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One Piece

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Chapter 1020: "Robin Vs. Black Maria"

In the cover, Denjiro (as Kyoushirou) is sleeping with a samurai Mink (he seems a leopard). He's dreaming that he's eating a big tempura, but he's eating his wig while he sleeps.

Chapter starts on the top of Onigashima's Skull Dome, Kaidou is talking.

Kaidou: "Dog Dog Fruit, Mythical Type, Model “Ooguchi no Makami” (Large-Mouthed Guardian Wolf)!!!
It's a valuable Mythical Beast and the deity protector of Wanokuni!! I didn't expect that someone who call herself “Oden” could eat it!!"

Kaidou hits Yamato with his kanabo.

Kaidou: "Orochi had a talent as a terrible dictator. That's why this country is now a weapon factory. I want you to rule the country and keep in running for my sake!!"

Yamato: "No!! I will free the country and the samurai!!"

Yamato uses a new attack called “Namuji Hyouga” (無侍氷牙 - None-Samurai-Ice-Fang) shooting a big flame from her mouth to Kaidou. While attacks, Yamato remembers Oden's words (“Open Wano's borders!!”). Kaidou uses his “Bolo Breath”, both attacks clash in a huge explosion.

Kaidou: "I'm not going to allow it, Yamato!!"

Cut to the “Great Banquet Hall” in the 3rd floor. We see that Robin is in front of 3 people who are very important for her: Nico Olvia (her mother), Dr. Clover and the giant Jaguar D. Saul. The three of them are very happy to see Robin and call her to come to them. Robin is very happy too and runs towards them while Brook yells at her not to do it.

Just before reaching them Robin stops, she is disappointed by the obvious trap they have tried to set. She then uses a new attack called “Tres Mano: Freesia” to eliminate the illusions and hits with a giant slap on the chin of those who were posing as them.
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>Baki can create the image of other fighters in his head to train
Kind of exaggerated, but ok, shadow boxing is a thing

>by imagining several joints in his body Katsumi can achieve the speed of a whip
Very exaggerated, but there is a little bit of truth in "trying to move like a whip" I guess

>when pretending to be a dinosaur everybody can see Baki as a dinossaur
Well, this may be a poetic take on how good his imatation is

>Baki can imagine his muscles turning into a liquid to achieve maximum speed instantly
That's just dumb, but I still like it, it is fun

>Musashi can make someone feel like he got decapitated just by thinking about it
This is retard

>By pretending to cut someone Mussashi can kill for real
I'm done, fuck this imagination bullshit, they gave Musashi psychic slashing powers
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Kaguya Manga

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Osaragi always helps lino and Ishigami relationship but it's always failed
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Fetish fuel: the character
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Dragon Ball Super

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We know that Vegeta and his fight and form are filler so when are we getting to Frieza and Goku again, the actual important events?
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Higurashi Sotsu

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The key to Rika's heart! I wanna open it!
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How should jojolion end?
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Manga Panels you'll keep in your heart for eternity

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Happy, sad, sweet, bitter moments, out of context panels... If it's important to you, post here!
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Chainsaw Man

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Can we talk about how this is going to be the worst fanbase in history by far? As soon as the first episode drops I'm probably going to drop the manga so everytime I read some stupid shit I don't know its stupid shit and blow my brains out from frustration.
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Evangelion 3.0+1.0

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How much do you assume happens off screen in your [HEADCANON]? Do you imagine that the pilots had some sort of colleague relationship with the bridge bunnies just on account of how much time they must've spent off screen at NERV doing sync tests and such? Can we safely infer a certain level of regular off-screen interaction between characters based on what we see on screen?
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