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Is it easy/inexpensive to mod a US PlayStation to play Japanese games or am I just better off getting an actual Japanese PlayStation?
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Why does Spoony's fanbase get triggered over Ultima 8?

(Because they're definitely not Ultima fans)

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>lose my Starcraft CD
>download it when it was released for free by Blizzard
>a few glorious months of playing nostalgic UMS maps
>Remastered version finally comes out
>now the Starcraft home screen is filled with a giant, ugly-ass ad
>logging into is now slow as fuck
>new update required for multiplayer every time I get the urge to play Starcraft again

How did Blizzard ruin things this much?
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last thread here: >>4106059
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Ok here's the deal

I really fucking love Metal Slug. It's the best game ever made, it is fun as fuck, and I wanna play it until the end of times.

What is the absolute best way I can play it on my tv, on a good controller, with some buds and some beer?
Keeping in mind I want to play each and every Metal Slug ever made.

ITT: Metal Slug everything.
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ITT: "Must Plays" you've never played before.

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I'm getting ready to play DKC for the first time. Why does /vr/ hate it so much?
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where is my X Anime Capcom?
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What's the difference between a popular game and a top tier game?
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Do you feel obligated to play "the classics"?

It seems weird to me when some says they enjoy games but has never played something like SMB. There are just some games out there that any fan of the medium should play at least once.

Post "classic" series you never played any games from.

I've never played any Tomb Raider, Quake, Crash, Spyro, or Fire Emblem. I only got around to playing Doom a year ago.
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