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Meta thread on allowing the GBA to be discussed on here

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Alright, over the past year or so I've noticed posters repeatedly indicate that they're amicable to the idea of allowing the Gameboy Advance (GBA) and its titles to be discussed on /vr/. The reasons I've seen presented for including it are numerous. To offer a few examples:
>It was the last "2D focused" Nintendo platform and has hardware of comparable strength to numerous 90s home consoles
>It's the last iteration of a handheld family that has its predecessors allowed on here
>It's now roughly a decade and a half old and would definitely qualify as retro in the eyes of many people
>It featured new entries to or ports of many /vr/ relevant franchises that already come up in threads discussing said franchises regularly
>The Dreamcast is allowed to be discussed on /vr/ despite its release date because the release of the 8th generation was decided as a good point to decide to qualify it as retro, and with the advent of the Switch it feels like its time for the GBA to be permitted under similar logic due to three handheld generations having passed since its launch
However, please don't think that I'm endorsing any of the above arguments in particular or offering an exhaustive explanation of them. I'm just mentioning a handful of ones I remember seeing previously to act as a jumping off point for discussion.
And yes, I'm aware that its ultimately up to the mods to make the final call on this - but I figure that having a (hopefully civil) open discussion about it within the community is a good way to start gauge how people feel about it and hopefully spark a decision on the matter.

I'm not posting about this on /qa/ specifically because I'd rather keep crossboarders out of the discussion and focus on what /vr/ thinks.
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Half-Life thread

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Just general Half-Life thread, discuss the best Half-Life mods, games, and more.
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So my score isn't registered after I clear a path in this game. Is it normal? why would they show the path's score on the bottom right corner of the screen when choosing your path then?

What gives ?

Retro Books

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What are some good retro gaming books?

I'm currently reading Console Wars which I wouldn't say is that great. There's some good history in there but it mostly reads like a very bad dramatisation. A lot of the conversations between the key players seem very unnatural and badly written.

So basically I'm looking for something better.
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Today is the 20 year anniversary of Symphony of the Night. Is this the best 2D game of all time? Think of everything it innovated.

>customizable UI
>RPG mechanics in a platformer
>co-pioneering the Metroidvania genre
>different endings

>and last but not least after you beat the dude controlling Richter and you think the game is over, you have to play through the same entire gigantic castle but UPSIDE DOWN.
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Shhhh, Valkrie is sleeping.

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ITT: Post fun but challenging and easily replayable retro games

/dos/ - MS-DOS Thread

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What are your favorite DOS computer games, /vr/?

What are some obscure DOS games you've enjoyed?
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ITT: Games that are fun because they lack any semblance of balance
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