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Can we atleast agree that it had good music?
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Why do we call big enemies at the end of level bosses? Who came up with this terminology?
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I was hacking roms and uploading them to forums when I was 12 years old.

Is that impressive, or are kids these days super tech minded and can figure anything out easily?
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When Crysis will become a retro?

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What's the absolutely best looking /vr/ adventure game and why is it Curse of Monkey Island?
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How to make Sega Genesis music (in 1994)

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Interesting video about GEMS.
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For me, it is System Shock 1. The best System Shock game.
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Having a lot of time to kill and access to the full TOS soundtrack, I started going through Star Trek Rites and replacing the midi music with the real score counterpart. At first the plan was to swap the music 1:1 but the game only uses about 10 TOS tracks, and I might add in some episode music as well.

Star Trek retro game general I guess
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ITT: We Post Underrated Video Game OSTs [Pt. 3]

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It's been a while since I've done one of these. Let's hopefully get some rockin' tunes in here.

Also thanks to the anon who recommended me the Killer Loop OST.
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