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Japanese Idol Thread

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Can we have a thread for traditional music?

The last one i saw, here was some Israeli music, as well some Turkish too, if it was one of you, could you repost?
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Post 4 random webms
Part 2
>hard mode
Post 5 webms
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/co/ thread

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Post cartoons and western animations

Old thread >>2270974
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Looping webm

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Bonus points for high resolutions
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cartoons thread

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Because moods deleted the thread on /co/ I will post it here, it supposed to be a whole comics with max part made by another anon.
Here is whole comics if someone is interested.

YGYL- Creepy Edition

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Give me song that will spook me.

Anything from spooky, to disturbing, to down right creepy. If it gives you the chills, post that shit.
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Christina Aguilera

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Sauce thread. Because "/wsr/ has a file size limit smaller than the rest of the fucking site" edition.


I know you wizards have some archive or something to look through but I don't know what that is. I'd be happy to get a link and try and figure it out on my own. But if you know the songs of these in the meantime, I'd appreciate it if you spread the knowledge.
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