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CRT monitors

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So what's so special about CRTs? This hurts my eyes and my ears and playing on a flat screen is fine to me.
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Is planescape torment really the masterpiece everyone says it is?
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She needed more screen time.
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Master System thread.

What are the best games for this console and why are they Sonic?
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Are those prices legit? I've never sold or purchased "retro games". I've just bought games when they got released and never sold them. I have all my games with manuals and boxes. 70 USD for a manual alone seems very over priced to me. Just like 100 USD for Kid Dracula.
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Thief 2 Gold

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Would it improve the base game as much as Thief Gold did? I get the feeling looking at the mission solicits that the story contribution of the missions was pretty barebones and they didn't seem all that fun.
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While mention of them is common I can't remember the last time a actual thread was made for the series.

Chrono series thread. Fortunately all three(ish) games are retro and can be discussed.
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Eastern European game scene?

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Was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago and got to wondering, what was the gaming scene like in Eastern Europe? Of course I know that Famicom bootlegs were big and so was the PSX, but what else? How about PC games? Were Doom and Duke Nukem big things in that region? Are they now? Dunno.
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Any other games with nice elevator music soundtracks?
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/vr/ related mysteries, strange events, personal experiences

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I saw the Polybius thread and thought that maybe you guys would like to discuss /vr/ related stuff in the same vein.

Feel free to share
>Urban legends you know
>Personal experiences
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