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What was more casual?
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Could do with a bit of help.

I was playing Dragon Quest 6 (DS) last year but had to put it down for work reasons.
I've picked it up again, but haven't got a clue where I'm meant to be going. My most recent save is in the desert town of Aridea. All my characters are in the low 20's, except Amos who is 18, so I suspect I only recently recruited him.
I don't have the white haired boy, but I remember doing a quest that involves him and a dragon
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Played Alundra, it was good. Worth making a thread about.
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Box art that shows stuff not in the game.
Misleading box art
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Retro Music

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Hey /vr/ , i was doing a lot of research by myself but after all ,i thought the best place to ask is right here. So ,can we make a list with the best songs in retro gaming ,with lyrics? Wanna start with:
>>Eyes on me (FFVIII)
>>One Winged Angel (FFVII)
>>Melodies of life (FFIX)
>>Suteki da ne (FFX)
>>Small two of pieces (Xenogears)
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Counter Strike on Xlink Kai

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Follow these steps
>go to
>Download Xlink Kai
>When it opens, click on the small globe in the top right corner
>Go through the tags, Xbox>First Person Shooter> Counter Strike
>Hook up your Xbox original
>Plug the ethernet cable into the back and the other one into your PC
>Put Counter-Strike into your xbox
>On xbox, go to System Link, and go to join match
>You can now play counter-strike on the original xbox
You're Welcome. It also works for any multiplayer game on Xbox, Ps2, and Dreamcast,

D&D rpg thread

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Discussion about infinity engine, gold box games, etc.
Previous >>3891467
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Who is the jrpg equivalent of this blog?
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