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Why can't Nintendo make perfectly accurate emulators?
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The best ghostbusters?
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Tibia general:

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Serpentine Tower edition.

Do you think it's solvable? Are you interested in this or other seemingly unsolvable quests?
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What's your audio setup for retro gaming?

I've been posting around different places and asking but figured I could just make a thread here and see what everyone says.

So what do ya'll use? I some CRT's in my room but don't have dedicated speakers for them. I was looking at picking up some big 90's stereo system speakers but after some research I'm shying away from them. Now I'm looking for cheap big bookshelf speakers and a cheap but good amp to drive them.

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Would you take a perfect condition sega CD for free if you were required to play the Marky Mark video game once daily?
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I bought this on ebay. Will it play Duke3d and Doom?

Cpu:Cyrix 486 DX2 50MHz
Motherboard: Socket 3
Tower Case: Swift/Generic Case
Hard Disk/Storage: Seagate IDE 250MB
Memory: Generic 16MB EDO RAM
Graphics/GPU: Trident 16MB Graphics Card with VGA Output
Optical Drive: Pioneer 24X Speed CD-ROM Drive
Power Supply: Generic 250W PSU
Software: Windows 95/3.1 & MS-DOS 6.22 (Original Discs Supplied).
Sound: ESS Audio Drive Sound Card (Sound Blaster Compatible)
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Let's have a Spyro trilogy thread

Favourite game, track, homeworld. portal?
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Why are western developers notorious for funneling money?

Pic related
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I've played SotN a LOT through the years. But there's so many weapons I just NEVER got that seem super interesting. But a lot of them are super late game and drop so late, you've already beaten 80% of the game. It seems that early game you get a dagger and a short sword which you use for 50% of the game. Then right at the end you get all these exotic weapons with special attacks. And half the time unless you use them and experiment you won't see these special attacks. So many/most players will either miss the weapon entirely, or get it, see it has half the attack value of the weapon they have, then never use it.

Anyways, list of cool weapons/spells I've never used/gotten:

>Blue knuckles
> Holbein Dagger
>Wing Smash
>Sword brothers
>Zweihander (blue venus weeds? what?)
>Yasutsuna katana
>Vorpal blade
>Rune Sword
> Heaven's Sword

Weapons I have gotten:

>Were bane (awesomely broken)
> Fist of Tulkas (hadouken, and flurry fists. Flurry fists does like 500 points of damage)
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trigger thread

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