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Is Imgburn that right burner for Saturn games?

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My Saturn laser works, new memorax cdrs, I believe my drive is good BUT, it burns too fast. x16 to be exact. Do you guys have success burning Saturn games at this speed on something like Imgburn? Also all roms are Darkwater - or whatever, thanks
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Why did the Saturn need a battery to tell the date and time? The psx didn’t.
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What is the most cryptic part of this game?
I always hear people complain that the game is too cryptic, or that the secrets are so obscure that nobody could realistically find them without a guide. In your opinion, what is the worst example of this? Keep in mind that I'm mainly asking about things that are required to complete the game, and not optional side content. It's okay for optional content to be cryptic, because it's not necessary to find it.
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>/vr/ hate this masterpiece

Seriously guys?!

This game is on par with the best arcade belt scroller!
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PC-Engine Thread

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What are some good games for this console that aren't shooters or RPGs? Nothing against those genres, it just seems like that's all people talk about on the PCE. Since I've gotten mine, I've mostly been playing Tiger Road, Gradius, and Rondo of Blood, though I'd like to give this system a little more love. What are some good action games or arcade ports for this console that might be overlooked?

Also, general PC-Engine thread. Talk about the games, hardware, or even just how cool the thing looks. It's so cute!

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Why we never got a decent Speed Racer game?
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So with higan, how do i take screenshots? I looked at trcf and it says to

bsnes/higan - Uncheck "Enable NTSC gamma ramp simulation" under Settings > Configuration Settings. Go to Tools > Capture Screenshot to take a screenshot.

but i don't believe i have configuration settings.

pic unrelated

Retro Bit Arcade.

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Emulation is mostly fixed.
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Is this good?

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Build Engine Thread

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Let's discuss the best FPS engine and its games.
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