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Penny "Autistic NEET Catgirl" Thread #44: "New Year New Me" Edition

Thread about Penny, a catgirl who loves vidya and anime, but lives with her parent(s).

[email protected]

Current Drawfags as of 12/30:
Deloco - Wheel of Pennys/Fat Edits

Current Writefags as of 12/30:
GR33DY - https://pastebin.com/jHKtkq21
Aspienon/Feelsbringer - >>20307819
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Source thread~

I'll start.

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/fgsg/ - Fighting Game Slutposting General #11.5

Last thread was pushed to page 11 by board spammers.

Post your favorite fighting game girls and talk about them, lewdpost, ERP, what you'd want to do to them or as them.

Discord : https://discord.gg/PcF7grV


Cum Counter : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y72LIEo2cux1f8mMtxfY-aEPHGTB3_Okc1srbgaolcw/edit?usp=sharing

Old thread : https://archived.moe/trash/thread/20729308/
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IRL BBW/Fat Girl Thread

Britblob Edition
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/gmad/ - Gay Monsters, Aliens and Demons Thread #5
Throbbing Turian Cock edition

A /gayy/ & /doom/ Company™ et. al of xenophilia and teratophilia on /trash/ for degenerates who like weird dicks and other overlooked assortments.

QOTT: Would you prefer a monster/ayy/demon to live with you or you with him? What sort of setting would you like the best?

Monstrously lewd writings:
Quads Touching: https://pastebin.com/mLJqF5yt (embed)
Blue Eyes, Red Lights: https://pastebin.com/6AvwtPjd (embed)
Night Stalker (WIP): https://pastebin.com/MsyFSwei (embed)
Moar krogans: https://pastebin.com/fcX0gJyQ (embed)
Smattering of small pastes (aliens): https://pastebin.com/VWscq4U2 (embed)
Archive of /doom/ stuff: https://pastebin.com/QhhTXAL8 (embed)

Previous thread:
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Huge female ass, hips and thighs appreciation thread #46

Peek-A-Boo Edition

Previous thread https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/20509893/
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So what's the one that does it for you, /trash/?
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/trash/ Drawthread

Previous thread: >>20662060

Edit and Color thread: >>20663414

Our booru: http://trashdump.booru.org

>How do I request?
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits in the thread for edits.

>What if I want to start drawing?
- Check these resources for beginners:https://pastebin.com/4CpXsY7a(embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
- When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw.
- Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread: >>20692590

>What else should I know?
- Maybe don't respond to the spam. Just report and/or hide it and move on.
- Feel free to post anything that gets done in the booru for others to find later.
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Straight Pokephilia Thread: Genetically Engineered Waifu edition

Fanfic catalog: https://pastebin.com/jbe8xLuc

Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/20614177
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