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Metroid thread? Metroid thread.

I'm currently playing Super Metroid, which I've still never finished despite starting it numerous times over the years. I just got the Ice Beam, and I need to say what's already been said countless times: this game is incredible so far. I just hope it doesn't drop off in the final hours like Prime did.

What's your favorite Metroid game/weapon/ability/romhack?

What are some other good retro Metroidvanias (other than SotN, of course)?
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What is with the nostalgia for this console now, and why are normies willing to pay $250 for a unit with no expansion pack and a third party controller with no games? When did this happen? Japanese N64 games are cheap but OOT can still fetch $60
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What made Gauntlet Legends and it's expansion so fucking perfect?

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Overlooked platformers.
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Dragon Quest thread

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complain about everything edition
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Chocobo Racing

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How is chocobo racing?

I have only played Diddy Kong and Crash Team Racing.

Will i get fun out of Chocobo Racing?

Mascot Kart Racing general i guess.
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Meta thread on allowing the GBA to be discussed on here

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So since the last thread (>>3878840) got a big response, I guess its worthwhile to continue the discussion.
To start off, some examples of arguments in favour of letting the GBA be discussed include:
>It was the last "2D focused" Nintendo platform and has hardware of comparable strength to numerous 90s home consoles
>It's the last iteration of a handheld family that has its predecessors allowed on here
>It's now roughly a decade and a half old and would definitely qualify as retro in the eyes of many people
>It featured new entries to or ports of many /vr/ relevant franchises that already come up regularly so its already welcomed on the board to a degree
>The Dreamcast is allowed to be discussed on /vr/ partially because the start of the 8th generation was decided as a good point to decide to qualify it as retro, and with the advent of the Switch it feels like its time for the GBA to be permitted under similar logic due to three handheld generations having passed since its launch

Last thread had some other good points raised in favour of it also, to summarise a few:
>The GBA would have a small impact due to the fact that the vast majority of its library is no more relevant to modern gaming than the fifth generation of consoles is, and is thus not an issue in the same way sixth gen home consoles would be
See: >>3880540
>/vr/ already plays fast and loose with the 1999 rule with various PC games and titles from other platforms without any real problems arising so the GBA wouldn't be a problem either
See: >>3880024 / >>3880032 / >>3880436 / / >>3880284
>The GBA died pretty quick and its library of major titles doesn't extend much further than 2004
See: >>3879105
>The 1999 and back rule is entirely arbitrary and has been altered before to account for the Dreamcast, so its not immutable or unquestionable like some would suggest and may in fact be in need of revision given how long its been since it was created anyway
See: >>3880205 / >>3880971 / >>3879726 / >>3879742
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Why isn't there an option in Sonic 3 Complete to use the invincibility/minor boss/knuckles themes from Sonic 3 in Angel Island to Launch Base, then use the invincibility/minor boss/knuckles from Sonic & Knuckles in Mushroom Hill onward?
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Commodore 64 Thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while.
Post your collections, memories, favourite games, etc.

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What's the easiest way to get stereo sound out of my NES' AV outputs?
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