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gifs and webms
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ITT: retro characters from your country
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Who here was suckered into playing this piece of shit as a dumb kid?
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What are some of the best PAL only Playstation games?

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Was trying out Hellfire yesterday and found out I had a bad dump of the PAL bios all this time.

Curious as to what's good now that I can actually play PAL games
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ITT: Fuck this guy

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I also want to play ps1 games that hold a candle to the graphics of shining force 3 and panzer dragoon saga
>found pic related
any other ps1 games have better 3d than shining force 3 or pds?
also is front mission 3 a good game to play?

/fg/ Flashcart General

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Where were you when everything went so right?

>Everdrive GB getting Savestates and RTC (that black IC between the battery and the SD-slot)


>inb4 haters gon hate
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70s-90s Retro Computer General

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Helpful Links :

Welcome to the 70s to early 90s Computer Gaming General. We talk about games and the hardware they were made for, either micro, mini or mainframe computers, desktop, tower or all in keyboard package, from Japan, the US, Europe, or anywhere, if the platform came out before 1999.

Don't hesitate to share tips, your past (or present) experiences, your new machines, your already existing collection, emulation & hardware advises, as well as shots, ads & flyers, videos, interviews, musics, photos, that kind of stuff.

Allowed : Computers made from the 70s to Windows 98 and their games (of course), peripherals for these computers from any time period (MIDI expanders included)
Tolerated : Unknown, unsupported or not really popular stuff (BeOS, old Linux, stuff like that).
Discouraged: Europe vs America shitposting

IRC Channel : #/g/retro @
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What's a paladin?

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