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Are MUDs /v/ and /vr/ or /tg/?
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ITT: games that were exclusively released in Japan (or other non-English-speaking countries) and either have an English patch or don't require one to play

I've seen lots of these threads about RPGs, so let's try focusing on other genres, please.
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Video games and technology progress

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Does anybody else think that the quick advancement of technology was detrimental to video games? I know, it sounds ironic because of the technological nature of games, but hear me out. When we talk about art/music/literature periods, we encompass a vast quantity of time for each of them, even the modern ones. Early romantic wasn't the same as late romantic and so on, we had styles that were perfected throughout time instead of thrown into the dustbin too soon. Do you imagine the baroque period in music dying before Bach wrote a single note? it would have been tragic innit?

In vidya you can feel the distinctness of each generation and how complex its last games were compared to the first ones, but they only lasted an average of 5 years. You compare Final Fantasy IV (1990) to Chrono Trigger (1995), or SMB (1985) to Gimmick (1992) and wonder about which type of games could have been made if generations lasted a lot more, with developers perfecting and maturing techniques without having to adapt and discard past techniques because a new generation was coming.

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/rhg/ - ROM Hacking General

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below: (embed) (embed)

Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:'s_ROM_Hack_Recommendations


>>3744351 (Cross-thread)

Yuuyami Doori Tankentai (夕闇通り探検隊)

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Anybody played this? I would be willing to translate it if someone could help accessing the game files.
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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

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Only 1 more day till this classic gets released, remastered, onto Steam
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Could the geneisis have handled Chrono Trigger or anything close? I look at a game like Crusaders of Centy and it's crazy how much of a SNES game it looks like. It makes me think the CT could have been possible in some form.
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What can be done to improve megaman X?

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So, just for the sake of this discussion, assume that by some miracle Capcom decide to pull Megaman X back from the grave. What would you like to see then?

Me personally would like to see the developers putting some real efforts into lever designing. Since X5 most of their designs bored me to death,
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Planescape Torment was released in 1999, so it fits in this board (thankfully).
I installed all the shit to run it in high resolution, fixed the bugs, etc

I have tried playing this game many times but never could pass the city. This time I will try harder since I am playing just to understand when I'll play Torment.

Do you guys have any recommendations how I should play the game to go to the ending as fast as possible and what stats should I use when starting?

Thanks a lot.
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Unpopular /vr/ Opinions Thread

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>Metal Slug is a good looking series buts its reputation for having the best sprite animation ever is severely exaggerated
>The 90s were significantly better for RPGs than the 80's
>The Saturn and N64 have pretty poor libraries
>Street Fighter Alpha 3 > 3rd Strike
>The GBA should be allowed for discussion on here
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