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Translation when
There's literally a basis done with the mobile version and now it's just a thing of copy pasting to the snes rom.
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Is Wizardry 4 the first game where the ending is literally pic related?
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Koei General

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Post your favorite Koei games. Tonight, I'm playing some Uncharted Waters.
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last thread here: >>4200471
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For regular gamers are the basic versions of the flash carts fine? The prices on the N64 cart goes from $100 for the basic to $175 for the pro/savestate/menu version. I'm not interested in japanese games or anything, for me im considering Everdrive because emulation is pretty poor for N64 vs gens/snes/nes etc
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Hey /vr/, last month I was feeling nostalgic for my first console so I bought a Master System off eBay. I have bought the several games I owned as a kid and now I'm wondering...

What games does /vr/ recommend for the master system? I'll try anything if you think it's good.
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Can we talk about MIDI videogame music here?
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Is there any way at all to identify a N64 game that has no label, without a console of course.

Ive found one lady seelling games, its at a flea market but theres no way to plug a console and test the games, many of them have no labels last week i got Starfox 64 and Kirby 64 for cheap, labels are destroyed but luckily i could make out the face of the robot on Starfox, and a pink and yellow spot on the side of Kirby 64.

On Snes you can identify the games by the catalogue number printed on the actual EEPROM, but N64 i dont know if this is possible.
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What does /vr/ think about Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom?
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What were some fun retro educational games?

>pic related