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Terranigma / Tenchi Souzou

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Greeting /vr/,
I want to talk about Terranigma with you. I have some questions about the lore after reading its tvtropes page (yeah, I know). Hopefully there are some people who know the game well here who can shed light on them.
To begin, the page raises two points which I don't believe are true:
>Ark seems to die three times in the game, only to be brought back, generically
I think that refers to after the resurrection of humans, when unfreezing Beruga and in Antarctica. But it was my understanding that he narrowly escaped death the first two times?
>Apparently, by opening Pandora's Box, you killed Beruga, stopped his evil plan and saved the world, but you learn this right after being tricked into resurrecting Beruga.
That would mean opening the box made the continents sink and seal the surface world. But that doesn't really make sense. Why need Dark Ark in the first place, then? Was it really just an accident that Ark opened it?
And either way, does the game's intro not show the surface being sealed, and Ak teasing the chickens in crysta afterwards (an event on the day before the start of the game)?
I have other questions, but I'd like your take on these two, first. Also, Terranigma thread, I guess?