Planned outage this weekend.
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so /vr/ I went and bought one

I'm aware that it is an overpriced emulator box but the consumer within me won the battle and it really was not that much of a financial loss.

As someone who has always gazed at the SNES with awe, as it is the console from just before my gaming career, I have to say I'm pretty stoked. Link has got his master sword and is in the "dark world," I made my way down the center path in Starfox and died with a game over just before Venom and I've also been speeding my way through F-Zero's Grand Prix. All in all its been great as an entry into the SNES retro world.

Has anyone else here blindly thrown money at Nintendo as well? What is your favorite title out of the 20(+1) that have been included? Should I be ashamed?