
>If the former, are you still marginally attracted to 3D? If so, how do you deal? Would you have the willpower to deny someone exactly your type if they were to proposition you?
>If the former, how did you decide to take it to its extreme?
>If the latter, was it always like this or was it a slippery slope?
>Have you ever turned someone down?
>If you're not a virgin, do you miss it? If you are, do you think you're missing out?
>Does your family know? Are you otherwise well-adjusted?
>Is this how the rest of your life will be?

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Clop Dump |

Image Dumps:

>Google Drive


Make a post in the thread if you need help from seeders.




>Pony image-boorus

Sauce note: Before asking for a source, check the file name.
99% of the time a file name that starts with a combination of six or seven numbers is a derpibooru post number.
In which case all you have to do is add the post number to the end of the URL

>Paid/Patreon-exclusive content:

last thread
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Write faggotry thread #20

Previous thread:

Write stories, share works, ask for critique, post requests,all that good stuff. All writers welcome.
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Male Fatfur thread because there isn't one up for some reason and nobody else is doing it.

Talk about fats, post fats, draw fats, request fats -- do whatever as long as it's male, furry and garbage. This includes blobs unlike the other thread full of barafags who got kicked out of regular bara thread by the roidragers.

Hefty Hideaway (18+) discord -

Fatchat discord -
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