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UK Thread: Election Edition

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who are you voting for tomorrow, anon?
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Rate my OC

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I need some headpat gifs can you anons help out
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Elliot Rodger Thread

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So the people at youtube found my rap song about Elliot Rodger a tad bit offensive, so I'm looking for other places to host the lyric video in the meantime so my followers can get their hands on it. Feel free to post any other Elliot Rodger related webm/videos you may have.

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Star Trek: The Original Series..only..TOS

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Actual fucking autism

pass away groovin

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sup guys, i'll make this short

i want to end it all with good music, post your best relax groove music
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The same song, but in different genres, with different artists. May be anything.
The more different it gets, the better.

Улeтaй : 1/4
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