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Aside from being the first 3D Zelda, did this game introduce a single element to the franchise?
It seems entirely derivative, and unoriginal.
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What are the best Playstation RPG games?

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Looking for something new to play. I have played all the good RPG games on SNES and i am curious what good games the Playstation has in its library.
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>Interested in the turbografx since it's pretty foreign to my childhood
>Those fucking game prices

Is this mess even worth getting into?
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Metal Slug

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Gonna see how far I can get with one credit in the pinnacle of the series: Metal Slug 3. I'll post the results later.

How good are you at the games, /vr/? You suppose SNK will do justice to a new game in the series or do you think mobile junk is all they're good at?
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If this had come out before DKC2 then it would've been the classic while 2 would've been the forgotten one

You know its true
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Dragon Ball Retro Vidya

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Last thread died and I couldn't get to reply, but someone posted a video of Arino playing Super Butouden. Does anyone know if that episode is subbed? Also, the video the anon posted wasn't complete, anyone know where I can see the full thing?

Speaking of Super Butouden, there's gonna be some retro game event in my area and they're going to do a tournament of Super Butouden 2, I'm very excited about it, never really played against other people other than my friend (who is also gonna participate).
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The remake of one of the best 8-bit games ever made is almost here.

Who else hype?
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Sup /vr/
What is the best pinball game for PC ever released?
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Hardest rpgs?

What are the hardest rpgs you guys have played? Preferably games that are difficult due to their puzzles or decisions in combat, not just boring grindfests.

Action or turnbased, Western or Japanese, doesn't matter, just looking for some good hard rpgs.
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What's the best way to play Super Turbo?