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I want to play FF tactics and like it but unfortunately I don't like either of them.
It feels like a watered down version of Tactic Ogre

does it get better? made it to like 4th map on both
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Is it me or was the turok series on the n64 the only good fps to play if your parents would not get you 007 golden eye.
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I love the 80’s

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>be me, just got a sick gateway ms dos PC running 6.22
>mess around with qbasic, instantly hooked
>install Visual Basic 1.0 and use that a LOT
>make simple games for me and my friends on forums
>life is so good, especially when you love yours like it’s 1987 :,)

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This is a retro Megaten thread (Shin Megami Tensei and such).

I'm playing SMTII and I'm getting my ass kicked by pic related.

I need to get an Anubis who knows 'divine retribution' so I can beat them, but in order to get it I need to fuse a dragon and a fairy. The problem is I don't know how to get those.

Can anybody help? Thanks
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re2 remake is a disgrace to re2
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PC Engine Emulation help

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So, i've been trying to emulate a PC Engine CD to play Rondo of Blood. I downloaded the emulator Turbo16.exe and got a rondo of blood rom. I have no clue why it doesn't work and all tutorials either skip one or 2 steps or i can't find the exact type of emulator or rom they use.
What's the best pc engine emulator and whats the rom i need and steps?
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What are some dinosaur-themed levels in retro games?
Other than obvious games like Joe and Mac or JP.
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Has anybody ever beaten super Mario Bros while juggling?
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*Coughs in your face*
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Do people actually think R4 is the best Ridge Racer?
>75% of the cars are reskins, and you have to place LOWER to unlock different ones
>Zero replay value since Grand Prix never changes, dumbest decision ever
>Story elements don't mean anything because it's a fucking racing game
>OST is complete ass compared to other entries, get this downtempo shit outta here
>Drifting is completely random, controls somehow worse than the original
>Yellow piss colors everywhere make me wanna vomit
Go play Revolution, DS, V, hell, I'll take fucking UNBOUNDED before I pick up R4 again. Jesus fucking christ.
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