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/vr/ ninjas

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I thought it would be fun if we tried to name all the /vr/ ninjas we can think of and see how many we can come up with.

Try to only do 1 per post so everyone has a chance to name one.

Ideally put their game in too if it's something obscure.

I'll start off with Ryu Hayabusa from my favorite game, Ninja AME.

panzer dragoon saga

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Once again this game shows up here, i bought my usa copy for 600. I feel like i paid too much but other copies complete are reaching the 800 mark. Is this game going to continue to skyrocket or what? Im really hoping its price plateaus soon because its getting crazy.
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Reviving an Atari ST

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So a few years back a pal gave me four Atari STs, all with no cables and no idea what condition they were in.

I want to start testing them to see if they can be brought back to life.

I'm scared to power them on incorrectly - it would be awful to fry one straight from the get-go.

What kind of power cable did these things use? Can I just use one of the standard, large square-tipped three prong power cables that you'd stick in a modern monitor or PC?

Google just turns up results for internal ST power supply issues - no info about what kinda cable these things natively used outta the box.
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This is a Sega Saturn Netlink matchup thread
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Anyone thinking of doing this in the future?
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How accurate are those repro boxes you can get on Etsy? Is it easy to tell they aren't genuine?
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why has this meme of N64 being the only good console of its generation become accepted in the general consciouness of today? just name about any revered PSX/Saturn game and everyone will cry "OVERRATED! AGED LIKE MILK" while creaming themselves to N64 games running at 15fps. Also a similar attitude is started to be seen in regards with the next gen (PS2/XBOX overrated, GC full of "hidden gems") but this is not the place to discuss that generation.
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Why was Asuka playing on a Sega Saturn in 2015?

Was the class rep secretly a /vr/ poster with great taste in retro gaming?
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Finds thread

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25 a pop for chrono trigger and Mario rpg (both in box with manual), 15 for SMW 2 ( loose cart). 25 for Virtual On, 10 for Sonic 3 (I think I slightly overpaid for this, but it was the cheapest at the show). All from Too Many Games near Philly. How did I do, /vr/? Keep in mind the Nintendo games are SFC, not SNES. I would post an actual photo but my phone produces huge image files.
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>So how would you like these levels designed?
>Hold the control key, click on an object, then press the V key until the level is full.
>Got it.
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Just finished super mario bros on this. With save states for each level and regularly from world 7 onwards.

What a piece of annoying fucking bullshit. I mean yeah, if I played it in 1985 it would have blown my mind. But in 2017 it sucks. It just fucking sucks. 3 is still pretty damn good, I played it on gba.
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