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only interstellar memes
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Steven Seagal

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Nature Is Cool: Deer, Owls, and Hippies, oh my!

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Welcome to the great out of doors!

The world is an amazing, nauseating, hypnotic and repulsive place, and it's time we explored a bit. Post nature at its best, its worst, its strangest or its funniest, just post it up.

Know something neat? Let's hear it. Have questions? let's hear them. Think of this as a free natural science class led by foul-mouthed assholes who likely need a shave.

We're looking for animals, weather, geology, all the fun stuff you could see on a nature documentary. Domestic or feral, academic or asshole with a gopro, let's see it all!

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Deutscher Faden - German Thread

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GIFs und WebMs aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum

GIFs and WebMs from the German-speaking world
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All about Metal music.
Post your favorite songs or whatever is related to it.
All genres are welcome.

Make a webm, anon:
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[WSG]24/7 Stream

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I'm thinking of purchasing a domain and making it an endless stream of WSG bullshit. I'm not expecting much from it, really it's just a way to waste some time. If you guys have any suggestions go ahead and tell me.
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Failed handshakes, failed fistbumps, failed hugs
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Can we get a TayTay thread going? My folder is lacking and it makes me sad
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Aesthetic drinks

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Make me thirsty /wsg/
Any nice gif or webm of a drink being poured
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