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I have a ton of webms that I don't remember to well so I'm gonna post them until I get bored.
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video games and gaming

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post funny/cool ingame stuff
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/jvy/ Japanese Virtual Youtubers - Band Edition

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Post some musical Yuuchubas!

- Vuchuah Yuuchubas Channels -

(New links added by request until we hit the character limit.)

Kizuna AI:

Kaguya Luna:


Mirai Akari Project:

Moemi & Yomemi Channel (Eilene):

Eilene (OtakuMoe Engrish hardsubs - also Ebola-Chan):




Iwamoto cho Performing Arts (Antama):

Laki Station:

Kanata Hikari

Nekomiya Hinata:


Nek0Masu (Old man decides to become a Virtual Youtuber Fox Girl):

Bacharu (Ye horse head guy):

Ami Yamato (The Original):

[Moar Yuuchubas, sorted by rank:]

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If you happen to laugh, you are defeated.
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[YTP] Thread

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Youtube Poop thread.

Post your best poops.
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Can we get a ylyl music thread going.
Shit lkke this
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Strange/Scary webms

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Post things that give you a chill down your spine. Things that just make you feel weird, uncomfortable.
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This is a thread where I will post things.
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Jennifer Lopez
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