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Does this really say L Is Real? I'm sorry I just don't see it.
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how come there was never a science-fiction version of HOMM 3?

i know they put the forge town in but i find it kind of goofy. i'm just thinking like a kind of mega-mod where you can explore different worlds, build different factions, recruit heroes, collect artifacts and do all the rest. with space or cyberpunk stuff instead of fantasy tropes.

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I fucking LOVE Treasure, bros!

Who else here feels the same about this BASED company?
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Chiptune Thread

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What are your favorite retro chiptune pieces, /vr/?
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One will protect you

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The other five will try to kill you.
Choose wisely...
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Game Center CX

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More new subs keep coming.


What games do you hope Arino plays in Season 22?
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was it really THAT bad?
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Gideon Zhi has been having a twitter meltdown about being asked for updates on SMT If... all day long, and it looks like he's considering canceling the project because people came right in to tell him he's a cunt.

So, /vr/, why haven't you started learning Japanese yet?
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If you can't love (or hate) all three of these equally, then you can fuck right off.
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Shining Force General

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Shining Force General

What is up with this line. That's like the most offensive line I've ever seen in a video game, especially considering how casually he says it. Please tell me that's a shitty translation.

Also, I just found a Quick Chicken. Should I save stat boost items for after class promotions?

Also what level should I do promotions anyway?
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