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What! WHAT! WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Linkle Liver Story has received a translation!

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Holy motherfucking SHIT! Red Arremer - Makai Mura Gaiden, formerly known as Gargoyle's Quest and now known as Firebrand: A Ghosts and Goblins Tale, has received a complete retranslation!

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/redeeming/ general

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ITT we post games we consider generally bad or even almost crap and one or more things we DO like about them.
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I've been curious to give these games a try. Since my autism, I feel the need to start at 1.

But what I am asking, is there any difference with the version on GOG and the one on C64?
Since I have a C64mini, I thought that I might play it on that, unless there is some major differences between version.

Also, is there a general "need to know" before playing these games?
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Aren't these unironically the best Zelda adventures?
They have tons of content and are super-comfy. Then if you look at Minish Cap or something, it's all eye-candy but short as fuck campaign.
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What's so bad about Nintendo 64 emulation, isn't N64 emulation 1:1 in 2019 and sometimes even better than original hardware with the right hacks?
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Greek retro gamer here. Were there any other countries where the sticks at the arcade cabinets were at the right? For some reason this was the norm at greek arcade cabinets and the '80s.

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what are the best strategy games for PS1?

What the hell is a Taffer, anyway?

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New Thief thread.
What missions are you guys playing?
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Considering what we know about the N64 now, this is a really sad position to have

>I'm here to report on all the things that won't EVER come out or exist on our system