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I really like the first NES Zelda, but I can't help but think that it's sort of a failure in terms of its design.

You take a game like Super Mario Bros. and it has held up amazingly well in terms of design. Anyone with any skill set can sit down, start up Level 1-1 and learn the basics in five minutes or less, with the implication that they'll improve their skill set over time. It's simple.

I know Zelda is its own thing and a totally different genre, but in replaying it I can't help but think that this ideology of a game where swapping secrets with your friends just guarantees that your game will feel dated not only in terms of visual/audio presentation but in gameplay as well.

There is so much obscure, cryptic stuff in this game that it's a frustration in of itself just to figure out what step one really is. I know that's the point, but all these years later down the road that directionlessness just seems sort of boggling. I know the American manual had a map (albiet a very poor one) and the game isn't that hard to figure out after a lot of tinkering, but the fact that someone can't really get full enjoyment out of the game without looking stuff up or posting on a forum kind of disappoints me.

I'm not ragging on the gameplay or anything like that, I'm having a blast, but the idea of not having these resources and having to load up the same screen every time just to burn individual bushes makes me realize that maybe at its core philosophy, the original NES Zelda (and Zelda II to an extent) is not very fun.
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Bootleg Scammers

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Not going to mention the e-celeb,not too hard to find out but recently one of the big ones was accused of selling bootlegs.

Is there a website or other resources people can refer to to help distinguish a real from a fake?
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ITT: Japanese only games we really want translated
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Spiritual sequels/successors

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So we all know Gunstar Heroes was made by a team that came from Konami who worked on Contra, but what are some lesser known successors to games made under a different title?
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what is the definitive version of
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Which of these games is the best? I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy and I'm looking to start collecting lesser known Nintendo puzzle games. Preferably games featuring Nintendo characters, like these.
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Game Aerith:
>brimming with child like confidence
>flirty with Cloud
>previous sexual partners

Fan vision of Aerith:
>pure shy holy girl priestess

Game Tifa:
>shy, even subdued
>responsible adult
>no mention of any previous sexual partners

Fan vision of Tifa:
>super turbo slut

Why has the fanbase totally reversed their personalities? Is it just because Tifa is a titty monster that they assume, falsely, that she must be a slut?
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Is there any point to use Ebay Auctions anymore?

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Ebay auctions just seem rigged and fishy anyways, mostly because it just so happens that always, always, ALWAYS the "cheapest" item sold via an auction is "coincidentally"around the same bullshit average BIN price, and then there's fuckers who jerk off the shipping fees to make profit making it pointless even when the BIN price doesn't seem as bad or even below the average.


Please guys, no trolling or shitposting, i bet a lot of you have suffer trough the same shit, are Ebay auctions rigged? because i even starting to think that the sellers themselves use bots to jack up the price.

I swear that RARELY had this problem bidding on Jauce to get stuff from Yahoo Japan.
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whats the best form to play MGS1 on a pc?

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>When finished, this mod will completely remove Cait Sith from the game in favour of a new human character called Iscar Matthias. Iscar is from Judus Iscariot, and Matthias was the apostle chosen to replace him. I have chosen these names to be symbolic of the character's betrayal, and change into a valued ally. Iscar will change and grow as a character. At first he will be a simple Shin-Ra spy, dedicated to his job, but over time, he will come to understand that he is working for the wrong people and change sides.

>Cait Sith is a poorly written character that was probably shoe horned into the story late in development. The character has no logical or believable reason to join your party, or be allowed to join it. The idea that Reeve, a top executive for Shin-Ra, could or would remote control a toy robot cat mounted on top of a stuffed white toy as a tool for espionage, is ridiculous.

>Iscar will change the character model, script, FMV and battle related information. Cait will be utterly annihilated. Where possible I will stick to the original script. The basic plot will remain intact, except that it will be more plausible. I have actually had fanboys trying to rationalise the writing regarding Cait Sith. These people generally display an unbelievably poor understanding of fiction and writing (the usual excuse being "It's just fiction" *roll eyes*).

>Cait's going no matter WHAT you say.
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