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Yuki is just a slut like Haruhi!

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Chihara Minori, the seiyuu for Nagato Yuki in Suzumiya Haruhi series is caught sleeping with two dudes. One of them is a married man, whom she has been seeing for six years. The other guy seems to be younger than her. So she's basically a homewrecker and she's a sugar mama for a younger guy.

She has wrote an apology in her blog since the scandal surfaced.
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Dragon Ball Super

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These are the only characters that matter, what happened to Gohan?
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Dragon ball super

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Is goku a better MC than most shounen protagonists?
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Why aren't the mods doing anything about this?
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Dragon ball super

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Who has the better family, goku or vegeta?
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Do you like it when a JS dresses like a JY?
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I'm so fucking glad I learned japanese
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What are your thoughts on Nino Nakano from the hit series 5Toubun no Hanayome?

I think she's very useful for baiting retarded mental patients and making them waste their time to prevent them from shitting up other threads that I'd much rather spend my time in. She's also best girl. You?
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What's your favorite type of loli?
I like it when when they're literal weapons
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