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Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

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Buy the games here:

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!

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I'm in the mood for playing some retro games.

Would it be better to put a second TV in my room (a CRT TV) or just get a Raspberry Pi and connect it to my LCD TV?
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Why are mods deleting retro video games discussion? We had a perfectly good thread about the rise in price of retro gaming and they come in and delete it with only a few posts in.

What's going on around here? Is game discussion not welcome here anymore?

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Has anyone on /vr/ spent quality time with the Sharp X68000 or an emulator? I'm assuming several large files that I have are hard drive images. Extensions are .dim and .hds. I'm also having issues playing games with three or more disks. I'm assuming you would install them on the hard drive, but I have no idea how to create a hard drive image for this let alone mount one. I've pointed HDD0 and HDD1 at the two larger files. I wont link to them directly, but these are their names.


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Button Economy

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Check it. Only one.
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ITT Sequels inferior to their originals in every possible way

I tried this game out last night out of curiosity because I've always heard how shitty it is compared to Zombies Ate My Neighbors and boy they weren't lying. It felt really floaty and unresponsive and I seemingly couldn't die even when I get attacked by a whole bunch of shit so I said fuck it, I kept playing hoping to knock it off my backlog. Beat World 1 and got to the samurai place. Here's where the bullshit really picks up, so I spawn in and there's a survivor I didn't know was a survivor because he had samurai gear on and just about fucking everybody in this game is out to kill you and a demon runs up and kills him and I get a game over. This all happened within a span of about five seconds so there's no way in hell anybody could've figured it out on their first try. Think I'm a liar? Do it yourself. Literally one kill and it's game over, start the whole game all over again. If that isn't horseshit, I don't know what is. Fuck this game.

It got me thinking though, what other games on /vr/ consoles/handhelds have sequels that are much worse than the original?
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Pinball Arcade

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What are your favorite tables?

Is it better to buy seasons or just individual tables?
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Dragon Warrior 2

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so i don't know what you guys are up to this weekend, but apparently there's something wrong with my brain because i've decided i'm going to try a Princess-Only run on DW2.

i suspect it's literally impossible to finish the game this way no matter how patient and/or good at cheating you are, but i am curious to see how long it's going to take me to ragequit.

anyway DW2 general thread (or for that matter every Dragon Quest game thread) while i slowly slog along?
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Any of you guys run arcade hardware? I just picked up this 545 in 1 emulated multi-board and it's actually pretty great. I also have a pac-man, and naomi 1 netboot setup currently running MVC2.
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