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ITT: Best GIFs you ever found on 4chan
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Fish Thread

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all things water creature related webms/gifs
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post whatever you want folks. it's a free internet. hope you guys are havin a good day ;)
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Feels thread
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The internet or other electronic devices themselves are just media. You don't get addicted to them just like you don't get addicted to a glass, but beer in it.
What you are really addicted to, or craving for, is something behind it. Oftentimes it's gratification or satisfaction from people or something. You need to understand what you are really seeking for through the internet. Otherwise it doesn't solve anything. You will either start trying to solve your problem, cravings for something, with other ways, or come back where you were if you don't find any ways.

What I lack and what I want, and probably many of people here want, is interaction with people, in any way. I don't use so-called social media at all. But I have few interaction with people in my real life, and I'm satisfied with it mostly, but I'm a human and I want to have some.
I have an online place where I can express myself, I mean I can write my thoughts, and listen to people by reading their posts. That place is similar to this website, but I decided to leave there and I became a refugee. Since then my urge to find another place to stay, where I can interact with people in some way, is strong. I know if I try to solve this by just trying not to use the internet, it won't work because it doesn't solve the true problem behind it.

Even though I said that the internet itself is just a medium, but I agree that activities on the internet tend to be more addictive, because it's a lot easier and quicker. You don't go out to talk to people or you don't need to wait until next day to listen to someone's reply. Also, you can do just anything with electronic devices, which is tempting.

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Enji Night
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Random Webms. Sound is preferred
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Anime OP/ED Thread #6

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OC Edition

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WebM for Retards

/g/ guide to WebMs

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Jew .webms

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