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A "Modern" CRT Televison

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What is the possibility that new CRT TV's could be produced? Given that old CRT's are slowly and surely ceasing to exist. I feel like there is a big enough niche market for a manufacturer to produce modern CRT TVs.
It would use the tech that makes a CRT what it is. While adding any applicable modern technology. The price would surely come at a premium. But the image would be objectively the best option for retro technology. It may even be able to lose some weight and size with today's techniques.
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What are the hidden gems you are proud to have?
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What's wrong with Sega Saturn's emulation?
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Favourite obscure adventure game.

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What is your favourite lesser know adventure game?

We all know that King's Quest V, Full Throttle and Monkey Island 2 are fantastic.

So let's discuss some adventure games that aren't quite as well known.

Pic related - Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum
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What's the best Splatterhouse game?
Also, Splatterhouse Thread.
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Do you prefer Last Blade or Last Blade 2?
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Here im gonna tell you (idc if you don't give a fuck) my opinion, why N64 Mini is gonna be the best console-reissue.

1) Fist of fucking all, it's about the controllers.
The analog joysticks on original ones are FUCKING SUCKS. After intensive getting gud they are looks like chinese baby-dicks after masturbation act.
The usb-clones nowadays sucks too for being too hard and insensible. I know, it's not a big problem for you neckbeard but i need the full fucking experience and some qualityshit.

2) Secondly, we all fucking fed up with 8/16-bit graphics. It can be emulated and playable even on potato and nigga-dick, so much indie-devs nowadays making "HIPSTERS DRAWING PIXEL ART" and part of them actually doing very gud retro-reminding graphics and actually games (Alien Splatter Redux, Oniken for example).

3) Original console and games are too expensive, AND THE RASPBERRY PI CAN'T EMULATE THEM.

That's All. Do you need more?
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*destroys your console*
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Now vr, how many of you have actually beaten Stadium 2 with only Gen 1 mons from a RBY cartridge?