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Post a cuter sprite than this

Protip: you can't
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Comfy game music thread

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Ultima Thread

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Let's have an Ultima thread. I've owned the entire series for many years but I plan on finally delving in soon. Is it true that I can safely skip the first three and start with 4?
Other discussion stuff:
>How would you rank the games?
>Which ones have you beaten?
>Are 8 and 9 that bad?
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Retro battlestations

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Let us see them, /vr/troopers.
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Any one else ever play this game?

It's made me more tired than any other videogame I ever played.


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Recieve thy pounding!
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What's the best PC Engine Shmup?

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Post your favorites, argue about shmups being a bad genre, get sidetracked to console war faggotry, etc, you know the usual.

But seriously, what do you consider the best shmup on pc engine?

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Has /vr/ played this game? It was confusing as fuck to me. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing or not. Eventually I figured it out, though.
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Hi /vr/!
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N2O (PSX) / Shmup Scorewank thread.

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Call me autistic but I've been trying to break the 6million score barrier since I was 7. 19 now and I've finally done it. I've completley broken this freakin' weird PSX game.

Does anyone else have fond memories of N2O: Nitrous Oxide on PSX? It's a tunnel shooter like Tempest, but set to an album by The Crystal Method and developed by Gremlin. Unfortunately I can never find much information about it. I've also tried extracting data too, but all I can get are .TIM textures, music and the text strings in various languages. Sound files, movies and 3D models remained sealed.

Guess this thread's either if you know this game, or want to wank about your high scores in just about any retro to anyone else instead.
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