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do you like guilty gear?

Saturn vs Dreamcast

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Assuming that they both had been financial successes with tons of support, which of these two consoles had the better potential to be great? Which one do you prefer now?
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Space Invaders/ Galaxian / Galaga

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What are your favorite games in this genre of shmup?
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Tips on buying old consoles and games for cheap

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I have an urge to buy and restore broken video game consoles and games recently. I bought an original GameBoy from 1989 this month and brought it back to life with a basic repair. I got it on eBay for just 20€. Apart from keeping wise to great deals on eBay, where else do you search to get used and broken consoles and games?
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>Frontlit screen provides light without motion blur
>Tactile buttons as opposed to shitty mushy buttons
>Rechargeable battery
>Folds into a square for maximum portability
>Plays the entire Game Boy library

The AGS-001 is the best way to play Game Boy games.

A lot of people prefer to create an AGB-101 (an original GBA with a backlit screen). However, the motion blur makes everything so harsh on the eyes, and the buttons feel so unresponsive (especially when the thicker backlit screen is modded in).
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Its the END of an ERA

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which one?
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This blew my mind as a kid. Somehow, this puny Gameboy cartridge had a SNES game stuffed inside. It was magic.

Is there any other game that did this? Besides Donkey Kong '94.
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I found this game and I want to play it so BAD.

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TV/movie games that were surprisingly good

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Starting with a childhood favorite, Konami's Tiny Toon Adventures for NES, a very solid Mario 3 clone. You play as Buster but can transform into Plucky, Dizzy, and Furrball who each have their own special powers (floating, tornado attack, and wall-climbing respectively)
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