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So when I was a kid my dad had this disc of a bunch of games on it... the only game I can remember the actual name of was God of Thunder, but there were about 20 games on this disc and I really want to play some of them again.

One of the games was where you switched between 3-4 vikings, each had a different power that you could use to progress.

Another was sort of a Space Invaders game but with a fighter jet.

Another was like a traffic game where you chose weather the light was red or green or something.

When you exit the program you hear an Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying "Hasta la vista, baby."

Does anyone know what i'm talking about!? Where can I find these games again!?
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Atari Computers

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Just picked up this Atari 800 at the flea market today. Anything I need to know before I start messing with it?
Also what's your experience with Atari computers?
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This is the best, most fun fighting game ever made.
Learning endless complicated combos is boring and tedious. You can actually play this one with your friends, and never once get rage
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games you've played as a kid, but forgot their names

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I thought that my memory has gone nuts at some point and I've just imagined this game, but I found a post in the archive describing exactly what I played:
This was definitely neither Star Control nor Starflight, the graphics looked a little better than that, kinda 1994-1996'ish.
Here's a rough sketch of the interface during space flight/combat. You could take up to three selectable weapons and had a status panel at the bottom with ammo bars for them. I've only played it for an hour or two before my PC broke down and the CD mysteriously disappeared.
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Why is this such an amazing classic?
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How do I get into Fallout 2? The beginning with the temple really bored me.
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I hate that my favourite games are all retro and that games I grew up with are considered retro. This board is just a constant reminder that I'm old.
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Playstation Action Replay/Gameshark firmware update

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I'm planning to get one of pic related to play copied games on my Playstation. I've heard that you can update the firmware using an enhancement disc, and that the last one was called "The BigWave #4 Enhancement CD", but I haven't found anywhere where I can download an ISO. Anyone who has any idea about this?

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What are some retro systems that wouldn't be too hard to develop stuff for? I have a C++ background and I'm mostly interested in it just for fun/experimenting.

And if possible can it be done without coding in assembler?

Diablo Thread

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>aura enchanted (conviction) spectral hit extra fast multishot cursed black soul unique pack episode
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