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ITT: games to play around halloween

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/vr/ct - Rollercoaster Tycoon General

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The Room edition

Previous Thread: >>4188459

>RCT1 recreations - Made in 2013 by Crappage with near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order. Includes "Real" parks, gaming magazine parks, and competition parks (periodically updated, check date for latest version):
>/v/ pack - Scenarios made by 4chan users, includes the original Mr. Bones save (Crappage is responsible for keeping this updated, bug him if you want something added):
>UCES - Includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:
>RCT2 Extras - Includes the official remade RCT1 scenarios by Atari and Panda World by Chris Sawyer, as well as different color waters and paths, the Windowed mode hack, RCT1 menu music, and some modified .exes if you need them:
>Trainers - Includes 8cars, ParkDat, TRG, and Save Game Modifier:
>Lunatim's pack of RCT2 rides and scenarios:
>Amazing Earl's custom-made rides and scenery:
>RCTConvert a tool made by Rvnx to convert RCT2's sound files into mp3
Helpful Resources:
>Knowledge Base
>RCT1 Manual
>New Element Designs (RCT fansite where people upload crazy looking parks)
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Who was the most memorable NPC in Earthbound?
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>entering anything other than AAA

why the fuck is it in every video on youtube with an initials screen they always waste time entering their stupid name, as if anyone gives a shit? Just mash that shit.
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What are some spanish language vr games that would be good for someone someone trying to learn the language?
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>when the best written character is the weakest party member
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/CRT/ Thread - Bounty Hunter Edition

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This thread is for the spirited discussion of CRT displays - Televisions, monitors and projectors used for the playing of retro games!

>Try to keep it tuuuuuuube-related: Nothing past 5th gen(+ Dreamcast). Slight OT might be okay if related to CRTs (E.G. 16:9 compatible models, flatscreens, etc.) Systems with backwards compatibility are also pretty safe territory, assuming you're focusing on the older games. PC CRTs are also a-ok.
>Produce OC! Get out your real cameras and take beautiful pictures of your CRTs displaying recognizable characters with the kind of beautiful accuracy that brings tears to the eyes of young and old alike! If you take 100 photos, at least one of them will turn out alright! (maybe)
>Try to be as detailed as possible when asking info on a specific model. As always, google is your friend, and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either.
>Share appreciation for others choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. As always show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Discussion of video processing and scaling devices is okay, but try to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories

CRT Pastebin (WIP) :
Guide to CRT Hunting :
Guide to Video Monitors :
General Purpose CRT Adjustment Guide :
S-Video Pasta :
BKM-10R Protocol Info :
JVC RGB card cloning guide :

/crt/ Discord Server :

Thread Survey :
Collaborative Consumer CRT Project Survey :
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Battletoads and Earthworm Jim

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What are some games like Battletoads and Earthworm Jim?
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Is Crash Bandicoot 2 still considered the best game in the series?
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why do people get so enraged when you casually bring up input lag?
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