Planned outage this weekend.

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Why were big floppies replaced by small floppies?

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Why didn't they keep on developing the 5.25?
Wouldn't the larger surface area of the disk allow for greater storage capacity?
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HoMM/Might and Magic thread

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Astrologers proclaim month of the snow.
Population under the snow doubled.

Make sure to read the FAQ before posting obvious questions:

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The only reason people on this board hate emulation is because it threatens their shitty little cottage industry. No one's going to pay $10,000 to some manchild for a used copy of NES golf if they can emulate it for free.
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The Rom Depot is dead.
Is there another fan made rom site?

I don't trust EmuParadise, FreeRoms o RomHustler anymore.
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Reaction image thread.

Starting off with some brand new fresh OC.
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>finally have enough money for a home personal computer
>bring it home it and set it up
>can only afford CGA
>install a game and get blinded by purple and cyan
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The sound module of your dreams.

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Boy I wish I had it to get some real good fucking music out Space Quest III. (Also I don't want to emulate, the real deal is the shit man)

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Post completely, utterly forgotten games.
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can someone explain to be why people are so fucking retarded when bidding for video game auctions on ebay?
there is literally no reason to bid until the last moments of the auction but there are always dumbfucks who drive up the price days before the listing ends. do these people just have no patience or is it a deeper misunderstanding of how ebay auctions work?
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