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Why is this game so good?
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What kind of Monster Rancher wouldn't want a Pixie on their farm?
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Starcraft Remaster:

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Just been confirmed. Posting a few screenshots.
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We all know that Kwirk is a tomato with sunglasses BUT in some levels you also play as his buddy who clearly isn't a tomato but the question is: WHAT THE HELL IS HE? WHAT IS KWIRK'S BUDDY? I seriously can't tell and neither can Google search.
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Which Capcom compilation should I get?

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Two Capcom compilations are on sale for the Playstation Flash Sale. Capcom Classics Collection Remixed and Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded. Both are on sale for $1.99. I have only enough remaining balance for one.

Which should I get?

Remixed has:
1941: Counter Attack
Bionic Commando
Black Tiger
Block Block
Captain Commando
Final Fight
Forgotten Worlds
Last Duel
Legendary Wings
Magic Sword
Mega Twins
Quiz & Dragons
Section Z
Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
The Speed Rumbler
Street Fighter
Three Wonders

Reloaded has:
1943 Kai
Eco Fighters
Exed Exes
Ghosts'n Goblins
Ghouls'n Ghosts
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts
The King of Dragons
Knights of the Round
Pirate Ship Higemaru
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Street Fighter II′: Champion Edition
Street Fighter II′ Turbo: Hyper Fighting
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Cosmology of Kyoto, has anyone here played it?

I've watched some playthroughs and the concept looks really interesting. I don't know if I'd play it myself since I'm a pussy for horror or even dark games tho.

Jaguar vs. 3DO vs. 32X: which was the strongest mid-90s failed next gen console

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All of these consoles were a step above the SNES, Genesis, and Turbo Duo. They could even handle some fully polygonal games.

However, which console was the strongest of the three and how far could these consoles actually be pushed?
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What's the closest thing to Dark Souls on the NES?
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Check out this proper retro battle station i picked up off CL.
They dont make 'em like this anymore.
Im gonna throw 32" trinitron on there.
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I once made it a personal goal to beat super mario bros as fire mario. It wasn't easy because the damn bloopers got me each time, but I eventually did it. What are some other personal goals that you set for a game for fun or for challenge? It doesn't matter how silly or insane it sounds.