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Fuck, this game gets hard in chapter 4. Can any one clear it in 1 go?

Also, is there a translated version of the Jap one?
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Previous thread:>>3760420
Romancing SaGa 3 Patch FAQ
FAQ for people new to the series
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Hardest SNES Games?
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/rhg/ - ROM Hacking General

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below: (embed) (embed)

Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:'s_ROM_Hack_Recommendations


>>3744351 (Cross-thread)
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Metroid thread

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Finally started playing this. I grew up with SNES in the 90's, but never saw the appeal of Metroid at the time. But I've been seeing a lot of people say it's the best game on SNES, so I added it to my backlog. It's actually great and I'm glad I kept an open mind. Just got my third missile expansion after getting morphball bombs
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Starcraft Thread

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Do we really not have a Brood Wars thread?

Thanks to it going free and I started up Starcraft for the time since 2005 or 2006, holy hell has it aged well. Runs and plays as smoothly and intuitively as ever, and the Terran campaign still feels comfy. Love the voice work and overall atmosphere.

Anyone else re-visiting the game? Just as fun as you remember?
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Does anyone else think super/revenge bars and all the other bloat make fighting games a lot less fun?
I've been continuously going back to Super Street Fighter 2, which already had a developed cast and combo system, but without the super bars - it's a great game to hone your basic footwork and neutral game. I wish there was a modern version of this that people played.

I mean, 2D fighting games are kind of an anomaly in that getting into them now is more demanding than ever before, since every new franchise inherits decades of development on the basic SF2 formula. Which is cool, if you've been continuously playing the genre and are able to appreciate how all these mechanics give you new options, but for anyone who's not an expert it obscures the essential gameplay. Someone picking up SF2 can easily get rekt by the simple projectile - uppercut punish if he's only played a modern fighting game like SF4, since it probably gives him a dozen ways to deal with projectiles and he gets more results by training how to cancel combos into supers and following them with ultras to remove 50% of the health bar etc. This shit has gone too far.
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What are the non-eroge retro game moments that turned you into MEN, /vr/?
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Handheld Emulation

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What PSP model is the best for handheld emulation? I know Playstation games are already natively supported, but what about systems like the Sega CD, or even MAME if that's possible? Also, do you have to use an adapter to get more space on it, or is there a large enough memory card?
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keep it low key

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do any retro gamers keep it low key with just one console?
this is what's kinda cool about people who game on their computer or an emulator box
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