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/vr/ct - Rollercoaster Tycoon General

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Jumping the Shark edition

Previous Thread: >>4068680

Collaboration document link:

>RCT1 recreations - Made in 2013 by Crappage with near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order. Includes "Real" parks, gaming magazine parks, and competition parks (periodically updated, check date for latest version):
>/v/ pack - Scenarios made by 4chan users, includes the original Mr. Bones save (Crappage is responsible for keeping this updated, bug him if you want something added):
>UCES - Includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:
>RCT2 Extras - Includes the official remade RCT1 scenarios by Atari and Panda World by Chris Sawyer, as well as different color waters and paths, the Windowed mode hack, RCT1 menu music, and some modified .exes if you need them:
>Trainers - Includes 8cars, ParkDat, TRG, and Save Game Modifier:
>Lunatim's pack of RCT2 rides and scenarios:
>Amazing Earl's custom-made rides and scenery:
>RCTConvert a tool made by Rvnx to convert RCT2's sound files into mp3
Helpful Resources:
>Knowledge Base
>RCT1 Manual
>New Element Designs (RCT fansite where people upload crazy looking parks)
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The map system in this game sucks!
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/pso/ Phantasy Star Online General

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>What is Phantasy Star online?
PSO is an MMO game from 2000 by Sega released on PC, Dreamcast, Xbox and Gamecube. It is a Hack and slash MMO, There are multiple classes and skills to chose from that each specialize in specific masteries, such as close range combat, ranged combat or offensive and support techniques.

>How do I play?
While the servers are dead, there are still private servers up and running. The most populated server is Ephinea, where it still gets constant updates and new quests and other things to choose from. You can sign up and download at:

>How do I learn more about the game?
You can check out our pastebin here:
Which gives you advice and helpful tips for newbies to start the game.

Now let's play PSO!
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What are the definitive PS1 puzzle games?
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How do you Feel about Me?

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Console mice/keyboards

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I'm currently playing Policenauts using a controller and the aiming is such ass that it's making me really consider getting a Playstation Mouse but I don't know if it would be worth it for just one game. Are there any other good games that make use of it?

I'm also thinking of getting a SNES mouse sometime. Mice and keyboards for consoles in general are kind of interesting to me.
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NES Classic clone hacking

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So I got stuck with one of the newest generation of fake NES Classics. Rather than go through all the hassle of opening a dispute, I thought it would be kinda fun to see if it can be hacked and the ROMs replaced or added to.

It actually plays okay for the most part but some of the games seem to be PAL versions (SMB2 for example) and play way too fast. i'd like to swap these problem ROMs out at the very least.

When I plug the USB into a PC it shows up as a removable drive but there is no formatting that I can discover. Properties announces it as an "Actions media-player USB" device.

Any ideas?
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best ps1 game
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Games with that "intentionally ugly aesthetic"

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A friend of mine was looking for a game he played a long time ago that came packed with Croc for the PC. It is probably from 1997 more or less, and he says that in the game you're a guy with spiky red hair using a shotgun to kill monsters. He also says the game is in 3rd person similar to resident evil.

Any idea what game this is?

Pic unrelated