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What am I in for?
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ITT we post a phrase or word from a game and other anons try to guess which game is it.
Dont cheat with google!

I start.
> History abhors a paradox
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Best way to play Castlevania Rondo? Or whatever you choose to call it. What is the preferred experience?
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>there's only one legal stage in the whole game
>and everyone is completely peachy with that

What the fuck.
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Dragon Quest Thread

Come talk with us about Dragon Quest!
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Famicom/NES games to play with my sister

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I'm visiting my sister in July. I live in another country, so I don't get to see her that often, so I want to make the most of it. One thing I want to do is play some Famicom with her, but I don't know of that many games that are really fun to play in multiplayer.
I have an Everdrive N8, so as long as they work on it, we can play them. Games where one player can die permanently while the other one can continue playing are no fun though.
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Be honest now, what /vr/ character have you fapped to the most over the years?
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HoMM/Might and Magic thread

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Astrologers proclaim the week of Ho- I mean Offence, of course, mr. Crag Hack

Make sure to read the FAQ before posting obvious questions:

Previous thread: >>3829256
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Has anyone ripped this yet? The cartridge is apparently pretty poorly made, using flash chips instead of actual ROM, which makes it pretty volatile.
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draw and request
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