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This is a third rate Zelda clone with weapon durability. I'm sure whoever recommended this dogshit is having a good laugh.
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N64 games without the texture filter
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I know of groups that are trying to archive 1:1 copies of games (byuu, no-intro, redump) but what about manuals? Any big groups going through the effort to scan and preserve the most perishable item in a game box? Any methods for regular faggots like me to make a good scan of my own?
Also, general manual appreciation thread I guess.
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Listen here, I just played through all of FFIII on NES for the first time and it's exactly the same as DS, I have no idea what any of you guys are talking about.

The same mini cutscenes, nearly the same dialog, just about the same usefulness from the classes, only difference is in the DS version, the characters have names, and certain characters talk to the 5 'heroes' you talk too.

It's literally the same game, get over it

>inb4 wrong aspect ratio wahh
Pic related, my run into with Z/Xande
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Anyone have retro mac computers? What kind do you have, what do you play?
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I have played from 1 to 7, but only recently gave 3 a chance. It seems to be the forgotten entry, probably because for being an old game with only one remake. Remakes for 1 and 2 did a good job keeping the good old touch while making the games playable. The DS remake on the other hand changes a lot of things.

I wanted to see was iii and these are my conclusions:

- Is the closest one in spirit to one: great world full of adventures, little story in the way, and lots of adventures with the advantage of job change system.
- Not as grindy as i was expecting. In fact, dungeons are usually small and encounter rate in the overwall is reduced.
- The world in itself is a rarity and fun to explore. I can't think of a world that allows you that much grade of freedom (maybe 2). The world also features the most charismatic places i have seen in FF.
- I actually prefer the way spells are handled in contrast to the mana pool way. For every spell level you have a number of uses, independently on what spell do you use.
- A lot of hidden chests in every place, the game rewards you if you take the time to examine walls.

A shame the game doesn't receive as much attention as it should, and people who rate the game low while rating 1 high probably have not played the game. What do you think about FF III?
Also, favourite party? I'm right now using a warrior, monk, and white/black wizard.
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MGS thread

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Are you kinda supposed to play this game with no radar?
hard / extreme dont give you radar, and that way u have to actually play the game slow and methodical

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Post your collection.
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In Puyo Puyo ~n, Arle Nadja is eating toast in one of the stills for the intro sequence.

Is she supposed to be looking at me or idly staring at the wall or what? It's such a silly expression!

She does it at 1:14 here:
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Why is it so despised?
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