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To people who collect video games, how many games in their collection have they actually played?
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I'm working on a project that might interest some of /vr/

We're developing a neural network that can learn how to play SFII on the SNES (very similar concept to MarI/O). One of the first steps is to determine which memory addresses in the emulator correspond to things like X position, Y position, lifebar, etc.

We found an incomplete map here:

But that's for the arcade version and it seems like the memory addresses used are different. Does anyone happen to know some obscure forum where we might find this information?
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PSX 2D Sprite Based Games.

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What are the best 2d games with sprite art on PSX that have aged well? Arcade ports welcome.
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What, specifically, is wrong with Donkey Kong Country 3?
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>The appeal of RTS games, for most, is the opportunity to prove you are more skilled than the opponent.

That's elitist and it stops the community from growing any larger.
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Reminder that Virtual Console is the only ethical way to emulate games, as it supports the developers. It is also the best emulation you can get, as the emulators are officially released by Nintendo.
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Name a video game with a bluer sky. I'll wait.
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/CRT/ Thread - Seasoned and Aged

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Previous thread >>3926882

This thread is for the spirited discussion of CRT displays - Televisions, monitors and projectors used for the playing of retro games!

>Try to keep it /vr/-related: Nothing past 5th gen(+ Dreamcast). Slight OT might be okay if related to CRTs (E.G. 16:9 compatible models, flatscreens, etc.) Systems with backwards compatibility are also pretty safe territory, assuming you're focusing on the older games. PC CRTs are also a-ok.
>Produce OC! Get out your real cameras and take beautiful pictures of your CRTs displaying recognizable characters with the kind of beautiful accuracy that brings tears to the eyes of young and old alike! If you take 100 photos, at least one of them will turn out alright! (maybe)
>Try to be as detailed as possible when asking info on a specific model. As always, google is your friend, and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either.
>Share appreciation for others choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. As always show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Discussion of video processing and scaling devices is okay, but try to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories

CRT Pastebin (WIP) :
An Anon's Guide to CRT Hunting :
An Anon's Guide to differentiating Video Monitors :
General Purpose CRT Adjustment Guide :
S-Video Pasta :
BKM-10R Protocol Information :

/crt/ Discord Server :

Thread Survey :
Collaborative Consumer CRT Project Survey :
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I was doing some tech support for a friend and he offered to let me browse through an old spindle of CDs he had and take anything I wanted.

Found a loose copy of Shining Force III for the Sega Saturn and decided to take it, it's in pretty good shape and I tested it on an emulator and it seems to be working just fine.

Where should I sell this thing? Do any of you want it? 99.99 seems to be the average for a caseless copy, I'm looking for around $75 shipped.
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What is your favorite retro Metal Gear game, /vr/?