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Great Athletic Feats

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The strongest, the fastest, the riskiest or just generally impressive athletic achievements.
Olympic, non-olympic, extreme sports, men, women – just post awesome stuff!
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Hayley Williams of Paramore

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she's too cute for this world
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Post snake related images here
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Oddly Satisfying Thread anyone?
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Dats right mang. ((((They)))) have been living under our noses this entire time. You were worried about (((them))) when you should have been worried about ((((them)))). D I N O S A.....wats dat. Shelly grab the baby. They are not getting away with this. The truth must be known.
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my dumb sis
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vidya game OST/GST music

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any era/generation/whatever, don't care too much
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Nuclear Weapons thread, coming to a town near you soon
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Anything rain related that's calming
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car accidents

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old thread hit text post limit: >>2134569
webm related source: youtu.be/XTXd5bfX_GI
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