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>Listen Out Loud Podcast #12: Lisa Loud

>Nickelodeon launches 'Loud House Ultimate Treehouse' App

>Loli and Shota back on the booru


Recent Episodes:

>Sitting Bull/The Spies Who Love Me

>Everybody Loves Leni/Middle Men

>Jeers for Fears/Tea Tale Heart


Upcoming Episodes:

>The Loudest Thanksgiving (11/12)
Faced with spending Thanksgiving apart, Lori and Bobby try to bring their crazy families together for the first time.

>Really Loud Music (11/23)
Hoping to win a song-writing contest, Luna contemplates whether she should go with a song that’s true to her sound or try to make something that the whole world will love.

>Predict Ability (TBA)
After discovering he has rituals, Lincoln is worried he's predictable and vows to change it up.

>Driving Ambition (TBA)
When Lori finds out that the golf coach from her dream college is coming to see her play, she develops the yips.

>Racing Hearts (TBA)
When Luna and Sam embark on a scavenger hunt across Royal Woods, they discover they have vastly different styles.