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What id your personal reasons for console warring?
Bad experiences with kids who owned the rival system?
Mom never bought you that particular system as a kid?
Share your stories.
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SNES Classic Mini or Third Party

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Is the snes classic mini still the best way to play the console in the modern era or is there some 3rd party console that beats it?

Also how the fuck are they still overpriced? Is nintendo going to make a new batch or is that it.
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Sega Genesis General

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What have you been playing on your Blast Processing machine lately, /vr/?

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZgGrFlbV0w
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So do these games have a translation?
If not, why not?
Text based games like shin onigashima, famicom detective club, and yuyuki are no-doubt beloved parts of the famicom library overseas, so why haven't they ever been brought to the light of day in America?
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Akira Kitamura blog down

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So he took down his blog due to too much public exposure. It's a shame because there was a lot of really fascinating stuff regarding this reclusive creator. Anyone have any screenshots, mirrors, hell I'll even take pastebins, anything to preserve the information on this blog?
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What was with the huge tonal shift from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy to Donkey Kong 64? The DKC games were moody, atmospheric, used a dark color palette, and showed restraint in a lot of ways, especially in the music, which for the most part was pretty subdued. Donkey Kong 64 on the other hand was like an over-the-top Saturday morning cartoon full of bombastic music, googly eyes, and goofy slapstick humor. It was a complete 180 in tone. What happened?

(I made this thread on /v/ too but I thought it might go over better here)
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Crystal Caves

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Who /twibblefarmer/ here?
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>half the front page threads on /vr/ have been N64 threads for a fucking week now
This has to stop. Can we please make /v2k/ and lump 5th gen consoles into it? I can't take this anymore, these console wars are ridiculous and all we ever fucking talk about is N64. It's driving me fucking insane.
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Sup /vr/
I guess it is the right board for my question.
What is the best way to remove yellow finger marks dirt and yellowing from rubber parts (on gamepads or old mice)?
pic random
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Diablo General thread

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---Handy/interesting Links---

Last semi active D1 community

Diablo evolution - very cool site where you can read about early D 1 versions and even test some of them

Info for those D1 players that look for a challenge

Something for D1 hellfire lovers an unnoficial patch that fixes most of the annoying bugs and adds extra optional features like gillian stash, adria and wirt are closer to the rest of the townsfolk, exp sharing work in multiplayer games

HD Belzebub mod
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