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Anon in Japan searches upon request

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Hi again for newcomers and those who already know how this works. I'm an anon living in Japan who has started a new hobby of going to retro game stores and posting what I find and picking things up for other anons.

I will occasionally post new photos in these threads and update this Google photo account:
https://goo gl/photos/FbAuBSgb22L1rDLf6

I removed the "." from googl so please put it back in to follow the link.

Some anons have said that they really like these pictures but the point of the thread is not to blog so let me explain how it works.

1. I will post images in these threads and answer whatever questions people have.
2. If you are interested in something, let me know here or email me at [email protected]
3. I will give you a quote with the estimated total price (I take a 13% commission but I'm completely transparent about costs).
4. If you are interested in something we will come to an agreement and you will send the money to my paypal account.
5. I will send you your stuff with a tracking number.
6. You get your stuff for cheaper than ebay prices and have a great time.

I'm only going to make this OP for now but I will dump some pictures tomorrow. For those who are interested they are already in the Google photos account.

I'm sorry for everyone that I have already been in contact with for being so slow recently but I have been busy with work and I need to talk with my bank about depositing money from PayPal in my Japanese account because it has stopped working for the time being and I don't want to drain my bank account too much picking things up for people.

I have good news in that I recently found a store with many console only original Famicoms and Super Famicoms (console only) and various accessories for only 300 yen. I apologize for anyone who has received something from me already and paid more but I do the best I can to find you the lowest prices possible.

I hope you're all having a great week.

Again, my email is [email protected]