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You laugh you lose thread
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old 4chan/YTMND gifs

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Can we have a thread with these sweet old gifs you found on pre-2010 4chan and in old youtube videos?
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Posting my set of incredibly rare Tarot Card Pepes. Can any other anons finish my collection?
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Dog thread, need to stock up on gifs and webms
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rainy mood future-like gifs

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Does anyone know if these have a specific name? They usually go well with jazz or lo-fi hip hop
I'll post the ones I have, but I'd love to find more.
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Can we get a lof-fi thread going? and no vaporwave or chill wave or chillhop they are totally different genres of music that a lot of people seem to get mixed up. Artist like [bsd.u], eevee, jinsang, tommpabeats preferred but more artist would greatly be appreciated

[wsg] Adult Swim Inspired Bumps #9

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>What is [wsg]?
Anything you want it to be.
Music, Video, Animation, Culture, and Fourth Wall breaking [as] titlecards.
All styles and risk-taking experimentation welcomed.
>Our Goal
Make some good edits and try new things
>Suggested Editing Programs
Movie Maker/Adobe AE/Sony Vegas/Premiere/Final Cut/Blender/HitFilm/Shotcut/Photoshop/GIMP
>Font download
dont be in a rush and doubble check your work, trust me

Previous Thread >>1573041 (OP)
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We had to put my dog down today. Can I get some gifs or webms to cheer me up?
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Slow mo /k/ porn
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