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>I am an atheist
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How big is too big?
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Hunter x Hunter

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In using this to poke fun at Togashi, anons have conceded his superiority.

Yes, Togashi is free: free of tropes, cliches, and shounen narratives; free of boredom, stupidity, and laziness; free of drudgery and obligation; free of everything but genius.

Because Togashi creates from desire, waiting itself becomes beautiful, for we know that pure quality gestates within him. The Hunterchad is not a consumerist slave: he loves what is already existing, and knows it as the greatest work of the Eastern canon; if more chapters release, tis a boon, but it is not requisite for our love. This is why threads consistently hit bump limits two years after a chapter release. No other mangakaka could hope to achieve this.

Hunterchads have long since understood that Hunter x Hunter is philosophy first, poetry second, and in the history of both you find that many masterworks take many years. (Joyce took 17 for Finnegans Wake.) Readers at our level have long since overcome time: this is why the insults of the anons strike us like a candle does the sun.

Now that you've been educated, you will stop using picrelated in an insulting manner, for the only one insulted is its user.

For the Hunterchads: What figure of German Romanticism pairs best with CA? I think perhaps it may be Novalis!
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Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

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It's shit.
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Were we too harsh on her? Seems like she got fucked over rather than being a shit character.
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Virtual U-Tuber Illustrations
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Why do JS sit like this?
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Ao no Flag thread

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More like Ao no FAG amirite?

But seriously, anyone liked the ending?
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gay test
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