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I fucking swear enemies are programmed to only drop shit when you're at full hearts
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First ever interview with Harry Mason's voice actor

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The voice actor for Harry Mason in Silent Hill (always credited as "Michael G." in games) is a man named Michael Guinn. His identity was not known until yesterday.

Also Silent Hill thread
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If you didn't get this right on your very first try on your very first playthrough of this game, you're not a true gamer and you never will be.
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Is Pump It Up retro?
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JRPGs with Interesting Combat

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Can I please get some recommendations of old JRPGs with unique and engaging combat mechanics? Often when I try commiting to one I haven't beaten before I become disinterested after 30 minutes or a couple hours. The difficulty is often low and the fights don't pressure for more strategy other than occasional healing. The last game of this style I've been able to enjoy to completion is Cosmic Star Heroine, since each character's abilities were customizable and had synergy. Strategic JRPGs and Action JRPGs are welcome.

Among PS1 games, I'm considering trying Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile, and Vagrant Story. I enjoyed Parasite Eve, but Xenogears was unpalatable. I didn't like the combat or the aesthetics.

I'm also planning on trying out the PC version of FFVII with a mod called New Threat. If anyone is familiar with worthwhile mods that spice up old JRPGs I'd also appreciate recommendations.
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Should i buy this?
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Is Celes a good character?
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Donald Duck's Playground

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Is it embarassing to like this?
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I just realized that I never really played many turn-based strategy games. Aside from the Koei stuff and Advance Wars (and I guess Military Madness and Daisenryaku now that I think of it) I've barely touched the genre.

What's worth playing? I'm especially interested in PC games, but any platform will do.
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Post your favourite monster in retro gaming.
For me, it is Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.
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