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I got this nifty ai which creates faces depending on a few parameters, so i stop motioned it all and turned into a short clip. Want more?
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Ear rape

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What's up, my favorite board

Let's do an ear rape thread. Opening with a favorite
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Doom Thread

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Hoping people have made new memes
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Music You Made Youtself
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YGYL - OC - Any Genre

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YGYL - You Groove You Lose. OC Only. Any Genre

Posting stuff from my music exploration days
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/o/pov thread

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>tfw will never be a prototype driver

Why even live?
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Taco The Mouse

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Say hello to Taco. He is a Small Rat Pepe with a unique patriotic angle. He loves the USA but not in any BOOMER way.

Arcade GIF thread

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Arcade GIFs only!