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Awesome fucking game. Haven't Come across anyone on /vr/ that has played it though.

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Does anyone else shout the names of games with exclamations in the name? I always yell PUNCH OUT!! when discussing among friends

Worst retro games you ever played

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Can you top this?
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Music arrangements general

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Retro vocal songs

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>Daggerfall is the best Elder Scrolls ga-

Seriously, why do Daggerfags have such a hard on for this flawed game? Arena was much better, you could actually read the map. Plus stats were handled better.

Have fun leveling backstabbing to 100, though!
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Rockman Mega World

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How come no one ever talks about this game? Does anyone actually play megamans not on nes?
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Why are people so retarded when it comes to the N64 controller?
>durr hurr you need 3 hands to use it
No, you have a grip for using the stick/buttons, dpad/buttons and dpad/stick. How hard is this to understand for people?
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Ocarina of Time

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I've never played this game. Give me a reason to not play it right now /vr/
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Has anyone been? My friend and I want to check it out this weekend, it's about 2 hours away. Worth checking out?
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