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Classic arcade flyer and magazine ad thread?
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>tfw Quake II is not as fun or good as I remember
Who's fucking idea was it to completely remove aerial control and why does basically every enemy have hitscan weapons and why are there so many monster closets
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Japanon hunts for /vr/ games for you in Japan.

DDR in the palm of your hands/Why won't faggot OP answer my email? Edition

For those who are new to this thread, I am an anon living in Japan who likes to go to secondhand stores and dig through their retro game inventory. Sometimes I get really lucky and sometimes I strike out but there is almost always something interesting.

The purpose of these threads is for people to make requests for items which I will then pick up for them for a 13% commission plus the cost of the item and shipping. You can make a request in this thread or contact me at:

I try to dump most of the pictures I take in these threads but I will also upload all of them to a Google Photos drive so that you can browse them at your leisure if you are interested:

https://goo gl/photos/3PsGdM7DYKkE8Lj9A

You need to add the "." back to "goo gl"

TLDR: OP will try to find games for you for a 13% commission, please email me at or post in this thread.

For everyone who has already contacted me, I'm sorry because I have made multiple shipments to some people and haven't even made one to others but I do my best to help everyone. If you feel like I have forgotten about you or are ignoring you please send me another email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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What games do you like to play hungover?
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What's your favorite Mega Man game or series?
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I got this for free this weekend on PS1. I haven't had a chance to play it. Is it any good?
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What /vr/ plays by itself when you leave it to idle? Pic
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Tell me what to play

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So the other night I made a thread on here about not knowing what to play and got shit on by you guys for posting non-retro imagery

So i'll try this again, with a different image

I have a Super and Mega Everdrive, and I'm looking for some hidden gems on either

I also have 1st edition Saturn and a phantom universal modchip, but i cant figure out what kind of wiring to use to connect it to a power supply point on the board

Please help my dumb self.