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What is the best retro mario game?

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Vagrant Story

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WTF am I playing? The art style and presentation is intriguing, but this game feels like a clunky mess game play wise. Mind you I'm only an hour in, but its not looking very good thus far. Do I just not get it, or is this game just a meme?
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Does /vr/ like belt-scrolling beat 'em ups or rail-scrolling beat 'em ups more?
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I've been on a massive Tony Hawk binge lately so let's talk about them and why they're the greatest games of all time
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Every time I try burning the .cue or .iso of this the software immediately crashes. It happens with every download of it I try and never happens with Any other game. Is something trying to keep me from playing this?
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Cheating Bastard Billy MItchell

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I got a screencap of this before he removed it:

When is Twin Galaxies going to drum out that retard?
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