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Why do most isekais take inspiration from Dragon Quest and not other way better JRPGs like Final Fantasy?
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Make or request /a/rt

Those sexy anime girls aren't going to draw themselves, you know.
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Underrated Series

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I'll start with Rosario Vampire. The first half is very generic harem/tropey nonsense but the second half turns it into an intriguing battle shonen.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu 187 spoilers

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From Snky
>The Pic with chiz and ruka is a KINO spread page (the teased one some weeks ago)
>Ruka: Bla bla bla don't get involved with Kaz cus *chucks opened condoms on the floor at chizuru* "Cus i already did lewd things"
>After she leaves her room, chizuru lays on the ground stares at the opened condom wrapper and does a sad kind of face. Some pages of ruka on her way home. Switch to Chizu again still looking at the wrapper in front of her making sad faces and sitting down, holding her knees.
Ruka fucking whore crossed a line she shouldn't have crossed. I fucking hope she gets truck kun'd or has a painful heart attack.
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This kid has personally witnessed the death of half the country.
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This is Chino
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Naruto Vs Delta in less than 10 hours.
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Sailor Moon

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Do I watch Sailor Moon because I've never had a girlfriend?
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It's time again, imoutos. Get out there and mickey mouse your onii-chan. Assert dominance and post results.
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