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talkobamato.me thread /obama/

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back for round 2 boys
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Star Trek Thread No.1: TOS and TOS-Movie-era

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One of Three.
Following up on the last Trek General Thread >>2209490.

This thread is dedicated to the entirety of pre-TNG Star Trek (including the TOS-movies that were released when TNG was already on the air).
Don't shit up the thread with GIFs.
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Star Trek Thread No. 2.2: TNG and Berman-era (DS9, VOY, ENT)

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Two (Point Two) of Three.

Direct follow-up thread to Star Trek Thread No.2, which has hit the bump- and image-limit: >>2269518
Sibling thread to
Star Trek Thread No. 1 (TOS/TAS/TOS-movies): >>2269505
and Start Trek Thread No. 3 (Kelvinverse/DISCO/upcoming stuff): >>2269530

This thread is dedicated to TNG (+TNG-movies), DS9, VOY and ENT.
Post away, folks. But let's not make this a repost-fest – the old thread is still up, after all.
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Star Trek Thread No.3: Kelvinverse and DISCO-era

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Three of Three.
Following up on the last Trek General Thread >>2209490.

Keep this in mind: There's a slew of threads on this board, dedicated to complaining about anything and everything.
If you gonna complain, complain about the topic at hand and don't shit up the thread.

This thread is dedicated to the latest incarnations of Star Trek, namely the Kelvinverse-movies (ST09, STID, STB) and Star Trek: Discovery (+everything that's to come).
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Compress Gif below 50ko

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Hi everybody
Maybe someone out here have an answer to my question. I have been doing animated GIF for Google Ads for my job but I can't compress them below 50ko to fits Google Standard. I already put them threw some gif-compression website. so they got from 145ko to like 68ko.
Does anybody have an ultimate website of compression to reach 50ko or below without destroying the shit out of the pictures.

Gif for attention

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Simpsons webums
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Do you guys really believe a 15 year old girl can just disappear from social media? Nah theres no way an addict with such talent stopped, she likely has a private account and still posts under a new name.

there are russians looking for new shit right now as her old stuff gets overplayed. The supply is too high.

Find other tiktok like sites, and find her.
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Post gif that are in this webm
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