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Final Fantasy III

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I've never once played a Final Fantasy game. Despite its seemingly universal, glowing praise, I know absolutely nothing about Final Fantasy III, to the point it might as well be an entirely new game. I got an SNES Classic recently, is Final Fantasy III an all right game with which to start?
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>You have to randomly guess which npc tells you about a certain lake
>you have to randomly guess who gives you the moonlight comb
>you have randomly guess again how to fill it with moonlight

I'm all in for experimenting and thinking but dear god is this a cryptic game all the time.
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I really really like Dragon Age Origins, so I decided to try out where bioware all started. I tried Baldur's Gate 1, and I made my way through it. It was really goddamned boring, with generic ass lore and shitty characters. However I head 2 was significantly better, so I made it through.

I only made it through irenicus's dungeon and did some quests in town and I just don't get it. How can a game be so glitchy, frustrating and boring? So many enemies, combat is a slog, that fucking tomb area, not being able to free the people from the ship because THE FUCKING PATHFINDING DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO WALK THROUGH A FUCKING DOOR, the same boring characters, the same boring everything

Literally the only part I like so far is the circus quest, even then it was just a generic combat thing

Is it worth it to stick through? Is there ANYTHING worth my time here? Is the beginning the worst part of the game or something?
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So what IS the correct aspect ratio for SNES games?
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Arc the Lad

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How about a thread for the kinoest of kino?
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What are some retro games with that New Age aesthetic?

Stuff like Shadow of the Beast.
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So help me decide, /vr/: should I buy a CRT monitor to play emulated games on my PC or a Wii and then softmod it (I have no idea how to do that and couldn't find any guides about it in the links in the sticky) to play emulated games on my CRT TV? How does Wii emulation work? Does it run most games well like PC emulation? I tried out emulating on my PS2 and it's complete shit. SNES station in particular has tons of issues with the games, like graphical glitches, sound coming out sounding like shit, etc. How is Wii emulation in comparison?
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ITT: games literally only you have played
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*adds reverb to your soundtrack*