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Games you keep giving up on.

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I tried 3 times to get into MM but i always end up giving up. Guess because i played Oot first as a kid and then MM as an adult?
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I'm gonna make a thread about an old game
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Ports thread

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What's your favourite port?
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I unironically miss video game forums
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Post your favorite ads and commercials for games
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Whats a good game for a depressed person who wants to experience joy should play?
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I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but was wondering if anyone has any experience with these Makvision 27" tri-mode monitors for a MAME cabinet? I'm looking for a CRT and this is one of the few I can find new, and will actually ship to my backwards neck of the woods

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What is /vr/ thoughts on kids and teenagers being interested in retro gaming?
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Suggest me a JRPG that's

>moderately difficult or very difficult
>puts more emphasis on the gameplay instead of the story

Pic... related? Idk.
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