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Thinking of picking up a PSP Go for SNES/PS1/etc. emulation. What advantages does this have towards using a 3DS?
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Ys series nes and snes version

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genesis run 'n' gun

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definitive best run and guns on genesis/mega drive:

1) contra: hard corps
2) gunstar heroes
3) robocop versus terminator

there is no possible way that this list can be disputed, with rational arguments. /thread. mods, please sticky this thread due to its unassailable correctness.
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Can intelligent people enjoy JRPGs? What is the appeal?
Please only constructive discussion.
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Did you ever had some weird glitches or stuff on an original cardridge u never happen to see again or only you ever saw?

It happened to me once I played SMB 3 on the Super Nintendo.
I had a weird bug where I constantly getting new random powerups when i hit the buttons.
Like the shoe and fire flower, hammer guy etc. It looked also a bit glitchy because I got that shoe upgrade and hammer mario at same time and stuff.
So when Mario took damage he automatically shrink but got big again. I was nearly invincible and messed around with it until i died somehow.
Cant remember it perfectly...

Cardridge was a bit old/used like i had to blow the game 3 times and put something between cartridge and SNES so the game wont crash.

How is that possible?
Can it happen because the cardridge was too old/damaged?
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Battlestation Thread: Maximum Comfiness

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Giant room filling collections or television and console sitting on a TV tray, post and discuss your battlestations here.
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Games you can't believe exist

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A thread for discussion of games that completely confound you as to why they were ever made.

Pic related. It's time for another round of good idea, bad idea.
Good idea, making a sequel to Outrun, a super enjoyable game with a great soundtrack and features some of the most comfy visuals to date.
Bad idea, making it set in the future with a sub-par soundtrack and none of the charm.
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Master Merchant

Previous thread:>>3838061
Romancing SaGa 3 Patch FAQ
FAQ for people new to the series
A Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster was announced for both Vita and Mobile, said remaster has also been confirmed by Kawazu for getting a western localization.
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Best SNES?
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what doom source ports do you recommend?

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Yesterday I picked up Doom Classic Complete, but I don't know which source port should I use. Prehaps you have any suggestions guys?
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