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Fallout 1 and Fallout 2

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I just played through Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 for the first time. What does /vr/ think about these games?

I will admit that the turn-based combat and the somewhat clunky controls took some getting used to, but I was definitely enjoying the combat by the end of the first game. I feel like I had always heard that people preferred the first game to the second, but having just played them for the first time, I think that the second game is far superior to the first ... although The Master was a more compelling final boss than the Enclave President and Frank Horrigan from FO2. The first game is just too bare-bones to compare to the second game; you can tell that re-using the engine and a lot of the visuals really allowed them to expand and make the second game much larger than the first.

By far my biggest gripe with BOTH games, however, is the painfully stupid AI for the companions. This is especially problematic in the first game, and while they tried to at least add "Combat Controls" for your companions in FO2, I really don't feel like it helped much. The companion system in general feels a little strange because they are so strong in the beginning of the game, to the point where it feels like they carry you through early game combat. By the end of the game, however, it becomes a chore just to keep them from getting one-shot in battles. You go from completely relying on your companions in the beginning to desperately trying to save them by the end. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to strategically funnel your opponents through a doorway, only to have Vic or Sulik charge headfirst into the next room all by themselves.

They're good games, though, and I'm glad that it looks like FO2 lets you explore when you finish the game. Is there anything worth doing in FO2 now that I've finished the main quest? Anything I should make a point to go and do now? What kind of characters did you guys run?