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Can we talk about how ever 90's JRPG blatantly copies his films? Specifically Nausicaa and Laputa.
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Sonic fans ruined Sonic

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Prove me wrong /vr/
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Shmup General

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(PLEASE ignore /vg/ shitposters this time, we've had two threads in a row removed due to this. Focus on the games.)

Is it just me or the CLIMINAL ships suck in Batrider?
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>In order to beat this boss you needed to get a super-rare materia to get rid of the time
>In order to get that materia, you needed to go to a specific spot in the game, wait for a specific, randomly spawning monster to appear and know that you had to you a specific ability to turn it into said item

How the fuck where people supposed to be able to figure this shit out back then without the use of a strategy guide? Because that kind of information sure as hell didn't exist back in 1997 internet
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What does /vr/ think of Blaster Master?

Was it fair for devs to limit the number of continues in the US version? It's very easy to die in this game, and it is a LONG-ass game. Would it be shameful if I decided to play the Japanese version instead?

/CRT/ Thread - Bodacious Edition

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Previous thread: >>4807950

>Try to keep it /vr/-related: Nothing past 5th gen(+ Dreamcast). Slight OT might be okay if related to CRTs (E.G. 16:9 compatible models, flatscreens, etc.) Systems with backwards compatibility are also pretty safe territory, assuming you're focusing on the older games. PC CRTs are also a-ok.
>Produce OC! Get out your real cameras and take beautiful pictures of your CRTs displaying recognizable characters with the kind of beautiful accuracy that brings tears to the eyes of young and old alike! If you take 100 photos, at least one of them will turn out alright! (maybe)
>Try to be as detailed as possible when asking info on a specific model. As always, google is your friend, and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either.
>Share appreciation for others choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. As always show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Discussion of video processing and scaling devices is okay, but try to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories

CRT Pastebin (WIP) :
Guide to CRT Hunting :
Guide to Video Monitors :
General Purpose CRT Adjustment Guide :
S-Video Pasta :
BKM-10R Protocol Info :
JVC RGB card cloning guide :

/crt/ Discord Server :

Thread Survey :
Collaborative Consumer CRT Project Survey :
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HOMM/MM (Heroes of) Might & Magic(:Heroes)

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Astrologers proclaim month of a new thread.
Read the sticky:
Last thread: >>4713223

Humorous video )
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/tcg/ - Tycoon/City Builders General: The New Home of /vr/ct!

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Extreme golfing edition.

Welcome to /tcg/, a general for games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Simcity 2000, and Transport Tycoon. Enjoy your stay!

Previous Thread: >>4793049

>Open RCT
>Open Locomotion
>Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
>Open Sim City 2000

Helpful Resources (Newfags go here for more info):


>>>Sim City<<<
pastebin under construction, feel free to contribute!

Other business sim series such as Railroad Tycoon and Theme Hospital are also welcome!
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