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where can i find this for cheap

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0/10 Retro Games

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Post the worst of the worst and why they have no redeeming qualities.

Batman Forever (SNES) is horrific, and even more disappointing considering how good Batman Returns was. Acclaim made this piece of shit with terrible Mortal Kombat controls, shitty maze levels, horrible music, loading times on a cart, it was a mess. Some friends and I rented this piece of shit and played it for less than an hour. There is nothing good about this game.
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Is this the saddest boss fight of all time
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Is Master Quest worth playing?
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/vr, do you know what it is?

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Hey /vr/, what's your opinion on Jill of the Jungle?
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I see lots of threads asking about the best games for snes, or the best games for genesis, but sometimes those games are the same. I don't want to start a console war, but can i get some opinions on preferences between games on both systems? I'm not talking about things like Aladdin which are two completely different games, but games that are essentially the same on both systems with slight variations.
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Was there ever a good reason to not have continues?
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Any games that have writing that stands the test of time?
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>One Weekend Challenge thread!
ITT we pick a single game we have yet to beat and attempt to finish it during the weekend. Time begins at exactly whenever this friday evening and ends at 0:00 sunday. It was a fun thread last time and since last OP has not, I decided to revive the concept

Show us the game you're picking, post screenies/photos and updates, ask for help in the thread and cheer on the other anons

Declare your challenge!
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