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>Paramount making The Loud House Movie due 2020

>The Loud House: "There Will Be Chaos", New Books & DVD Announced

>The Loud House to introduce the Casagrande family and a character with Down Syndrome


This Week's Episodes:

Pets Peeved
>When Lana brings home a new pet, who the children adore, the four original Loud pets scheme to get rid of him

Out of the Picture
>Afraid they will be forgotten, Lincoln and Clyde want to make a splash in the yearbook and crash group photos

Room With a Feud
>Seeing his sisters fight with their roommates, Lincoln suggests a room shuffle based on a compatibility test.

Spell It Out
>Tired of her siblings walking all over her, Lucy turns to a spell book to teach her siblings a lesson


Upcoming Episode:

Relative Chaos (Monday/Memorial Day: 5/29)
>Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their crazy, chaotic extended family. Bobby fits in great but Ronnie Anne struggles with the smothering nature of their relatives