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Ok boys, I need a list of the dankest most aesthetic 2d sci-fi games ever, preferably if there's some gore, preferably if it gets crazy with plot stuff, and preferably if it's action/adventure/visual novel/RPG
Japanese games also preferable unless you just know of some really cool US/EU shit i could check out


Repair/Mod General - Game Tech Wiki

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Bring your repair/mod discussions and technical questions here. What are you working on?

Don't forget to add your knowledge to the wiki!

Many common problems can be remedied by cleaning the console, games, or controllers. Check out the cleaning guide before trying anything too drastic:

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>The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) port was developed by Sculptured Software. This particular port has a secret intro (in which a scene between Shao Kahn and Kintaro will take place during the Acclaim logo) and a hidden special team mode. Also in this port is the use of the Super Nintendo's Mode 7, a graphics mode that allows the scaling and rotation of a single background on a scanline-by-scanline basis, during the overhead fall on the Pit II's Stage Fatality. However, the game plays with some slowdown and the sprites look like they have been painted rather than photographed due to the image distortion resulted from the downscaling required to match the console's 256x224 display resolution. The SNES has a larger color palette than most other ports of the game and the music is more downbeat and faded in contrast to the Genesis/Mega Drive's upbeat version. John Tobias favored this version over the Genesis version, and added that "I would go so far as to say that the Super NES version is one of the best arcade-to-home conversions I've seen."

>"I would go so far as to say that the Super NES version is one of the best arcade-to-home conversions I've seen."

Nintendoes what Genedon't.
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Dragon Quest thread!
What entry are you playing at the moment? What's your favorite in the series and why is it not 5?
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Classic Online games thread

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What are some of your classic online gaming memories? Did you ever play some of the 90s MMOs?
Where were you when Lord British was kill?
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Megaman 2. Best Megaman game, or overrated piece of garbage?
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In Madou Monogatari I, Arle does this thing where she'll occasionally look towards the player (pic related) before quickly looking back to the right. Is she supposed to be breaking the 4th wall and looking at me? Or is she just idly glancing around?
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Guy, let me tell you, this game is so hard and all for the wrong reasons. Its all bullshit, and you get hit for no reason and dont know where to go, its crappy gamedesign. You have to play the levels a hundred times, to know what you have to do. Such artificial difficulty.

It should be more like zelda, and be more clear with what to do.
So yeah, I only played through two levels and failed and the third, but I have a proper recommendation for this game and know who is it for. Since Im a real gamer, and know by instinct how games work.
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Retro games you can fart in

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So far I got Oddworld and Comics Zone. Any others?
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Dynamite Headdy subs are out.
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