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Has anyone tried the RetroUSB wireless controller for NES?

It's a bit more expensive than the 8BitDo pads but uses microswitches in the D-pad so should be more responsive, especially in the diagonals (a big criticism of the 8BitDos is bad diagonal detection). Not sure I'm sold on the shape though, so I'd be interested to know how ergonomic it is from someone with experience.
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what are some threads /vr/ never fails to have at least once every week or so?
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In Madou Monogatari I, Arle does this thing where she'll occasionally look towards the player (pic related) before quickly looking back to the right. Is she supposed to be breaking the 4th wall and looking at me? Or is she just idly glancing around?
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Kind of an esoteric idea, but how about we do a thread where we would "fix" problems that almost-good games had?

>pic somewhat related, the most broken good game on the NES
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/rhg/ - Rom Hacking General #17

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below: (embed)

Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:'s_ROM_Hack_Recommendations!JcsF0T5a!K3ECQlMzhDoDXJfyOxzR9w


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SEGA Saturn General

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SEGA Saturn General

Whoa. Just found out that mednafen emulates this system pretty well. What games should I play?

I got:

Daytona USA: Wow, this game sucks. Shitload of popups and jaggy ass graphics.

Fighters Megamix: Why are there 3 different versions?

Die Hard Arcade: Pretty solid port.

Shinobi: Haven't played it yet but heard some good things about it.

Games I plan on getting:
-Guardian Heroes
-Dragon Force

What games should I play?
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How badly did I fuck myself?

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So I found my old SNES in a box in the attic and when I tried it out it just showed a black screen.(but different shade than the regular no video black screen of the CRTV with nothing hooked up).

I opened it up for cleaning and fixing. Inside I used my multimeter to measure the voltage regulation module. I bridged the input and output pins instead of either of those to the central ground (the correct way).

I put it back together and now the SNES won't even turn on (no power light). What kind of damage was caused and how do I fix it?

Fug, I should have desoldered the reset switch and see if that was causing it.
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We haven't had one of these threads in a while, let's do it.

Welcome to the Retro Game Gauntlet.

Start at NES, and work through in the following order:
Commodore 64
Playstation 1

You have three days to complete the game without assistance (each game gets three days, though RPGs are allowed a week due to length).

Select your system here:

You can also do it manually if you don't trust the random number generator:

1) Savestates are allowed ONLY for the purpose of taking screenshots and ONLY if your emulator/game in question does not have a pause function.
2) Rerolls are allowed under the following conditions:
-The game you get requires some sort of hardware functionality that cannot be accurately emulated to complete (eg, Boktai)
-The game would otherwise require cheats, hacks, or alteration of the software to complete due to a bug (eg, Cheetahmen II)
For games that have a high score or no end, the rule is
>if no high score has been established, set a goal and beat it
>if playing something another anon already has a high score on, beat their high score
>if you are playing extended rpgs/pokemon/whatever you get a week (Depending on the game: needs to be asked in thread)


IRC channel: #gauntlet on (Mibbit link on site)


-Do not post screenshots every other screen, make them few and meaningful
-Do not start a new thread before current one bump limit is exceeded

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That last level was some of the worst bullshit I have ever encountered in a video game.

Jedi Knight General
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