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Trying to play this again for the nth time and properly get into it, what the fuck do I do? I try and sell to planets but it's a crapshoot as to whether I don't blow my money, I try to go pirate hunting but I can't figure out if ships are pirates until they've already started attacking me, I don't even want to be told like "here's how to skip early game" I just can't figure out if there's something I'm missing

I'm playing Elite - The New Kind for reference.
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How do I even play this?

I have no idea what I'm doing.
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What was Sega thinking?

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-$399 vs $299 Playstation
-Significantly worse than Playstation at 3D
-Slightly better than Playstation at 2D (requires Expansion RAM to become significantly better at 2D)
-Worse software-driven video playback than Playstation which uses MJPEG hardware decompression (Saturn requires video card add-on to become better at playback)
-Sound chip isn't hardware capable of audio decompression, resulting in lower quality PCM sound effects (Playstation has built-in ADPCM decompression)
-Has difficulty with rendering transparencies in many situations (no problem for Playstation in any situation, and it also supports additive blending)
-Bigger and bulkier than the slimmer and smaller Playstation
-Poorly designed battery-backed up save memory (Playstation uses flash memory which has no time limit on save expiry)
-Extremely hard for developers to program (Playstation was very easy)

Seriously, what the fuck were Sega thinking? Did they honestly think that consumers would see their console as a reasonable value proposition? They literally did everything wrong and Sony did everything right.

It's a goddamn blessing that at least the Saturn had quite a lot of good games but the hardware was A1 trash.
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where do you download your roms to emulating?, usually browse mine on emuparadise, and dont trust on any other site.
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Atari 2600

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Just bought a couple of ataris. I've never had one before and I'm having a lot of fun. What are your favorite games?
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Which version of Skies of Arcadie is the best?
Dreamcast or Gamecube?
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>yfw summon Satan/the Devil to destroy the world because your asshole brother killed your father the King and blames it on you
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What are some of the best RTS /vr/ games? Pic related
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What's the comfiest retro game emulation handheld and why is it the Sony PSP Go?

(Lagdroid devices need not apply)
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best way to play Windows 9X games? Can virtual machines do it?
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