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Are the any NES controllers, be they official or third party, with both a turbo feature and a d-pad that isn't dogshit like pic related?
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Just bought a Sega Saturn. What are some must-have games?

Also Saturn thread.
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It's pic related and you don't have access to a magical musical instrument. What retro game do you spend your last hours playing?

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>can't slide so less maneuverability during boss fights
>Air Man and Wood Man can be beaten without moving from the left corner
>shitty items you will only use about 3 times
>metal blade is so overpowered that there is almost no reason to use a different weapon
>Good luck fighting Quick Man without Flash Stopper
>Boobeam trap leaving zero margin for error and requiring grinding on making a mistake
>Movement momentum is still present leftover from Mega Man 1
>Undodgeable attack during Wily Machine phase 2

Why is Mega Man 2 often described as the best one in the classic series? All it has going for it is nostalgia, the great music and (some) level design.
The weapons are really good too but Metal Blade outperforms the others 90% of the time so they don't get opportunity to shine.

Mega Man 3, 6, 7, 9 are all better than 2.
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Playing A Link To The Past for the second time.
The first time i dropped it at the dark world.
I'm now 4 dungeons into the dark world and still haven't found that piece of shit smith brother.
Getting 2 hearts down every hit.
Only getting by thanks to savescuming.

I fucking searched every millimeter of the normal world but didn't find him!
The first time i found him by mistake.

Am I stupid?
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Has any studio EVER produced localizations as cringy as Working Designs' shit heaps?

>shoehorn in pop culture references every other sentence

>increase the difficulty in every one of their releases for literally no reason

Why was this allowed?
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Why does Jagged Alliance 1/2 never get any attention on /vr/? How about starting it off with

> Favorite merc
> Favorite gun
> Favorite party
> Favorite overall game strategies (multiple teams, smaller teams, etc)

I started a new game of JA2 and I'm not overly happy with my primary party: IMP (mechanic), Hitman, Grizzly, Grunty, MD, and Ira. I picked Grizzly and Grunty for heavy weapons for when I get to Meduna, and Hitman because I can't play JA without Hitman Hennessey. I'm already sick of MD's shit, and I would normally have Fox be my medic but I played her last game. I'm tired of dragging medics around in my primary team so I'm thinking of ditching MD to the Biff and Flo trainer squad and hire Razor and an explosives guy to round out my primary party. Any thoughts? How do you usually set up your teams?
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What are /vr/'s favourite NES black box games? Also do you own any physical copies in their glorious packaging?
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Can Dracula be Destroyed?

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Can Dracula be completely destroyed, or will he always be resurrected again?

Maybe the Belmonts could seal Dracula in a large safe and sink the safe in a deep ocean trench. Then Dracula would couldn't be resurrected.
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