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so was she Ryu's sister?
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Let's have a good old fashioned Umihara Kawase thread.
What are some of your favorite fields?
Do you have any clear times that you're proud of?
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Sonic Adventure 1 vs 2

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Which game is better and why?
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What's the "I'm just getting into retro video games but my tastes are superior" starter pack?
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Has anyone on /vr/ ever beaten Rogue?

Is this the hardest retro game ever made?
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normie buys sega saturn

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What do you guys recommend I pick up for the Saturn? I just got one and I'm looking for any good cheap games, import or otherwise
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>dude medusa heads are so hard like castlevania is so difficult LMAO
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Fictional games from movies and TV shows
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SIX GOLDEN COINS is 25 Years old!
Who played it!? why has everyone forgotten it!?
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Retro JRPG Weekly General

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I really enjoy playing Retro JRPGs and Dungeon Crawl games, and I figure that a lot of you guys do too. So, why not have a weekly JRPG discussion thread.

Feel free to discuss anything related to Retro JRPGs.

>What are you currently/recently playing?
>What are some of your favorite/least favorite games?
>Looking for recommendations?

>Game of the week: Dragon Quest
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