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Bad games that you likes

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Super Burnout

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Can we talk about this gem? It came out of fucking nowhere. Two absolute randos and newcomers to the game industry made this.

It blows away every other line scrolling motorcycle racer ever made, even the Hang On titles. It's high color depth, it's constant 60fps, there's up to a thousand sprites onscreen at any given moment.

On top of all that the controls are fantastic. Approachable for noobs, technically deep for experts. Who asked for a 2D line scrolling motorcycle game on Jag?

Nobody. Yet it got the best one of all time somehow.

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How difficult was it to program a game for the Net Yaroze?

Could an amateur have ordered the system and made any progress without needing to take programming classes?
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Who wrote the dialogs for Castlevania SOTN?
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why was it in 5th gen that every company fucked up their console except for sony?
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Previous thread:>>3760420
Romancing SaGa 3 Patch FAQ
FAQ for people new to the series
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>fav game
pic related
>fav track
pic related
>fav car
pic related
>fav song

also, looking for recommendations on games that handle similar enough to ridge racer and looking for those transparent gifs of the rotating cars
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Framemeister or OSSC?
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gore thread

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