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Build Engine General Thread

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Build Engine General Thread


Butcher vs Cultist
Place your bets
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Was there a reason in Darkstalkers' story for why Demitri turned his male opponents into females?
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Sprite GIFs Thread

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Share your best/funniest/wholesome sprite gifs here.

Eggplant Pit always makes me happy.
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How fucked am I?

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2 - bootldr - EEPROM check failed
5 - kernel - HDD not locked
6 - kernel - Cannot unlock HDD
7 - kernel - HDD timeout
8 - kernel - No HDD found
9 - kernel - HDD parameters
13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail
14 - dashboard - Error loading dashboard
16 - dashboard - Clock cannot be set
20 - kernel - The dashboard was attempted to load and failed

>do what?

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Is it okay to emulate GBA games on a LCD? That's how they were displayed after all.
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In 3 years will we finally consider this a /vr/ console? Its hard to believe that it's pushing nearly 20 years old now.
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Was she really that crazy?
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Wild Arms

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I just finished Wild Arms, I thought it was a pretty solid ride despite its misgivings
>early 3D models and choppy animations that sometimes take a while to get going
>horrible sound effects, you may hit a dragon and it either squeals like a cat or a chicken
>for the most part standard ass JRPG combat
>standard ass story not helped by the localization

still Im surprised to say it really grew on me by the end, the music was neat, hell the opening theme alone elevates this game a couple of notches, the story has a couple of twists up its sleeve and the momentum you get while running fells really fucking good for some reason

what did you think about it? I just started Wild Arms 2 and it looks like its an improvement in almost every regard except the music perhaps, that intro needs more whistling if you ask me
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> 2018
> expects the price of NES game lots to remain under 5 dollars over 30 years later

explain yourself
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Legacy JSR Remixes in JSRF Thread

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Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix, By Richard Jacques)
Rock It On (D.S. Remix)
Sneakman (Toronto Mix)
That's Enough (B.B. Rights Mix)
Sweet Soul Brother (B.B. Rights Mix)
Humming The Bassline (D.S. Remix)
Grace & Glory (B.B. M.H. Mix)

What's your opinion on those remixes, or any favorites?

Protip: Sweet Soul Brother(B.B. Rights Mix) only match for Kogane-Cho, where Rokkaku-Dai Heights/Kibogaoka hill belong to; just like it did in JSR.