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Can we all agree that the Switch killed this piece of garbage?

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The last N64 game that was still worth playing on this piece of shit with nauseating graphics and retarded controller this year was SM64, and the Switch finally is bringing an objectively superior sequel that kills it in all aspects.

And no, I didn't come to this board by accident. I love older sprites-based games from the Famicom to the NeoGeo AES, but you need to be intellectually dishonest to say that early 3D games are still playable AND fun.


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Can you be legally pursued for using copyrighted sprites on a non-profit project?

For example if someone decides to make a fan Zelda game using the 4 Swords Adv. sprites and release the game for free, can you get sued?
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Custom Games Overlays

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Sometimes when i want to play an old game i like to create an overlay for it.

Post here any nice overlay that you have
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How do I git gud at total war military tactics?

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HEY! You STILL don't have a Sega CD?
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ossc preorder emails sent out

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check your emails guys, i believe public orders are now available as i type this. $197 shipped, with remote and universal ac adapter. and ossc discussion thread i guess. i actually dont know anything about this thing, anyone who have one want to tell me how it is, how they use it and if its worth the $200 asking price?
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Hey /vr/! Just pre-ordered a bunch of SNES Classics, hoping to get as many as I got NES Classics.

>pic related, they all sold for $200-$350 each
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Does anyone know where I can find a full Nintendo DS romset?

I don't want to be a leech who only takes and doesn't give, so here's a link for full sets of older consoles:

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Alright /vr/, what's the hardest game you've beaten? Bonus question: name a game you really tried to beat, but gave up on.

Beaten: Ghosts n Goblins (both rounds)
Gave up: Castlevania 3 (fuck level seven, seriously)
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HoMM/Might and Magic thread

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Astrologers proclaim the month of the PLAGUE!

All populations are halved.

Make sure to read the FAQ before posting obvious questions:

Previous thread: >>3905823
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