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What is the most accurate program to emulate Neo Geo titles? I've read that MAME isn't optimal. Also, this is likely a common question, but is there an inexpensive way to utilize any form of original hardware? Possibly an MVS flash cart or something?

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hey /vr/, do you guys recommend skipping the first suikoden game or not? if i've never played any of them before and this will be my first time.
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Has anyone on this board ever beaten this game?
How long did it take you and how did it feel when you finally succeeded?

I really want to finish this game, but the game can get so discouraging.
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this is a 10/10 port in brazil
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Is this the most overrated Contra game?

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The first two games have so much greater level design, while Hard Corps has excellent boss fights. Alien Wars just does nothing right, honestly, yet for some reason this one tops everybody's list of favourite Contra games.
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Blocky 3d models, please post only the ugliest ones.
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>grab a cart of pokemon gold
>saves fine
>take it out to play something else
>pop it back in later
>save's gone.
tried it a few times and it seems to only delete when shaken or removed. the guys i bought it from say they replaced all the batteries when they take a new copy so it sounds like it may be loose?
anyone else had this plroblem before?
gonna hit up the shop again later and see if they'll let me use their tools to take a peak. i don't mind much though. i like messing with stuff like this.

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Does /vr/ like grand theft auto? What about london 1969/1961 and 2? Was the playstation/dreamcast ports better than the PC port?
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>go to garage sale this past saturday
>find random assortment of NES, SNES, N64 cartridges
>no prices indicated anywhere
>ask guy if he'll sell them for $3 each
>he says no
>he pulls out a phone and starts telling me ebay prices
Is going to garage sales and flea markets even worth it anymore?
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First Person Dungeon Crawlers

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Let's have a thread dedicated to the best genre of RPG, what ones were the best? which ones did things differently then others? What were some of your favorite characters that you made? Etc etc
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