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Does anyone know how to emulate crt effects on epsxe? Some time ago a guy on Neogaf put a shader converted from bsnes to play it on epsxe and it was fantastic, but I removed it accidentaly :(
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Quick question about FFT's PSP port. Does it give true wide screen, does it stretch or does it crop? It looks kinda cramped. I think it's 4:3, but the top and bottom are cropped to make it widescreen.

This romhack promises to unstretch the graphics, which confuses me.
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Sega Genesis Launch Edition

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Hello 4chan, I'm collecting videogames, and I was looking for a launch Sega Genesis version of the console.

But there is a problem, I've found two "Launch Box".

Look at the "Arcade Graphics" letters, notice that one of them have a 3D effect into it.

The box without the 3D effect was one of kind and it is associated with an account that I think that is from Canada.

Which one came first? Pic related.

Worst Zelda dungeon?

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So I just beat the water temple on Oot and in my opinion, the fire temple is much worse. Why does water get the hate?
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PEG: Played Expected Got

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Post them.
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Kira Kira Star Night rip (Homebrew)

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Anyone actually still care about this game?

I know a while back people were talking about it and 8Bit Music Power. And a cool anon mentioned heading over to Japan to rip the game a while back.

I actually have the 2013 book too, as well as the rom. So I was wondering if anyone else wanted it.
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You only hate it because it lacks the exclusivity and weebness of Rondo of Blood.

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Thoughts on MK3?
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Am I the only one who prefers non-upscaled or visually modified games?

I feel like most devs before the 7th gen were aware of the jaggies and other graphical limitations they were working with and designed the visuals to accommodate it

When upscaled it just makes the game look more dated and blocky
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Kingpin Life of Crime

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Anyone play? What's your experience with it?
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