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Oi /vr/, I'll be in Tokyo for one week, any good enough place where I can get a couple of games? I'm sure it's been asked before but search gives me nothing. Would be good to hear your opinions too!

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What do you guys think of Chase the Express/Covert Ops?

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Fuck you, i liked it
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What's the cheapest way to make an "arcade cabinet?" Just sticking a raspberry pi and some joystick parts in a cabinet made of scrap wood? What's the best games to put on it too, and is there any already-made GUI that could help make it pretty relatively quickly for selecting roms or something? I know nothimg about this but I would love to make it still.

pic unrelated

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Anyone know what game this is from?
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Sonic 1 had the best gameplay
2 had the best 2 player
3&K had the best story
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How do I even install this?
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Grimy Games

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Inspired by another thread we had about this subject. I love games that have a grimy or grungy art direction/aesthetic. Some examples include Wolverine Adamantium Rage, Spider-Man Web Of Fire, Chakan, Spawn PS1, Judge Dredd. Anyone else out there into this?

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The "Charamen" - The Unsung Heroes of Capcom Fighting Games

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For decades Capcom's fighting games have been known for their casts of unique and colorful characters. Characters who despite often being based on standard archetypes, always had their own distinct twists, visual flair and personality. But when it comes to the people behind these characters, many misconceptions abound, with few players knowing what actually went on in the development process, and who made what. I myself only learned about this recently and felt like sharing in the hopes of spreading information that fellow Capcom fans would find interesting.
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