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Single-Screen Platformers Thread
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Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

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Skaarj Edition

Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!


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Personally, I find the SF Jr. to be better looking than the original.
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So... im thinking about playing pic related for the very first time, its been in my backlog for years and just want to ask if any of you have the Uncensored Beta version releases a couple years ago, i cant find the ROM anywhere.
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Sega Genesis Flashback

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Does anybody plan on buying this? From what I've read & heard, the problems had been fixed. I plan on buying one, simply because I might be able to mod it & it will look great sitting next to my Sega Genesis model 1 console. Although I'll cover the AtGames logo with black paint.
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Ultima thread

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No Ultima thread? Well, let's change that.
Which game from the series is your favourite and why?
Is Nuvie any good? Similar to Exult? And are there any other emulators/mods/remakes of Ultima games?
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How do I get good at NetHack? I feel like I'm dying without any real progress every time I play it.
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Energy Breaker

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I recently started playing this and I'm quite impressed so far. The game looks good, sounds great, the writing (fantranslation) seems good, and the battle system is interesting. I really like how you can inspect just about anything and the main character will have some sort of witty comment, though it's almost overwhelming to find so many hidden items when exploring a town.
The game is a TRPG with a unique sort of battle system where balance points are used to move and attack. I think I've got the basics of combat down, but I'm not sure how I should build my characters (which color of energy to boost for which characters). Can anyone give me some pointers in that regard?
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This game, the atmosphere, the music, the artwork, it's all just so beautiful. Any other games like this on the PlayStation? I've already tried LSD.
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I love this game. I love this game so much.
I can't seem to emulate it successfully, and my official copy stopped working a long time ago.

It had HEXES goddamnit. It had personalisable pokemon. It had factions for multiple playthroughs.

It was superb.

Why is this dead code?
Why haven't fans done unto this game as they have done unto other classic code like Starcontrol 2?

How do I create interest in this title, to keep it alive, and, dare I say it, realise the dream of a Steam release of a cleaned up copy of the code?

It was awesome! I REALLY miss playing this game.

Anyone got the number of an addiction hotline or something? I'm suffering here.