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Playing Phantasy Star IV and enjoying it, but a couple of things are bothering me.
>spells and techniques
Is there some method to this madness? There are no descriptions of what actually happens and the names are bizarre. Often it appears nothing happens so I assume it's some sort of stat modification to the enemy, but that's just a guess. Maybe the manual had a list of what each spell/technique does?
>weapon/armor upgrades
It's a very confusing system to figure out if equipment available for purchase is actually an upgrade or not without having to buy it and check manually, unless I'm missing something
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Remember when Nintendo developers broke their own game with a single one screen stage?
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Retro games identification thread

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Here, we look for games from our memory and help those who look.

Starting off, I'm looking for a game for some old phony system like polystation or some other shit.
It was a racing game, among the lines of the tetris formula game where you just switch lanes, but it had pretty neat graphics - scene was a highway near a coast with ocean and palm trees. Any clues welcome.
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I found this game and I want to play it so BAD.

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Why do so many on this board not only oppose video game preservation, but get angry whenever it's brought up?
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What does /vr/ think of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.?
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which one?
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Any trustworthy NES and SNES emulators around?
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Start popping puyos.
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How could consoles even compete?
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