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Is RE3 worth going back and beating? I gave up as a kid when I met Carlos or some short time after.
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Was it a good game? Does it still hold up?
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Not fun, too slow.
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does you like Golden Axe?
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post your misinterpretations
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comfy ff7 thread

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>do not bring up the remake
>no flame wars, this is a comfy thread for reminiscing on past memories and experiences of the game
>do NOT bring up the remake
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Fallout 2 is the best CRPG of all time.
Just felt the need to put it out there.
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old Mac shit

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Is there some kind of guide (physical) or textbook that details all the old Mac hardware from a technical perspective (so not just the design changes and the OH MUH MAC PLUS VAPORWAVE mindset). Like everything pre Mac OS 9 or something.

Like one of those Retro Gamer guide books for particular systems. Maybe like LowEndMac's website but a physical book.

Trying to collect/mod/code and there's just so much fucking variation especially during the 90's clone days.
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Recently, a lot of information was put together revealing composer credits for many of Falcom's titles between 1992 and 2002. Some of the composers were contacted on Twitter and they helped figure out who composed what. For those interested, most of the information is here:
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This is the best arcade beat em up of all time.