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Fumino is upset. What do you do?
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Higurashi Sotsu

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Mion's big day is happening this Thursday. Are you anons ready?
New thread with an on topic OP since the other anon went full retard with the other thread.
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Daily Yotsuba&!

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Chapter 40
Yotsuba & Delivering!
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One Piece

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CoA soon fellow Robinbros

Shimeji Simulation

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it's about that time again
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Do you bros still fucking love Sayu?
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Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 71

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New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC)

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Why she calls senpai a virgin while being a Virgin herself?
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/a/ Sings - Fighting Gold (Jojo Part 5 OP)

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Show me some autism

Here's the starter pack with the original song, lyrics, and instrumental.

>Who do I send it to?
Send it to [email protected] or drop your singing in the thread.

End of August.

In case you don't want to download the starter pack:
Here's the OP itself.

Here's the Instrumental.

Here are the lyrics.