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id play it

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Is it a bad game?
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Can we have a custom label thread?
I know this is niche but I like making custom labels for fun/maybe for repro carts of games that didn't come out, at least not in the US. This is mostly because other custom labels are a bit lousy and inaccurate which can flare my autism.
Starting off with 3 I made just recently
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I've played a few diablo clones - namely Marvel Heroes and the two Torchlights, but never the root series itself. Is pic related really as amazing as I've always heard it is?
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All aircraft report.
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good game
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Brotherplease, dohn't yew remembah? Sirow saved my laife!
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Sup, boys. Im from Ukraine Cлaвa Укpaїнi! and I apologize for my English.

I want to make (next lazy vaporware) a single-player oldschool shooter where the plot appears in 1998 year. Idea: stylize the game for the games of that year Unreal, HL and Q2. About engines: Q2 immediately disappeared - the game is planned for large open spaces, but idTech2 is not friendly with them. The choice remained between the UE and the Goldsrc. Or maybe finding a modern platform (Unity?) and worsening picture.

In short:
1. What advise to choose? Previously I worked a bit in the old game editors, in 3DMax work well.
2. Where can find more information about "next-gen technology'98"? I need a competent list of innovations, technologies and so on.
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Can't believe how shit this got in the later levels

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Thoughts on this series? Looks interesting but I've never played them.