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Who's the father?
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Love Live

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It's lewd time, l/a/d's!
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Just finished reading Fire Punch. I've read CSM and the one shot before this. Would recommend, was unironically kino throughout and had a great ending.
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>murdered 20,000 people
>smiles while talking about starting a civil war in another nation
>jokes about it
How is this guy the hero again?
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Kagami is kinda... you know...
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Shonen chosen one levels

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Chosen one levels of shonen....

Chosen linage, prophecy, gifted with ability from birth,etc.
Gash, Naruto , Ichigo, Yoh,Luffy (was originally an A tier ),Kintaro, Dai, Every Jojo except Jonathan,Yusuke (was originally B tier), Arale, Seiya

Gifted with an ability by chance meeting
Deku, Yugi

trained by someone special or hard work
Goku ( he was low tier Saiyan by blood, Broly was the chosen one) Senku, Johnathan Joestar, Senku,Saitama,Box7, Taikubou, Ryo (city hunter), Kenshin, joe
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Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 71

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New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC)

Previous: >>226040551
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All this time I thought 'Squealer did nothing wrong' was just a funny meme.

>how dare you use every military advantage you can get? you went so far as to attack civilians, kidnap some babies, and even groom a human child into thinking it's a rat, you monster!
When the civilization you're fighting against is under self-imposed collective hypnosis such that it will genocide your entire species without remorse if you try to rebel and fail, diplomacy is useless, and you're past the point where you can worry about fighting clean. Squealer wasn't even particularly vengeful, dude did what he had to do because he saw no other way out, and he was right.
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Fumetsu wo Anata e/To Your Eternity

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How's this for stimulation?
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Aniki wa shinda. Mo inai. DAKEDO! Ore no senaka ni...kono mune ni...hitotsu ni natte ikitsuzukeru!
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