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Oldfag here, these are the systems I've owned, in order that I acquired them.

Coleco Telstar
Atari VCS 6 switch (before it was called 2600)
Coleco Colecovision
Genesis/Sega CD
Xbox 360
Atari 7800

Notice I've never owned a Playstation. Nope, never. Hell, I've never even *played* a Playstation.

The question now becomes, should I even bother at this point?

Games that are only good on the first playthrough

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What are some games that you had fun with on your first ever playthrough but found it excruciatingly boring and tedious to play the second time around.

Wonder Boy in Monster World. Fun and charming game the first time, but man this game is a fucking chore to play after the first time. It's been about 2 years since I beat it the first time too
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non-Doom FPS thread

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Last one was pretty fun, so let's try it again.
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leaving for hong kong on monday /vr/ indefinitely. tell some sick arcades, /vr/ spots to hit up inb4 i've never left my home state

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Which retro games can be scaled up to 4k and still look decent?
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Does /vr/ like Megaman Xtreme 1 and 2? I am playing them now. I skipped Extreme Mode in the first game because apparently it is all the same bosses, but I read in the second game there's a new boss and also you can unlock a boss rush mode. So I beat a level as Zero and noticed only he got a new ability, not X. So how will that work, in terms of being able to get all the upgrades? Or will there always be a weapon available that can break down barriers?
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>waiting for the next PSIO batch
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Aside from being ugly and having awful load times, it's not THAT bad. This game is easily the best of the CD-i trilogy, and it feels the most like a classic Zelda game. If you can persist through the load times and bad voice acting, you'll find that it's actually a tolerable game. Obviously its not on par with the rest of the series, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be either.

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So, I'm thinking of modding this game to have English-translated text. The problem is, I'm new to modding games. What's the best way to mod a game? Any advice would be appreciated
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Maximum Comfy

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Post comfy games
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