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what are your favorite review/essay sites for games, old and new?

mine are hardcore gaming 101 and icycalm's

Dreamcast component cables

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What do you think of this /vr/? It can do 240p, 480i, and 480p
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Sunken Ship stages/areas in retro games? It's always been my favorite aesthetic.
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Essential/Best Dreamcast Games?

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Is there a small list or something? I've had my Dreamcast for about two years now with very little to play.
Anything you guys would recommend?
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So like is the N64 to Canada what the Mega Drive is to Brazil?

Best NES soundtracks

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Robocop 3 title theme es numero uno

Your thoughts on the rewind feature on the SNES classic console?

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Nintendo revealed today that the upcoming SNES Classic edition will feature a rewind function which allowes you to rewind your gameplay.

So essentially they're "casualling down" the old classics.

What do you guys think, is it good or bad? On the other hand, you don't need to use the feature, if you want to play the games like they used to be.

The trailer and my thoughts:
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Starfox 2 snes mini gameplay

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Notable changes,
-Title screen
-more text
-charge shot is no longer locks onto targets (makes the game much tougher)
-game over screen.
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Ultimate Playstation

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I'm looking for an NTSC Playstation to install the PSIO on, which is more or less a flash cart for the Playstation. To do this, the Playstation needs to have a parallell port, which was removed on later models since it was only used for piracy-related things. I have consulted Wikipedia's chart on comparison of Playstation models ( ) and decided to select the last Japanese model that had a parallell port, which is SCPH-7500. I have been told that the PSOne had better RGB-encoders and therefore better image, and I assume that the newer the original Playstation is, the better the image should be. However, on the chart it also states "Major manufacturing cost reductions took place from this model onwards.
The number of memory chips and CD-ROM controllers were reduced, other components were simplified, especially on SCPH-750x.", making me want to consult /vr/ too regarding this.

tl;dr What Japanese revision of the original Playstation with a parallell port should I get?
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