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Did console games have fixed logic/render updates per second?
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How do we prevent normies from ruining retro gaming as they have modern gaming?

>PVM prices going up, Ebay listings showing them as "perfect for retro gaming", they fucking KNOW
>common as fuck, million seller but good games on SNES and Genesis memed to fucking $60 and more
>NES stuff that used to be dirt cheap about 5 or 7 years ago memed to fucking oblivion because "le retro NES xD muh childhood even though I was born in fucking 1997"
>only games that are reasonably priced are shovelware and sports games
>as soon as some Youtuber plays a rather forgotten yet decent game, its prices immediately goes up by $10 -$15
>fucking Earthbound, a rather MEH game that has nothing on better RPG's of the era costs fucking $300

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what are some games that let me play as a mage with the potential of being the most power being in existence? I'm tired of playing lowly warrior heroes or plunderers raiding dungeons for treasure; I want to be a fuckin badass.

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>Fallout was criticized for not being sandboxy enough and not letting you play it after you beat it (which Fallout 2 fixed with a detailed post game)

>Today - any modern WRPG
>No sandbox elements, no ability to play the game after you beat it. (Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass Effect)
>These are considered good RPGs

How low did standards fall?

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Why did Nintendo decide to ignore that CRT TVs were 4:3 for their Snes games, /vr/?

Some studios took this into account, but Nintendo itself which designed the console and knew how it worked, made this mistake in many 1st party games.
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I'm looking to pick up a Time Crisis arcade cabinet, there's one on my local Craigslist, but I was wondering if there's somewhere that just deals in cabinets as a business rather than just buying them second hand. Does /vr/ have any suggestions on where to look? Eventually I'm hoping to pick up TC2 and TC3 as well, further down the road.
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The force is strong with you Anakin
Strong enough to be a Jedi?
No, not really

Better stand back mister cause I'm about to slash... ALL MY PRICES!

Thank you GREAT MASTER, you have filled me to the brim with your knowledge

I've got the death sentence in 10 star systems


I won't help a murderer like you!

Dung worms for saaaleee

Come on, we can have some fun together before the race begins

Chokie! Get your fresh dried chokie here!

Put away your weapon friend, there's no danger here

Qui Gon! I was worried! Someone's been on a rampage murdering people all over town


Arg! Give me some room!

Barbo is hurrying as fast as he can!

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If you could live inside a retro game, where would it be?
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