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Was it Worst Classic Kart racer or best KART RACER EVER?
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ITT: things /vr/ is too stupid or too underage to recogonize

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I'll start
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Power Dolls

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I remember reading about this game back in the day. How is it? Is it a fair challenge or does it have insane difficulty curve?
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This is your wonder boy tonight.
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Repair General

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Didn't see one in the catalog, so here we go!

Ive got both a NES console, and xmen 2 on genesis, and they both have pin issues.

NES: Two of the cart slot pins on the main board have huge gouges on them, and make for poor contacts. I dont know the type of metal, but they don't look like copper.

XMEN2: Has one pin that is essentially 'squished' and is kind of bunched together on its self. They are copper pins

I cant really find any good youtube videos of people removing pins(on just one side). this video has a good part about replacing a solder pad, but i dont konw if it will work for a 'pin'. Anyone have any knowledge/resources on pin replacements.

Also general repair for anyone to ask/answer q's.
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Not-so-alive edition
Tibia is a top down mmorpg from 1997. It was very popular in the early 2000s, and it still has a substantial amount of players.
It has a huge world which the player can explore and has a lot to do in terms of hunting and quests.
Currently we are on the world secura, a non pvp server. The official guild is yotsubas, and to apply you write your name here and we'll invite you. New players will get help with gear and on what to do, and help with hunting.

Latest news:
The 20th anniversary is currently going on until the end of the month. Plenty of events and unique event items to hoard!
Helpful sites:
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Name a better scrolling platform game, I dare you.

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what did she mean by this?
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Besides the Nee Geo Pocket (+color) and Game Boy (+color), what other retro handhelds have a library that is worth looking into? And I don't just mean for emulating, I mean for actually spending money on and collecting.
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How did we reach this point?
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