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Which neurological disorder causes people to struggle with the controls in this game?
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>dude lets make the towns more nonsensically designed and harder to navigate than the dungeons lmao

Why was this allowed?
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How you saw a sprite VS. What it actually was

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It's about time we had another one of these threads.
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Maximum comfy

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I just got a Wii and 20" crt for 40 bucks total. Im using s video and the picture is clear as a bell. If there is a more comfy way of having every pre PS1 game, I don't know what it is.
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If anyone remembers The Realm Online there is a newer free private server available. is their discord and website is

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Hey, does anyone know some good and obscure gameboy games that aren't too difficult to get your hands on?
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What made this game so fun?
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Star fox 2 has now been officially released
Now these two are canon
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This game seems awfully brutal at the beginning, what am I doing wrong?
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BETA stuff

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concept art and junk.

Why do beta games always look more interesting than the finished product?
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