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boomer thread

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boomer thread
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Mercury,Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle

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Post MURICA's space programs in all their glory.
No spacex.
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And other planet shit
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YGYL: No mellow shit edition

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Industrial, hard, fast, work out, fight music, etc.
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New, new rose wolfe thread.
Old one >>>2240744
Why was it deleted?
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Joys of Summer

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Apart from a notable increase in buffoonery and a correspondent decrease in quality concerning the content posted on certain image boards, summer is not exactly the worst time a year, is it?

Despite this initial WebM, this is not another YGYL thread. This is about fun. This is about free association: Think of happiness, then think of summer. Any overlaps? – Post 'em!
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/pool/ Thread

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Stonework/Contractor Thread
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nicki minaj thread

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post what you have from the queen
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Post all low key channels that you watch along their funniest videos.