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What was it like in the 80s when arcade games were at the height of their popularity?
I was born in '89 so I didn't really get to experience the true arcade experience outside of some nickel nickel and some arcades in Vegas casinos.

Do arcade games have a place in modern society?
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Build engine games

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New thread.

Name the top 5 Douk mods anons.
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games only you played
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absolutely atrocious at 60fps
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What are the best retro games based on retro anime and manga?
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Dragon Quest

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I wanna get into Dragon Quest, starting with the first game. Which version should I start with? There's the nes version (dragon warrior), the original famicom version (I'd have to download a translation patch for it) or should I pay the remake on the snes (dragon quest I and II).
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OZZIE reminds me of trump

Fanal Fantasy

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To mirrir to current Dragon Quest Thread,

I wanna get into Final Fantasy but the series has such an overwhelming amount of rerelease. Which are the superior versions of all the mainline FF games?
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There's something surreal about Xenogears
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