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retarded kid

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did your younger self throw away valuable vidya items?
>used to own a snes with Fzero Donkey Kong country Super Mario Street Fighter 2 Turbo Starwings and couple other titles all in their boxes with manual
>sold it when I was 12 for like 100bucks so I could buy a bike that lasted 6 months

>used to own a copy of Blood Omen 1 in mint condition but let it rot away in the garage because the intro cinematic scared me
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Send me back

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What time am I going to first?

Ebay retro game shop’n: EPIC FAILURE EDITION

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So this arrived today.
It was in great condition in the ad.
Paid over 500$ for it shipped.
Ebay seller lives in a fantasy world devoid of reason, logic and physics. A world where heavy 30 year old particle board can be shipped in an ill-fitting, flimsy box with a bunch of foam peanuts and old newspapers.
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Do Snatcher and Policenauts live up to the hype or do they just ride on the Kojima name?
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So these guys were basically at the top of their popularity during the late 70s and early 80s, and single-handlely shaped the way modern Japanese music went, and not only music but general pop culture.
Video games were not an exception. YMO probably made the first song about video games (Computer Games, sampling sounds from actual video games), but then the video game creators themselves referenced YMO multiple times.
I believe the earliest one was on Sega's Super Locomotive arcade game, where the main theme that plays throughout the game is a chiptune rendition to YMO's Rydeen.
Then there's X∞Multiplies, a best of compilation from YMO, which Irem basically used with a slight change in their shooter X∞Multiply.
Then there's Ryuichi Sakamoto who actually made the intro sound design for the Dreamcast, and speaking of Sakamoto, his album NEO GEO may have inspired certain system.
Then there's the music in the original Animal Crossing (which came out on N64 first, right?), which thoroughly sounds heavily inspired by YMO, in fact one of the tunes (I believe 9 A.M.) sounds exactly like YMO's Simoon.
I remember there was also one of the music discs you could get from the dog, which was called "Techno Pop" and was clearly a homage to YMO.

Anyway, do you know of any other instances where YMO and /vr/ interacted? Could be either way.
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Best DDR
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Contrary to the belief of elitist 'RPG' gamers, this game actually does hold up and is one of the greatest in the medium.
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Konami Shooters

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I really like Gradius/Parodius.
What are you favorite games in the series or ships/loadouts?

Mambo and Samba are really good because you can easily get options since every weapon power up after bomb gives you one.

Help with Quake

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Why does the movement in Quake feel so slippery and awkward? It's as if I'm on ice and constantly overreaching. Maybe it's input lag and maybe it was always like this and I'm just remembering wrong, but is there any way to fix this?

Quake 2 doesn't feel like this (at least not to this extent). Quake 3 doesn't feel like this at all. Doom and all the mods I've tried with it doesn't feel like this at all. Modern FPSs don't feel like this either.

I'm using the GOG "Quake - The Offersing" version (basically GLQuake if I'm not mistaken).
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last thread here: >>4735085
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