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How is the PS4 Pro for emulating retro games?
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>The game's lead designers were artist Brian Colin and programmer Jeff Nauman. Neither of them being fans of arcade games at the time, Colin conceived Rampage as a game in which there was "no wrong way to play." To this end, he wanted to eschew the common video game concepts of having a set objective, competing for a high score and dying.
This is wisdom, /vr/.
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ITT: perfect sequels

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/rng/ - Randomizer General

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>Hold on, what's a randomizer?
A randomizer is a program/website that creates randomized ROMs by shuffling various game components around to create a new experience. While commonly used for speedrunning competitions, they're fun to play even from a casual perspective. Some randomizers are strictly meant for game veterans, while others are friendly to newbies and occasionally more refined randomizers can offer plenty of options and flags to customize your experience.

>Whoa, you got a list of these for me to check out?
The BIG List of Video Game Randomizers is a fairly comprehensive list of randomizers and is updated regularly:

>Some popular randomized games:
Super Metroid: Arcade - http://www.metroidconstruction.com/hack.php?id=357
The Legend of Zelda (NES) - https://sites.google.com/site/zeldarandomizer/
Super Metroid/Link to the Past Crossover - https://alttsm.speedga.me/
FF4 Free Enterprise - http://ff4fe.com/
LttP: Daily randomizer challenges - https://alttpr.com/en/daily

Some discussion starters:
>How is your run going so far? Easier/harder than expected?
>Stuck in your seed? Ask for help - it's probably not a softlock!
>Share some interesting screenshots/gifs!
>Discovered a randomizer that is more fun that it sounds or has unique features?

Previous thread: >>5254662
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How do I into emulation?
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REmake HD for Steam is objectively the best way to play Resident Evil 1. It is also objectively the best version of Resident Evil 1. In this thread we express our love for the predecessor of REmake HD, or more simply, REmake for GC. REmake is the perfect remake and it triggers my autism when people refer to the remake of Resident Evil 2 as a "REmake 2".

REmake for GC was truly revolutionary and potentially the best survival horror game ever made. The devs created the perfect haunted mansion/murder mystery atmosphere. Literally a 10/10 game.
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Behold... the holy trinity of Goemon games.

Also, Goemon general.
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vr/ audio

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What type up set up do you guys prefer ? I currently have 2 speakers with 3 drivers(tweeter,bass,etc..) each all running with RCA cables (analog 2channels). We're old systems designed with tv speakers in mind or is it system depended? I currently just play PS1 games and PS2 on my slim and have been considering digital but I dont think with my speakers it will make a difference.Opinions ? Pic related my messy neet setup
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