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Were any of the Bomberman games actually good or are they only good party games with friends?
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home arcade /vr/?

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anyone here into collecting/preserving classic arcade games?
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Any great retro games that allow you to explore the seas? Doesn't really matter what genre. I've played a few non retro games with sea exploration and I really love the concept, so I was looking for some older games with sailing, navigation etc.

cute girls arcade style games

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I'm looking for games that:
-have cute girls as playable characters (bonus, if it only has one playable character)
-have arcade style gameplay without any adventure elements cancer (story bits or dialogs are only allowed in cutscenes between the stages)

hard mode:
-no "versus" games where you battle other characters, just to filter out fighting games because of low interest and arcade puzzle games that I'm well aware of
-no STG games for the same reason
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Ogre battle!

Did the genre die out?
If so, why?

Which are the best versions of each installment and which order should they be players? I heard the story is somehow interconnected
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Analogue Super Nt coming in 2018
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Anyone else miss that cool 80s aesthetic of putting data flowcharts on the gear?
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Is this worth owning?

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Or is it just for aesthetic purposes?
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Redpill #1: nobody actually appreciates Mario 1 for its gameplay. Mario 1 had a very smooth cascade of challenges that gradually taught you about the subtle depth of the engine.

Instead everyone just hurr skips to level 8 and ends up playing 2 levels all their life

Redpill #2: Mario 2 Japan is a GREAT game. Like Brood War is to Starcraft, it introduced a handful of tweaks that ended up adding a crazy upgrade to the overall game. The new challenges introduced each level were well thought out, very interesting to explore. The addition of Luigi is as rich as the differences that Falco has vs Fox in Melee. They should feel about the same, but are played totally different.
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any of you asexual aspergers remember this game pic related?
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