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Video Game Bootleg Thread

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Post what you've got.
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classic Resident Evil

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eternal underdog edition
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Redpill me on Ecco the Dolphin, /vr/.

Legitimately one of the most insane but absolutely brilliant games I've ever heard of.

>time travel
>ancient beings as old as the ocean
>flying future dolphins

Where did this insanity come from?

Also if emulation isn't an option for me what's the best way to play?
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Best stage music in a Mega Man game

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hey /vr/, redpill me on JA. I know there are a couple of games that are great and a couple that aren't really worth playing, but I've heard there are also mods that are more or less necessary for a couple of them. How into jagged alliance?
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Why is Star Fox held in high regard when Rogue Squadron (and its sequel) was superior
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>The appeal of fighting games, for most, is the opportunity to prove you are more skilled than the opponent.

That's elitist and it stops the community from growing any larger.
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Crash Bandicoot: Warped

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>less atrocious vehicle levels (at least 40% less), replace those with more platformer levels
>remove those godawful boring underwater levels
>better gems distribution
>harder Medieval levels
>more secrets like Crash 2

There, I fixed it. Also PS1-era Crash Bandicoot thread.
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Did anyone else have this sweet chunk of plastic when it came out? It had pretty decent graphics, yet no one ever talks about it. I still remember buying large packs of batteries just to keep it powered.
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Half-Life thread

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Still the best game ever made. What went so fucking right?
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