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Anime Thread 327.0

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Motivational/Inspirational Thread

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Anything from workouts, speeches, etc.
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/swg/ Synthwave General, Vaporwave is allowed edition.

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Old thread saged without reaching image limit, in order to keep these threads alive with original content, we have combined vaporwave threads a synthwave threads into one giant mega general, post a e s t h e t i c s and 80s retro to your hearts disire!

>What is Synthwave?
Synthwave a genre of music characterized with the use of synthesizers, interchangeable with Retrowave.

>What is Retrowave/NewRetroWave?
Retrowave is a musical genre that harnesses the inspiration and authenticity of 80's and early 90's music for today's generation.

>What is DarkSynth
Darksynth is a sub-genre of Retrowave, with darker, heavier elements, generally sp00ky all round.

>What is Vaporwave
Vaporwave is a genre of music that mainly consists of slowed down muzak or elevator music

>What is Outrun
Outrun is a visual term that describes the retro 80's aesthetic of neon lights and wireframe

Just because a genre of music has wave at the end doesn't automatically mean its vaporwave.

this is /wsg/ not /url/

That track is fucking overplayed as fuck on /wsg/, literally babby's first synthwave., other chillwave tracks are fine though.

Either include sauce of song in the webm file name or post, do not shit up this thread asking for sauces, especially for that Highway 99 electronica track played over the kickstarter game Power Drive 2000

How to make webms?
>>957536 (Cross-thread)
>>957539 (Cross-thread)
>>957543 (Cross-thread)

Previous thread
>>1371608 (Cross-thread)

Sources/ Recommendations
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You laugh you lose thread

COWBELL edition
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Music you made yourself

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Show your talent or anything you made while playing around with an instrument or a DAW
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Vidya Music

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OC/SelfPromote thread

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Get the OC while it's still hot! Post your newest OC here, anything you wanna share.
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Rosa vult

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Most newest Rose Wolfe thread.

More newest: >>1560209
Newest: >>1484971
More newer: >>1443634
Newer: >>1414320
New: >>1406689, >>1370975
Old: >>1331228

Failed coup d’état: >>1459877
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Rosa fugit

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More newest Rose Wolfe thread.

Newest one: >>1484971
More newer one: >>1443634
Newer one: >>1414320
New one: >>1406689, >>1370975
Old one: >>1331228

Failed coup d’état: >>1459877
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What song is she bopping to?
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