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Post your battlestation

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Best /vr/ card/cardlike game that isn't obvious?

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Obvious like pic related. Would like to hear about more obscure / out-there ones.
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Closet guy here again. Started working on turning this small closet into a place for retro gaming. I'll post more pictures of the progress when I can.
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ITT: Unquestionably bad game design

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Since the fairy thread was taken over by this subject I figure we might as well have a thread about it.

I'll start with a few of my own thoughts starting with the original Shrek and then everyone can argue.

>OoT Shrek/Fishingman2

>Red Eyes
>Prominent Brow
>Huge muscles
>different proportions
>voics obviously did not change, still high
>physical abilities differ from Zelda, Zelda can't even leap over fire.
>reverts to Zelda via magic

All in all this Shrek is male.
You don't get a physique like that as a woman. Onto the next Shrek.
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Were any of you old farts on Usenet back in the day?
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So I heard this thing only does 720p. How would a retro game look like under that resolution on a CRT TV? Too fucked or not?
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There were more games cancelled for the 64DD than released. Most of those are now in the hands of nip shut-ins who will never dump them.
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Rail Shooter Appreciation Thread

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> Time Crisis 4 & Terminator Salvation cabinets got removed in my city

Let's talk about one of the best (and yet dying) vidya genres ever during his golden age.

(HOTD2 is still the best rail shooter game ever btw)
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English patching fucking never.
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