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*Coughs in your face*
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Do people actually think R4 is the best Ridge Racer?
>75% of the cars are reskins, and you have to place LOWER to unlock different ones
>Zero replay value since Grand Prix never changes, dumbest decision ever
>Story elements don't mean anything because it's a fucking racing game
>OST is complete ass compared to other entries, get this downtempo shit outta here
>Drifting is completely random, controls somehow worse than the original
>Yellow piss colors everywhere make me wanna vomit
Go play Revolution, DS, V, hell, I'll take fucking UNBOUNDED before I pick up R4 again. Jesus fucking christ.
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Is there a better shotgun than the double barrel in doom 2?
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Thinking about getting back into this, anyone still mess with this, any good updates since 2016.
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I still have nightmares about this game.

What games do you still have nightmares about?
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Little meta thread and /vr/ appreciation

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This is unironically the best board on this stupid fucking website. I love you /vr/
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so i got my dad an n64 emulator recently with games like goldeneye mario 64 mario kart 64 zelda etc
i even got him the n64 control for pc and then tuned in all the keys
he was playing happy out but all of a sudden goldeneye started acting strange
when he pushed forward on the joystick it acted as if he pressed c-up(aim down) pressing the z button(which should be fire) brought up the aiming tool(r button) and several other weirrd things
the other games still work perfectly and even the goldeneye menu the buttons work normally
has anyone seen something like this before?
sorry for the long post

15khz/240p CRT output from PC

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>I am looking for some good info from the excellent anons here on /vr/.

I recently came onto a free lower end PC, and have wanted a non-interlaced format to display from the PC for things like DVDs and other older PC games etc. My preference is native PC support via S-video. I know that there are a few custom driver software packages out there, and they are specific to the GPU and OS. SVideo is the most futuristic connection method I want. I will totally avoid any RGB methods, and won't deal with any downscalers or other "in-between" methods. I know this is possible, and I know if anyone has done it, it is here on /vr/.

If you have something like this, It would be nice to know how you are doing it. It seems that there are plenty of ways to do this wrong, and I would like to avoid buying a bunch of cheap graphic cards that are totally worthless. The PC in question is an older model AMD motherboard with an integrated 1.3ghz dual core CPU/4gb ram. It has a PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot, and I would need a low profile card in this case. I also have a 3.1 ghz phenom II dual core, and would possibly buy a micro atx mobo to "upgrade" this unit should the 1.3 not run basic dvd and emulation. I wouldn't be emulating anything past SNES on this.

Where can I read more and learn more?
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so some friends and i are about to start playing D&D online.

but i was also thinking maybe we could all play neverwinter nights 2 together. i'm trying to avoid the base game. there is so much stuff out there for this game i'd like some recommendations on where to start for level 1 characters and a party of 4 or 5.

thanks in advance.