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Clearly the best wrestling game.
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OSSC Input Lag

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So I just bought an OSSC to play my PS2 on my LG 43UJ6300. Quick question though for anyone that has one. I currently have my PS2 hooked up through component and I definitely notice some input lag on 480i games. Will the OSSC help reduce the lag I'm feeling or does it simple line-double and improve the picture without adding additional lag?
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/vr/ Gauntlet - Unbind your savestate keys!

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PREVIOUS (At image bump limit)

Welcome to the Retro Game Gauntlet, gentlemen.

Start at NES, and work through in the following order:
Commodore 64
Playstation 1

You have three days to complete the game without assistance (each game gets three days, though RPGs are allowed a week due to length).

Select your system here:

You can also do it manually if you don't trust the random number generator:

1) Savestates are allowed ONLY for the purpose of taking screenshots and ONLY if your emulator/game in question does not have a pause function.
2) Rerolls are allowed under the following conditions:
-The game you get requires some sort of hardware functionality that cannot be accurately emulated to complete (eg, Boktai)
-The game would otherwise require cheats, hacks, or alteration of the software to complete due to a bug (eg, Cheetahmen II)
For games that have a high score or no end, the rule is
>if no high score has been established, set a goal and beat it
>if you.re playing something another anon already has a high score on, beat their high score
>if you are playing extended rpgs/pokemon/whatever you get a week (Depending on the game: needs to be asked in thread)


IRC channel: #gauntlet on irc.rizon.net (Mibbit link on site)


-Do not post screenshots every other screen, make them few and meaningful
-Do not start a new thread before current one bump limit is exceeded
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>not all red
>third party support
>don't have to hold up to your face
>compact, sleek design

It was clearly the better choice of 5th gen.


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Let's do this again, all advertisements of games.
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What does /vr/ think of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.?
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The classic cast looks much more like little animals that can roll into balls. Modern Sonic looks like someone who listens to Limp Bizkit, while the females like rogue who have large breasts and such are gross furry pandering.

Classic is charming and wholesome (only the marketing had all that attitude BS), while modern is so corny. Compare Shadow to Metal Sonic in CD; Metal wasn't a cringey edgelord, just a cool robot. The modern support characters get messier designs by adding accessories and clothes (Mighty and ray look better than the modern extras because their designs are minimalist).

Also the advance sprites cram a lager character into a smaller space, the ugliest of all.
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ITT: Describe game elements you are looking for and anons give suggestions
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Is there anything more like pic related? I just finished this..Not even sure what I just experienced, but I like it.