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I like it
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Let's talk about early Windows games.

Discuss favorites, hidden gems, and ways to get this shit running on modern computers.
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What is this logo?
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I just wanted to say thank you /vr/. I'm new here and it's such a breath of fresh air to actually discuss vidya games, even if it's limited to retro gaming. I was on /v/ and /vg/ for awhile but after months of just straight up shitposts, console warring, and waifu posts, I just couldn't take anymore. I didn't think there was anywhere I could go to actually discuss vidya that wasn't surrounded by snowflakes.

So again thank you /vr/, for not being a garbage heap of shit and I hope you enjoy your vidya until the end of days.
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Reaction image thread.

Starting off with some brand new fresh OC.
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ITT: Best bad fighting game

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What are some good Atari 2600 games? Recommend me some!
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Rank these games

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>Command and Conquer
>Red Alert
>Dune 2000
>Tiberian Sun
>Red Alert 2
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Anyone going to the retro game expo in portland today? Here's my shopping list. I'm close to getting all the games I want on ps1, then I think I'll move on to genesis. How does /vr/ feel about cons as a place to shop for games? I feel that with some effort into haggling, I can get a better price than what's listed online.

Kings field 2
Phantasy star 4
Dreamcast keyboard
Armored Core 2
Silent Hill
God Hand
Kings Field Ancient City
River City Ransom
Legend of Legaia
Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash 2
Threads of Fate
Kaze no Notam
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What's the common consensus of goat scrolling shmups ?

Super aleste has to be it right?

The power ups. 8 weapons. Big bosses. Very fast play.

The likes of r type iii and super r type don't cut it in terms of pace...

Then you un squadron. That game is hard.

Not forgetting to mention gradius and Darius. Imperium to? SNES has a lot of big hitters in this department. Not to clued up on sega. I know PS2 had a few heavyweights but can't remember them
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