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Worms for Jaguar

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This never shows up in lists of good Jag games for some reason. I still play it to this day. It's both higher resolution and higher color depth than the SNES version. Genesis version too but that goes without saying. CD32 version has the cutscenes but isn't fullscreen.

PS1 and Saturn versions are the most complete, but what else is new. I don't mean to say Jag has the absolute best version but it's quite good, and belongs on any list of good games for the console.
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ITT: post music from a game you hadn't played that convinced you to play that game.

I heard this in a Power Rangers thread on /v/ two days ago and it turns out the game was really fun, too. Thanks to whoever initially posted it.
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What are your favorite retro games of any console supported by "Retro Pie" (Emulation Station)?

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I am getting a raspberry Pi 3 for Retro Pie and I don't want to download every game for every system because it takes up a lot of space and most of the games are just bad clutter. So what are the best games for retro pie.
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Hey /vr/,

This is borderline (December 1999), but I was wondering whether I could play Planescape Torment in on-off mode (few hours per week) or do I need to immerse myself and have longer marathons to enjoy it?

Also could you recommend other old PC or SNES games that have some deeper philosophical content?


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ITT /vr/ bro characters

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Hey /vr/, just got a Super Famicom and plan on getting a Famicom sometime soon. I don't wanna fry them, so are there any simple power supplies I can use instead of OEM parts? I've heard of people using Jaguar power supplies and debates over what the consoles will accept. Should a Jaguar adapter work fine for a Famicom/SFC? I've also heard model 1 genesis ac adapters work.
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How does this work, I can't get to area 10 unless I picked up ALL of the dolls along the way? What if I don't, do I get a bad ending, or does it let me go back to the levels where I missed the dolls? Or do the dolls just unlock a bonus level?

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Amiga emulation.

Hey /vr/. I'm looking to emulate an Amiga 1.3 workbench on a modern PC. I know it's possible to emulate with the whatever emulator, but my problem is I'd like to make a dedicated Amiga 500 or above out of a spare PC have laying around that I can use to boot pirate floppies with.

Is something like this possible? Essentially make a modern PC use the Amiga 'OS' and boot pirated floppies. I'm not asking for a 100% perfect emulation, and I am happy if it is an emulation as long as I don't have to deal with windows, arcade guis and I can boot software from floppies

I feel like this makes no sense.
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Light Gun/Rail Shooter thread

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Which ones are your favorite?
I'm fond of House of the Dead and Time Crisis.
Any ones that you would consider to be underrated?
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Where to download this beauty? (Millenium Racer Y2K)

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Idk where to find this, this was bliss back in the day. (Millenium Racer Y2K fighters)