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Local Sellers Thread

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ITT post weird shit being sold near you
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Was this the last truly great Zelda title?
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fuck this game
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Did you play Haunted Castle.?

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Castlevania for Arcade.
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whats the deal with this game?
It came out over a year after Super Star and doesn't even hold a candle to it
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What were they thinking with this game?!

The level design is a convoluted mess
Game is WAY TOO HARD (the PSX version)
The graphic is worst than TR2

It's a miracle the series hasn't ended with this crap
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ITT Best Action Arcade Game.

News: now you can create more than 8 characters on Ladder Realms.
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>the best Final Fight no one like for no reason

Great graphic and sound
Perfect gameplay (the same as FF1, so, PERFECT)
2 players mode
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