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Am I the only one here who is not a nostalgiafag?
Video games are a hobby I mostly picked up as an adult and lots of the stuff that is talked about here is new to me.
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hey /vr/, I was wondering if anyone remembered an arcade game I used to play in the really early 90s. It was a sidescrolling beat-em-up where you picked a soldier to defend from an invading alien force. What I remember most though is that you had your own mech suit and when you killed enemy units you could attach their weapons to your mecha (flamethrowers, rocket launchers, etc etc). It's been driving me crazy and its kinda in the same style as the Aliens (Alien 2) arcade game.

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so we can firmly declare it dead, right?
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ITT games that are solid but nothing special.
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Pizza Tycoon

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Why isn't this game as fondly remembered as Theme Park or Theme Hospital? It feels like it fell into complete obscurity. How come?
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Pinball General: Blurry Photography Edition

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Last weekend, I went to a spectacular arcade show with 800+ pinball machines. Surely there are still enough cool people on /vr/ to keep a pinball thread going for at least 50 posts.

To start, tell me your favorite era of games and manufacturer from that era. Then, tell me one of your favorite games that's from another manufacturer.

The Williams System 11 games are my favorite. They have the perfect balance of the old school scoring systems and the modern modes and features. They also have the greatest themes/artwork, and fantastic music.

For a favorite non-Williams game, definitely Haunted House from Gottlieb. It was at the show this year, but not working any of the days. I'm starting to think Gottlieb must have worked with actual ghosts and demons to make this game, and the black magic is responsible for all the maintenance problem. Black Hole and Spirit were working great though, so that's cool.
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HoMM/Might and Magic thread

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Astrologers proclaim week of Offense.


Previous thread >>3734930
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Final fantasy VI

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I've been playing the SNES FFs these weeks and I've come to the conclusion that this game is massively overrated. Funnily enough it's somewhat of a "cred pick" but it may be the most casual of FFs until FFX arrived. The World of Balance is a damned rollercoaster, setpiece after setpiece where you have little control. If you like handholding you'll like WoB, I didn't find any positives about it. This gives the impression of tight pacing but it got to my nerves really, and the story wasn't as good as people said. I only started to enjoy the game from the World of Ruin onwards, which may be the only save grace but really, the whole game is hampered by incredibly low difficulty. It was also a step down in mechanics, you start with a class system but pretty soon all that lose significance thanks to the esper system, making all characters the same, just like the 2 games that followed it, but with less flexibility. Way too many characters as well (who the fuck picks mog or umaro?)

I've been reading opinions and it seems like most people dislike the WoR, while being fanatics of the WoB. I may be just weird, but it was the total opposite for me, and by the time WoR came I was very detached already, so I can't say I enjoyed that much. People complain about FF7 being the ruin of the series but FF6 somehow feels more "modern" (in a negative way) to me.

Curious enough, I've enjoyed a lot more the odd ones (FF1, 3, 5, 7, 9) than the even ones. Agree with me, call me a faggot and discuss the series, final fantasy thread I guess
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Why wasn't Luigi in Super Mario 64?
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how do you store your controllers /vr/?
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