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It's that time of the year again...it's time for my annual FF8 run. Since 1999 I've finished FF8 at least once a year, with multiple runs per year when I was younger. FF8 is my favorite game ever and unfortunately in my older years, I only have time to finish it once a year. I would estimate that I've finished the game approximately 30 times since 1999. I love everything about it. I've never done a gimmick run though. I always take the time to level my party to 100 and kill Ultima and Omega.

There is an achievement on steam where you finish the game without leveling Squall past his initial level of 7. I was thinking of using Zell and Rinoa and leaving Squall dead the entire game. Also, apparently running the game where you don't junction any magic are fun as well. in these runs you are forced to use a lot of the abilities you get from summons that you wouldn't normally use. Are there any other fun run ideas?