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Should Xenogears have been the real Final Fantasy 7?
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Megaman X6 wasn't THAT bad.
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The Sega Channel games are gone forever.They weren't saved to cartridges like Satellaview.
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What went wrong with these games? People rarely talk about them, it's only Final Fantasy fags, Trailsfags and 2 Tales fags.
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Diablo 1 and 2 General Thread #4

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---Handy/interesting Links---

Last semi active D1 community

Diablo evolution - very cool site where you can read about early D 1 versions and even test some of them

Info for those D1 players that look for a challenge

Something for D1 hellfire lovers an unnoficial patch that fixes most of the annoying bugs and adds extra optional features like gillian stash, adria and wirt are closer to the rest of the townsfolk, exp sharing work in multiplayer games

Unofficial Diablo patch that make Diablo compatibile with modern systems also works with battle net and has few quality of life changes and bugfixes

Diablo 1.09 torch addon that gives you acces to stash, ingame shrine list, monster HP bar, option to highlight items on the ground with alt key and more, most of those options are optional
https://freshmeat-blog. de. tl/Diablo-Torch.htm (added two spaces before de and tl because 4chan blocks it for some reason)

HD Belzebub mod

Diablo the hell mod

Best D2 wiki out there

Detailed guide for rune hunting at LK

D2 drop calculator

Mercanary Guide

Treachery vs Fortitude

Median XL mod

Back to the Hellfire mod

Path of Diablo mod


Cool D2 promo, concept artworks, monster renderers and more
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Retro Video Game Faves (aka 'comment on my taste plz')

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OK, /vr/troopers. Time for one of these threads. Show off your hip obscurities and rip on others' taste, it's all fun.
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What's the best classic Mega Man and why is it 4?
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Why did Link turn into a bunny anyway in LTTP?
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post your misinterpretations
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