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What're your favorite GB/GBC games?

One of mine is Kirby's Dream Land 2 which I'm replaying now on a Super Game Boy right now.
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why was rolling turtle cut for nightmare in dreamland?
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ITT: games only you played
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Sunsoft Batman

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Is this the finest Batvania?
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Just picked this game up yesterday. It seems to me that if you're incapable of death, then enemies are only there to annoy you and waste your time - and indeed, everything DOES.
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Why do barely any people play it. Literally the most forgotten final fantasy. It's pretty sad too, because it's a very enjoyable game.
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Just beat megaman 4-6 in the past few days for the first time. Now I can list them from my favourite to least favourite


what's your ranking?
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Dynamite Headdy subs are out.
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Regretful buys of your childhood

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WS thread

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Also Wonderswan general?
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