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Worst retro games you ever played

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Can you top this?
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Perfect Games

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We discuss only games that have held up over time.

>Multiple endings
>Alternate boss fights
>Multiple paths for some levels
>Challenging puzzles
>Multiple difficulties
>Upgradeable abilities that unlock new locations
>Loads of replay value

Why was Duck Tales 2 so good?

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Better strategy. Position guys outside the ship and wait until turn 20 so you reaction fire the aiyys as they come out the door.

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What is /vr/'s opinion on flashcarts given their reputation of frying your console as well as the ethical concerns over illegally stealing games from the internet?
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Fav retro girl?

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I have too many. Roomi, Chun li, cammy, Mai.
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Reaction image thread.

Starting off with some brand new fresh OC.
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last thread here: >>4434707
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Are the Sonic Jam ports to the Saturn the definitive way to play the original Sonic trilogy?
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What are some retro games which feature class struggle and other revolutionary ideas out there?
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Twisted Metal vs. Vigilante 8

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Which is the greater retro demolition derby franchise?
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