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Sega Saturn emulator

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Are there any good Sega Saturn emulators. Or are all the emulators still junk?
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PSIO cartridge

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Does anyone have a PSIO cartridge for their Playstation? What are your thoughts on the device? Have you had any issues using it? Have you come across any games that wouldn't work for you? Did you install the switch chip yourself? If so, how easy was it?

Asking because I'm thinking of pre-ordering, cheers.
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fallout is a fucking masterpiece

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>go through living hell in the wasteland, searching every city you can find, helping every one along the way, invading a cult and fighting an army of fucking super mutants, all to save your vault,
>you return home after all this horseshittery, and you're rewarded
>with being cast out

>as you walk into the desert, head hung low, the music plays, and the credits roll.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddFW2_FQGXE [Embed]

I haven't been able to forget fallout 1. i think about it almost every day, and it's been 2 weeks since i beat it. it was incredible. i can't wait to play fallout 2.
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What does /vr/ think of Eve Burst Error?
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/vr/ct - Rollercoaster Tycoon

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Previous Thread: >>4489209




>>>Maian_SoS Scenario Pack<<<
>RCT1 recreations - Made in 2013 by Crappage with near-perfect accuracy, right down to available rides and research order. Includes "Real" parks, gaming magazine parks, and competition parks (periodically updated, check date for latest version):
>/v/ pack - Scenarios made by 4chan users, includes the original Mr. Bones save (Crappage is responsible for keeping this updated, bug him if you want something added):
>UCES - Includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:
>RCT2 Extras - Includes the official remade RCT1 scenarios by Atari and Panda World by Chris Sawyer, as well as different color waters and paths, the Windowed mode hack, RCT1 menu music, and some modified .exes if you need them:
>Trainers - Includes 8cars, ParkDat, TRG, and Save Game Modifier:
>Lunatim's pack of RCT2 rides and scenarios:
>Amazing Earl's custom-made rides and scenery:
>RCTConvert a tool made by Rvnx to convert RCT2's sound files into mp3
Helpful Resources:
>Knowledge Base
>RCT1 Manual
>New Element Designs (RCT fansite where people upload crazy looking parks)
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N64 Platformers

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I know about Mario64, Rare's stuff and Rayman 2, what others should I play?
Heard good things from this game (made by the Sly Cooper team)
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Why do so many on this board not only oppose video game preservation, but get angry whenever it's brought up?
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How come 3D shmups were so uncommon?
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Who wants to see the five secrets of level 2 in Bubsy 3D?

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