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Half-life 1

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As of yesterday I have beaten half-life 1 and soon I will go on to its sequel. So far half-life 1 kinda still holds up as one of the best games of the 90s and beyond. What are your thoughts /vr/? and please ask me anything of what I thought of this master piece.
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It's Kirby. But he's a kid, a hideous pre-rendered kid. And can only be controlled by SNES mouse.
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Sup /vr/
Maybe you could help me with my problem.
I'm trying to run some games with Mednafen emulator and the only game I managed to play so far is WipEout 3 (ntsc-u/pal with WO3 SE). It refuse to run RR Type 4 (ntsc-u) because apparently Mednafen do not work with CCD/IMG/SUB game images, and crush while trying to run Silent Hill (ntsc-u) (MedLaunch GUI, but for some reason it runs fine with MedGui Reborn).
Is there any way I can fix this mess? Inb4 Retroarch (I really got enough of this shit).

Build engine games

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Sooo.... let's discuss the Build engine games in another thread. Who is your favourite anime chick in Shadow Warrior? Which is the scariest enemy of Blood? Which is your favourite midi in Duke, and why it's Stalker?
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When the hell are the Legend of Xanadu I and II translations gonna get released??

All text was finished months ago. The translators are stalling the release to record an optional dub few people will use, but progress is at a crawl due to a newborn kid

Can't they release what they got?
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If you have a Super Game Boy, choose a border and press L, L, L, L, R on the shoulder buttons.
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Aeris or Aerith
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Why is this the only StarFox game anyone likes?
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