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Is the PS2 a good alternative for playing PS1 games?
Burning PS1 disks is a pain in the ass.
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Alright you guys got me to play Parasite Eve because I saw bump limit threads here. Also because I had an artwork of the main character in my study hanging up. I just liked the picture alot so I got it, and I later found out it was from parasite eve so it only felt right to play the game. Anyway, you can talk about parasite eve now because I am here to read it spoiler-free. I think I really messed up the weapon thing because I just kept upgrading the handgun the whole game and ditched all weapons and my max damage was like 30 per shot. also I died like an idiot on the last boss because I went for the phone
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Originals or remasters?
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How hard would it be to put this in a US backup cartridge? I don't like the way this looks at all.
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Tomb Raider

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>shoots you and steals your artifact
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Post photos of people playing video games. Arcades, consoles, computers, portables, pinball, redemption machines, and any other formats are all highly encouraged. Even just photos of people with gaming related hardware (including computers, controllers, peripherals, etc.) is welcomed and encouraged.
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Was this version worth it? Do the cartoons and video games even overlap at all?
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/nitpicking/ general

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ITT we post games we consider very good or even almost perfect and one or more things we DON'T like about them.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is likely the best 2D Mario but it should have had a proper save feature
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