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In memory of Humanity

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Pug thread

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Anything pug related
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New York City Gifs

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Train thread

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Can we get a train thread going?
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Doctor Who thread

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Newsfu thread

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post them
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YGYL /pol/ edition

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RWDS when?
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music from the 60s. 70s, 80s, and 90s

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starting the thread off with some songs ripped straight out of vice city
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Girls and animals

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Trump #5: Poland edition

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Trump WebMs thread.

Any and all discussion must be relevant to WebMs at hand, anything else is offtopic/spam/flood on /wsg/ and should be reported IMHO. This is not to stifle debate but the main purpose of this board is sharing video clips.

Trump #4: >>1764177 (seized by Spiderman)
Trump #2: >>1738022

Source of this video: (turn on English subtitles)
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