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/ttg/ TikTok General

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TikTok Zoomer Central

All TikTok queens and kings are welcome here. Try to post OC, tons of content in the archives linked below.

Browsable WebM MEGA archives: https://pastebin.com/PArCvK9g
For new requests, reply to the OP with a username and archive anon will add it to the archives.

Links to download and search for videos on your own:

Report Zureeal and Lemonssugar (short hair with face piercings) on sight for spamming/flooding. Download and use 4chanx to auto filter and hide spam posts and keywords. If you think its spam, it probably is spam. Same posting order, filenames, timestamps, vids, etc are all signs of spam.

Updated Zureeal & Lemonssugar MD5 hashes for your filtering needs:

Spam keywords:
>any long text posts about absurd sexual ramblings
>posts from spammers claiming to be multiple people

Old thread: >>2527468

Try to hit at least 300 text posts before making a new /ttg/ even if the 150 image limit has been reached, so we can prevent spam.