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Anything that brings back feels and/or memories. I recently got into watching old high school videos.
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wonder woman thread

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Dats right mang. ((((They)))) have been living under our noses this entire time. You were worried about (((them))) when you should have been worried about ((((them)))). D I N O S A.....wats dat. Shelly grab the baby. They are not getting away with this. The truth must be known.
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Trump #10: Funky Edition

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Jobs goin' up, stock market goin' down
There ain't no funkin investment to be found

Documenting Former Times of Splendor:
Trump #9: >>2026175 Game Over
Trump #8: >>2000952 Christmas
Trump #7: >>1976814 Peach Flavor
Trump #6b: >>1910151 Shitposting
Trump #6a: >>1907132 Trump Hate Thread
Trump #5: >>1766551 Poland
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Star Trek General

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Since the last Trek-themed thread (>>1807097) is about to fall off the edge of the world at the time of this writing, I believe it's time to have a Trek-general on this board for once – it's been a while since the last one.

I'm just gonna dump a fair few WEBMs – mostly self-encoded, some saved – and I'm gonna post them ROUGHLY in "canon-chronological" order, i.e.

ENT – DISCO – TOS (+movies) – TNG (+movies) – DS9 – VOY

"Roughly", since of course Trek-timelines are somewhat intertwined – so don't you go and bitch about the fact that DIS/STD/DSC ist set a year after "The Cage".

Let's do this shit!
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Christmas Thread

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There are just 10 weeks left till Christmas!
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Hilo Español

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Anything in spanish
Hilo anterior: >>1896728
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My 3 part Anakin/Padme Trilogy. Enjoy.
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