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Forgotten Gaming History

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One of the promotions for the game Centipede (and one of the most infamous promotions of the golden age of video games) was the disastrous $50,000 World Championship held in Chicago in October, 1981.

Disastrous may actually be an understatement.

While the tournament is remembered today, the details are not.
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XCOM: ufo defense

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ITT: squadwipe/mission abort thread
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This is the "The Last Jedi" of Final Fantasy. Dumb as fuck, made with the sole purpose of being subversive/original, tried to capture a different fanbase and killed the franchise in the long run. Also both of them are the 8th entry of their respective franchises.
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Thoughts on the Fairchild Channel F?
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Listen up janitor, there isn't room enough on this site for the two of us. I was going to make an example of you, but I changed my mind, so it's your lucky day then, isn't it, jannyboy?
Go tell your moderator friends to get out of 4chan or they'll have ME to deal with.
It's Sega System, not Master System, you got that you blubber whale dick?
Now piss off, I got work to do.


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>play this for the first time
>expecting a poorman's Rondo of Blood
>actually get a different game with actually better action and challenge than the original
What the fuck, I thought this was supposed to suck. Was I memed?
Best 4th gen Castlevania. Finally it felt more like the NES games.
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>be 12 year old me
>literally stand here for hours and give them money
>jerkoff to those bitches in the alien tanks, wishing i can free them and fuck them instead of blowing them up
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Wow, The Wand of Gamelon had some good music.

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>NES games have bad game design because they limit resources like lives, artificially inflating difficulty by forcing you to replay content


In a more recent video, champions collectathons. Typical Zoomer.
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ITT: Retro games with the most unexpected and amazing soundtracks.

For me it's the Sega CD version of Eye of the Beholder.
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