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Dance Thread 2: Dance Harder

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In our last thrilling episode...

This week - even more webms and GIFs! 2D and 3D dancers! OC and sauce requests! Minimal shitposting! Don't be a /wsg/ wallflower, everyone is welcome to dance with us!
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Vidya OST / Video Game Music

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new vidya music thread

old: >>1876056
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Unusual Instruments

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Post your clips of any cool and possibly annoying or grating musical instruments.
Starting with my latest favorite, the singing stick.
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Straya Thread

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Post Australian related webms/gifs
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Just random gifs here maybe?
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Reaction Gifs

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Reaction Gifs thread.
>No webm edition
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AMVs an other assorted musical anime clips. Dumping what I have.
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lil sleep

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snek thread
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WEBMs for another boards

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