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Seig heil 1488
Post webms of hitler
commies need not apply
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YGYL - Russian edition

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War songs especially welcome
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Just wsnt to feel again buddy
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Joking aside.

I've been practicing MMA for 6 years now, along with box for 7 years, I think I could.

As well as bodybuilding for 4 years, 1.87m for 86kg.

The speed I'm granted is mad, and so are my reflexes. I'd just have to wait for him to rush towards me and throw good punches right at his head. I'd not let him go, any mistake and the gorilla's done for. There'll always be virgins here thinking that it's impossible. Nothing is impossible with willpower to begin with, my friends. And secondly, you're not gonna do anything with the cowardly-shaped bodies you've got.

Any barely trained man can defeat a gorilla with a knife. With bare hands, it's not necessarily more complicated, all it requires is technique.
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The Germanic divisions of Waffen SS

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These are glorious
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ITT:Filename thread

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Webm's/gifs with funny filenames
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British things

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I don't care what they are, if it's British, it's welcome
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Unconventional humor edition
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Nintendo Music Thread

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Previously >>1662681
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