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What's your favorite final fantasy from 1-6? Pic related I'm currently playing FF IV on my modded psp and am wondering which one to play next. I've beaten 1 and 3 already.
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Metroid II

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What went wrong?
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What's your least favorite boss fight in Sonic games?
Pic related for me.
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What does /vr/ think of Jersey Devil?
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What does /vr/ think of a remake for this classic?
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Game collection thread

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how them shelves looking, /vr/?
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I'm thinking of using my tax return to replace my SNES, but I was also thinking of just getting a retron so I could patch famicom games too and play them. Should I go with flash carts and repros on original hardware or a retron with patches to Japanese software.
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What type of video games do soyboys play?

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>it sold more therefore it's better