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Who was your first waifu?
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Something has always bothered me about unlicensed NES games. As I understood it, Nintendo put the lockout chip in there to prevent NES games from running unless they gave them the okay (I don't remember but I assume it's just a software thing like Sega's TMSS screen).

My curiosity is that, if this is the case, then how were so many unlicensed carts made, and how were some of them so public-facing? I mean, I've seen Tengen games given away as prizes in Double Dare. How can a company do that when their games literally couldn't be played on a normal system? And if the games didn't play on normal systems, then how were companies prolific enough at selling them to keep going, ie. Color Dreams, when they were selling a product that, sans modification, no one could use? Did they have some kind of method that they advertised? Was there add-on hardware, a pass-through adapter perhaps, that bypassed the lock screen? Or did they advertise Game Genie as being the adapter you needed? Could that also be part of why Nintendo sued Galoob over the Game Genie, that it could be used to get around the lockout chip?
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Dark Savior

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So which book has this game ripped off? I'm sorry but whenever there's something so brilliant and unique in videogame storytelling I have a hard time believing it was made up from scratch by gamedevelopers rather than lifted from superior storytelling mediums.
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Hey /vr/ been playing games all my life and I want to get back into the retro games. Was wondering how clone consoles hold up instead of buying a NES,SNES, and Genesis seperately
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These levels are so shrt
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bought the trilogy on GOG last year because it was 1.50€ and I was like why not, but I'm a bit afraid that I'm too much of a zoomer to truly appreciate these games
how do they hold up? did they age good or badly?
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What do you think of this?
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Did we call it ps "cross" or ps "eks"?
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