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Alex Jones Thread

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How long's it been since we had the last one? Too long.
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lets start a new meme-Music Thread

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Lets do it!
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Initial D/Eurobeat Thread: Second Stage

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Made a new one because the other one hit the image limit. OC from OP.
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Star Trek Thread No.3: Kelvinverse and DISCO-era

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Three of Three.
Following up on the last Trek General Thread >>2209490.

Keep this in mind: There's a slew of threads on this board, dedicated to complaining about anything and everything.
If you gonna complain, complain about the topic at hand and don't shit up the thread.

This thread is dedicated to the latest incarnations of Star Trek, namely the Kelvinverse-movies (ST09, STID, STB) and Star Trek: Discovery (+everything that's to come).
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Star Trek Thread No.1: TOS and TOS-Movie-era

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One of Three.
Following up on the last Trek General Thread >>2209490.

This thread is dedicated to the entirety of pre-TNG Star Trek (including the TOS-movies that were released when TNG was already on the air).
Don't shit up the thread with GIFs.
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Shakira Thread

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Testing those hips
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birb thread
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People dancing
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/YLYL/ creme de' la creme

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make me lose you fucking fagots
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Dats right mang. ((((They)))) have been living under our noses this entire time. You were worried about (((them))) when you should have been worried about ((((them)))). D I N O S A.....wats dat. Shelly grab the baby. They are not getting away with this. The truth must be known.
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