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Left or right?
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Is this FPGA shit legit or should I stick with Raspberry Pi?
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Jesus Christ can someone explain the Space Jump to me. I'm just trying to leave Maridia after Draygon and I keep dying in the last spike room with the water before you get back to the normal part so you can just leave.
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The Great Debate
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ITT: We post the best japanese exclusive games
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>SNES9x-libretro has overclocking
>BeetlePSX-libretro has Overclocking, PGXP, and CD loading reduction

Why isn't anyone talking about this? It's such an amazing breakthrough?


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C R U I S I N '
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shandalar magic the gathering

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Anyone remembers this game? I've never played mtg irl but sunk obscene amount of time into this game ever since I downloaded it from Home of the Underdogs via dial up.

>black lotus
>sol ring
>contract from below
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Isometric Platformers
Just had a "blast" with this game, played the directors cut version and loved it, what are some good isometric games?
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What are your thoughts on shaders?

>inb4 “looking good xD”
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