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Non-retro remakes are /vr/-okay iirc, can we talk about GBA versions of SNES games? Which ones are worth playing? What are the downsides and upsides?
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Post your setup /vr/os
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I miss it.
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Can someone explain to me what the fuck is with the ridiculously obscure method to beat the game in Takeshi's Challenge? How exactly did they expect gamers to figure this out?
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Pyrrhic Victories

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The war is won, the enemy is defeated. But the loss was so great that it hardly made a difference.

Canon endings only.
Spoilers obviously.
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How different would things have been if Nintendo decided to hire on Carmack to port Nintendo games onto the PC?
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Is RE3 worth going back and beating? I gave up as a kid when I met Carlos or some short time after.
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Was it a good game? Does it still hold up?
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Not fun, too slow.
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does you like Golden Axe?
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