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Would have been good?
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Digital FF7 vs Packaged FF7

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Hey /vr/
I've thought of getting into Final Fantasy, starting with part 7.
While I do own a PS1, I would like to play the PC port of this game because I've heard it'd be superior.

Can someone enlighten me on the differences between the packaged version you can order and the digital copy you can buy on Steam?
Which one is more worth getting?
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Any games that were ignored/shitty back in the day that somehow reached meme status later on?
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Flash cart

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when you use one of these, does it feel like playing the actually legit game or do you know it's a rom and don't give a fuck? when i'm playing on an emulator, i just can't get into the game and just don't give one fuck about it. playing on a real cart just feels more engaging.
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Neo Geo Pocket

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My Flash cart came in & I finally tried out neo Poke-Kun. How do you actually play this game?
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ITT: games that ruined the series
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>Bart's shirt is blue

How did they fuck up such an obvious thing?
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menu music thread

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Wizardry Thread

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Favorite moment or memory's of playing through VI or VII again lads?
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