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this was fun.

/vr/ Suffering Chart continued

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Anyone up for it? This was started a while ago, but I don't think it was ever finished.

If you wanna add a character, post the position they should be at. Or otherwise feel free to edit the chart yourself.
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This is the brand single-handedly responsible for the conflation of retro game prices. Say something awful about it.
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Who owns Wonder Boy now?

And if you can answer that, answer this - why isn't it SEGA? Why didn't SEGA buy the rights to this series when Westone went defunct?
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So what was it that finally sold you on preordering SouljaBoy's latest console? I was excited to see all the retro games on it, but it was how you get Smash Bros. Ultimate that really sold me. I guess he saw a gap in the market and he took it, genius!

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ITT: Retro games with the most unexpected and amazing soundtracks.

For me it's the Sega CD version of Eye of the Beholder.
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Motion sickness

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Do you suffer from motion sickness while playing old fps?
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Oh, my kingdom for a reliable source to download the BASIC executables needed for DOS games.
GW-BASIC.exe is nowhere to be found.
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Oh shit it's another >Which should I use for portable retro emulation Thread

I arrived late for the last one so please redpillme on both to see which should I get
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Have you bought any cables from hd-retrovision for your retro consoles?
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