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Capcom games have also been scrubbed, is this an end of an era?
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Anons, I've tried getting into this game probably half a dozen times. The atmosphere and plot always draw me in, be the gameplay never clicks for me. The farthest I've ever gotten is stumbling into Lea Monde itself.

I started a new run yesterday. Any advice from you guys? Should I sit down and study a faq?
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/stg/ ~ Shmups Thread: Shooting Games Never Die

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Hello and welcome to /stg/, a thread about the 2D scrolling shooter genre.

Discuss your…
>favorite shmups
>recent acquisitions
>latest accomplishments

Previous thread:


Current happenings:
Raiden V - Director's Cut to come out for PC/PS4.

M2 ShotTriGgers presents their next remaster... Ketsui!

Degica to localize Castle of Shikigami for Steam.

G.Rev will be releasing Senko no Ronde DUO for PC/PS4:

Taito offering up Darius 30th Anniversary for PS4:

Konami put Thunder Cross on the PS4 store:

New DOJBL world record set by WY:

New Raiden DX OLC superplay:


Want to be a shmup superplayer? Read Gus' "On Going Full Shmup":

Shmup Collection containing over 9000 MAME romsets:

Decide the greatest shmup developer of all time here:

Talk with other shmup players in real-time via Discord:

List of the hardest clears, ranked in order of difficulty:

Play Twinkle Star Sprites online against other people here:

Livestream aggregator for when you wanna watch some shmups:

Highscore tables for several shmups. Post your scores!!
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PC game ports that you played on consoles back in the day because you didn't have a computer
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Are there any good PC lightgun games?

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ITT and relevent youtuber I guess.

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She will never drive you into the cyber dive. Also this game is better than Mega Man Legends.
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just cropped pic related, so I guess it's OC
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Star Ocean

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Who's got the better story, Rena or Claude?

Also feel free to discuss Star Ocean, Star Ocean 2, or any other Tri-Ace games.
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