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/vr/ waifu

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Who is your /vr/ waifu?
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>In 1985, artist Akira Yasuda (Akiman) showed up to a Capcom job interview dressed in pajamas and a tie. He left his portfolio at home, saying fans stole his work because it was too good. Asked why he chose pajamas, he replied he wanted to look presentable and that was the only thing he owned with a collar.
>Capcom developer Yoshiki Okamoto sat on the other side of the room, amused by Yasuda's antics. Okamoto, himself known for pranks and outlandish behavior, liked Yasuda's work.
>Yasuda got the job.
This is the coolest part about retro games, IMO. Games still had low budgets, and the creators could still have fun. Like hire a guy like Akiman or Kitamura. Or base a hero on their boss (see: Kunio-Kun, Takahashi Meijin). Or take a literal diagnosed sperg like Tajiri because he had ideas and was full of enthusiasm. Not to mention devs' personal sensibilities (see music/design in Doom, Chun-Li's thighs), countless easter eggs, etc.
Nowadays game companies are 1000 people sweatshops, with marketing division having all the creative control. The average budget per game ballooned from $50–300K in 4th gen to $60 million today. I think they wouldn't let Yasuda near the building.
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>he think Super IV is the perfect Castlevania
>he think Castlevania 64 is total shit
I love this guy
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Japan pickups

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I have the opportunity to travel to Japan, so I thought I'd get some ideas.

What are the first things you would look for to buy in Japan?
Pic related to start it off.
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Explain how there is a better 2D RPG game than Mother 2/Earthbound
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Seiken Densetsu Collection revealed for Switch

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This is pretty cool, but a little overpriced.
It's just too bad it likely won't see a localization, because it would be nice to finally have an official translation for SD3.
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>GameStop to close 100+ stores
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Which series do you like better, /vr/?
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defend this
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just bought a purple drank n64 with two controllers for $40 off craigslist. why does /vr/ hate this console so much?

also good deals thread
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