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Riding on horses. Exploring dungeons. Casting spells. It's a Daggerfall thread!
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Neo Geo Pocket

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So I've been looking into getting a Neo Geo Pocket Color and noticed that there's some differences with the sticks.
As far as I can tell what kind of stick is on the system is random and can be on the regular NGP, NGPC, or the NGPC Slim.
Does anyone know if this is correct or is the rubber looking stick on the right just a rubber cover over a plastic stick?
also neo geo pocket thread

Wii: The Best Emulation Machine

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>What games are you playing?
>Which controller are you using?

I'm running the Mega Man series right now and I'm using the Classic Pro controller that I bought recently. I was worried about the fact that it has to connect to the Wiimote, but it's actually not a problem at all. And I don't feel any added input lag when playing on my CRT. It's pretty great when you want that D-Pad since the one in the GameCube controller is very small and uncomfortable.

Mega Man II is still my favorite.
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>two hundred ninety six games
>two thousand, five hundred sixty nine games
Is there a more clear example of a console completely decimating the competition?
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/vr/ Tricked Me

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ITT: Games which /vr/ fooled you into thinking are good
Pic related. Just plain not fun
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/rhg/ - ROM Hacking General #21

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:


Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:



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I'm still amazed at how great this game turned out to be
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I'm about to play the official Quake 2 expansions for the first time! It's going to be exciting! Which should I play first?! Quake 2 thread if you like!
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FFIV is the worst in the series

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Why do people like Final Fantasy IV so much? It's completely linear, with absolutely zero choice, in anything. Every single playthrough is exactly the same. The story was decent but the pacing was off and it was a bit all over the place. I consider it to be the worst FF game along with FFXIII.
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>cheap and affordable: check
>built like a tank: check
>perfect for local multiplayer: check
>convenient and easy to use: check
>amazing games: check
This is the Nintendo 64. The best console ever made. PC is a superior platform to every console, but as consoles go, this is the peak. It is everything a console should be. No load times, sturdy, easy to use, fun, cheap. No other console is as perfect as the N64. Fact.
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