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What do you believe is the secret to get non gamer folk to play retro games? [headphones|hardware|nostalgia etc]
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Is this really not as good as 1 & 3? I thought it introduced a lot of interesting concepts compared to SMB1. You have character selection, verticality, lifting/throwing, objects, different enemies, more complex levels, more complex secrets, different bosses, etc. Many of these things hold true into the rest of the series. Do people like it less just because it isn't as fast paced?
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did you know that this was a reskin of an obscure north korean game called Pyongyang

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What is your grail?

The one item that you've always wanted, but could never find or afford?

Do you still plan on getting it, or have you given up?
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why does it take more and more retro junk to make me feel good? I used to be able to buy one retro game every now and then and it'd make me happy, now I find myself buying 20+ at a time and I feel like garbage.

How do you maintain a healthy interest in video games?
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Neo Geo

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Why did this thing have to fail? It had an alarm & everything.
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Does it really matter what model PS1 you get? The AV Multi out cable is just as good as the first model direct RCAs right? And the newer models dont have laser issues?
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How did the N64 end up with a "kiddie" reputation, again?
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8-Bit Simultaneous Multiplayer

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What are your favorites?