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sega hires you to port 21 games to the genesis mini (sega cd and 32x games count). what games would it be and is that list better than what the snes classic edition has to offer?
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Hey, /vr/. Can somebody Bleed-ill me on classic horror games? Which ones still hold up as scary and/or are worth playing because of interesting game mechanics? (also: the less mainstream/lesser known the better)
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Trog Thread

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You know what time it is. It's time for the daily Trog thread.

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Would we be permitted to have a serious discussion about the concept of difficulty in games? I don't see the subject as mutually exclusive to either retro or modern vidya, or any game in particular, but we could decide upon a /vr/-related contextual framework. For example, we could discuss it abstractly while referring to Super Mario World for demonstration or citation. It's just that /v/ really isn't up to task for this in terms of the average intellectual age of the board. We, on the other hand, have real wisdom at our command, and I suspect some insightful remarks to offer.
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whats better: super metroid or fusion?
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what am I in for?
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Not another SNES Mini Topic

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This topic isn't so much about he SNES Mini itself but rather the scalping that is sure to happen when the product is released. Online scalpers arealreadtoisting auctions ranging from $300 to $500. These are the people who work in stores like Target, Walmart, GameStop, etc. They're going to make sure you will never see one of these units in the wild.

So are you pro or anti scalper? Also, is there anything we can do to ruin eBay actions like pic related?

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Is Star Fox for SNES worth playing since Star Fox 64 is basically a remake that's better?

Also, post remakes that make the original obsolete I guess
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How do I get into this?

Is there an order to beat the levels?

The double jump is by pressing again once you reach the max height or did I misunderstood it?

I can do the double jump going up but trying it sideways not so much.
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