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Can we get a sounds that make your eyes tear up thread
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YGYL: Classic Edition

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>You Grove You Lose: Classic Edition!
The concept is simple. Have something you see posted often that never gets old? Share it!
Have something you think should be posted more often? Share that too!

Share things you think are classics and staples of any thread, too.

>OC is always welcome.

>Read the Filenames for Sauce, Post the sauce if you know it.

You guys know the drill.

>Previous Thread: >>1592126
>General YGYL thread: >>1607669
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Searching some funny animation about Mass Effect : Andromeda.

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^ Everything is here. ^
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Sophisticated gifs/webms

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Upmost classy only
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Weird/Strange/Unusual Music Thread

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anything that sounds strange to you
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Youtubers and podcast

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aka negroes

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webms of humans of african descent
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>You Grove You Lose: Non-Dyslexic version.

You guys know the drill.
>Read filenames for sauce, post sauce if you know, contribute. Anything goes.

Let's keep the sodium levels down this time, huh?
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Gondola Thread

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Previous: >>1570672

post /comfy/ gondolas
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Top Gear webm thread

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Top gear webms. Sound required obviously.
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