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a while ago i sold a modded ps1 to a guy in portland. he returned it to me, saying that none of the disks he burned worked, and that he needed the money back.
the system works fine, plays all my burned games and originals, but the disks he gave me are strange. there are 5 in all, and they either load into glitched loading screens or not at all. im going to document them here.
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Why didn't the Doomvania subgenre catch on?
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>Resources exist to be consumed. And consumed they will be, if not by this generation then by reading this in my voice.

-- CEO Nwabudike Morgan,
"The Ethics of Greed"
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Monkey Island

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Hey /vr/, the Monkey Island games are on sale on Steam, grab them while they're hot.

Also look behind you, there's a three-headed monkey behind.
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I need someone to vindicate me because I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I just got an SNES Classic and I was playing Earthbound using a combination of SRAM and Save States, whichever was more convenient. Well today I couldn't remember if my SRAM or my save state was further ahead so I booted up the save state first. Nope, further back than my SRAM save in game was last night, time to reset and load the game up by itself.


The worst part? Everyone online is acting like this is normal and this is how emulators work. Last I checked retroarch's .state files don't fucking TOUCH my .srm files. Has anyone else experienced this insanity? How could Nintendo think making your states play Russian roulette with your SRAM would be a good idea?
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how is this series? Are they about killing god and being enlightened by your intelligence, or something different?
Which versions are better?

Arcade Archives NeoGeo

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I recently got a $20 Nintendo eshop card as a gift and thought I'd buy a couple of these NeoGeo games with it for my Switch. I can afford two, so which titles are absolutely most worth the 8 bucks?

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Build Engine General Thread

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Build Engine General Thread


Butcher vs Cultist
Place your bets
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Was there a reason in Darkstalkers' story for why Demitri turned his male opponents into females?
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Sprite GIFs Thread

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Share your best/funniest/wholesome sprite gifs here.

Eggplant Pit always makes me happy.
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