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Hey /vr/, I bought a Japanese PS1 and I'm looking for JP only recommendations. Open to all kinds of suggestions, so tell me all about ones you've liked.
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Literally used my last 5 bucks of the night planning to go home after the spin and this happened.

Early online gaming

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Anyone else love the early steps at online gaming? I think it's really interesting watching it evolve.

Happy Birthday Final Fantasy Tactics

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It's been twenty years since it came out. Anyone else going to replay it? I've been playing since midnight here and I'm debating what I wanna do with my party this time. I kind of wish there was something like Four Job Fiesta for it. I know I would participate every year if there was.

Anyway, talk about Final Fantasy Tactics.
Favorite character?
Favorite battle?
Favorite job?
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WTF is this????

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Was this sold separately or did it come with the gold cartridge back in the day?

>Had the game, was underage so it was purchased for me and opened for me (probably 2nd hand)

I recently got the itch to repurchase some old games CiB and now I'm wondering if my shits even complete

Help me /vr/ you're my only hope
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I often see people say that Samus was the first female video game protagonist. Is that true, or was there a playable character who originated in video games before her?
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why did only Australlia get a version of Donkey Kong Country with over 100 levels?
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What are /vr/'s thoughts on UltraHDMI for N64?
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What do you like the most in your RPGS?
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Why is Quake singleplayer so underrated?
The only thing I don't like is how the levels tend to blend together due to how visually similar most of them are.
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