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Games with a Level Editor

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What are you favorite /vr/ games with a built-in level editor?
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What do you think is the second best Castlevania game?
I've got to go with Bloodlines.
Multiple characters, some of the best tunes in the series, and controls that feel more loose than in the NES games but don't go full retard like CV4 did.
The JP version of 3 is really good too.
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Retro Sins:

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Confess your sins anon, and be free of guilt.
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Repair/Mod General - Game Tech Wiki

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Bring your repair/mod discussions and technical questions here. What are you working on?

Don't forget to add your knowledge to the wiki!

Many common problems can be remedied by cleaning the console, games, or controllers. Check out the cleaning guide before trying anything too drastic:

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Sports thread

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Let's have a thread dedicated to discussion of sports games, mostly those that do not belong to any successful franchise (like FIFA, Madden, NBA Action and so on), yet are still worth playing. Tell us about your experiences or recommend some gems.

I'll start with Actua Soccer 3. Pretty solid title which is fast paced, has intuitive controls and a friendly learning curve - perfect thing to grab if you have someone to play with, but don't want to spend hours on learning fancy trick combinations or are not into detailed football tactics.
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This game is overly complicated

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I'm an RPG newb, I played Final Fantasy 1 and Dragon Quest 1&2, now I wanted to play Final Fantasy 2 but wtf is this shit?

The leveling system that everyone hates aside, every character has a specific stat for each weapon, in the battle some characters are on the front and some on the back, those on the back can only attack with a bow, you can give a character two weapons, or two shields, or one weapon and one shield, or let them be barehanded (apparently some are better having nothing equipped?), and you don't know what's better

What were they thinking? Please tell me other Final Fantasy games are not like this
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Jagged Alliance 2

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JA2 1.13 with Arulco Vacations

Day 2, 1:20AM - Sector C7

Razor can't stand Biff so he and Fidel split from the team in Omerta and head for San Mona, while the rest head for Drassen.

Razor already quietly dropped 3 enemies with throwing utensils.
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Has anyone here ever gotten one legitimately? How long did it take you?
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ITT: comfy as fuck, 0 stress, don't worry about a thing, pretty easy, goddamn i feel warm inside games
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The Quest for Acceptable Lag

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Not everyone wants to strictly play original consoles with a CRT. What LCD monitor are or Tv's offer the least amount of lag? Does PSP or 3DS have lag when emulating? Is the amount of lag caused by emulators acceptable?
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