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The bastard actually did it. Translation's out /vr/, get playing.
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Quake Thread: QUMP is complete

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Dreamcast shooting

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What's the best STG on Dreamcast other than Ikaruga
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HoMM/Might and Magic thread

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Astrologers proclaim month of the GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS

Make sure to read the FAQ before posting obvious questions:

Previous thread: >>4233053
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New lewd pictures that you could have sworn were not official
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Just finished playing the first 4 Silent Hill games for the first time after all these years of hearing about it. It's now one of my favorite video games series. I made sure to get the last 3 games on PS2 since the HD collection is a disaster. I managed to get good endings after my first playthrough in the first 3 games, The Room I got the worst ending since I was tired of the partner system and looking after the apartment.

Silent Hill 4 was interesting story-wise and the first-person apartment sequences were great, since I enjoy exploring maps observing every bit of small detail. The references of the previous games were a nice touch too, such as the hand-in-toilet joke, but having to repeat the same levels AGAIN and babysitting a cripple during the 2nd half of the game sucked.

I want to say more but this is already a lengthy post. What did you guys think of this series? Any favourite moments? characters? OST? etc.
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Arcade stories thread?
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What are the various tags on Romsets supposed to mean? I'm pretty sure [!] is a verified dump, but what about [c], [b1] and so forth?
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/jpc/ #11 SCREAMer EDITION

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GET HYPE Thread Anthem -

>Links to vendors, emulators, game info, fansites:

>ROM sites w/games, tools, OS packs:

>Project EGG's for legal downloads. Collecting should use Suruga-ya for mail order. Try bidding on Yahoo! Japan, too;

>/vr/ Anon's PC-98 dump:!F59WkSqQ!quGKSFIswBgv0rxAAaF8Pg

>PC-88 dump:!10IGCLjQ!Aim8asXQ62YKRqzGfAqX5w

>lllusion City blog has primers on emulating the PC-88, PC-6001, and FM Towns platforms:

>Guides to Neko Project II & making bootable HDI files for PC-98:

>MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 work for the PC-98; consider Ko-Window or SX-Window for the X68k (FM Towns has proprietary OS). The 8-bit machines run mainly BASIC.

Misty Blue (PC-88, Koshiro):
Golvellius (MSX2, Miyamoto):
Star Cruiser (X1, Yamanaka):
Rhyme Star (PC-98, Abo):
AZURE (FM Towns, Umemoto):
Code-Zero (X68k, Random House):
Power DoLLS 4 (Windows, Saitoh):


>Most active J-PC group:

There hasn't been one for a while. Bringing it back, starting from the latest I could find in the archive!
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Anyone else hate switching controllers?
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