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Does /a/ like Koihime Musou?
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Dragon Maid S

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Are you taller than a dragon?
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how come older waifus are the best?

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takahashi obviously made the best waifus (with lum being the best) but other works like yu yu hakusho, sailor moon, case closed (detective conan), ruroni kenshin, etc also had some good waifus. we could add some some turn of the century stuff like NGE and bebop, but they don't come close to older stuff

newer stuff is just leagues behind, why couldn't the industry keep up with the waifu quality?
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Daily Happy Sugar Life Chapter

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13th Life: The Story of the Changing Girl
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This manga made me so paranoid I went out and bought two 4tb HDDs that I'm going to use as backups and mirror with each other
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I'm in the mood for a high fantasy anime, how good is Grancrest Senki?
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>Finally, the battle that will decide who is the protagonist of Yuru Yuri.

ITT: guess the anime

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Guy decides to wear spectacles to ensure that events will never turn negative
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How should jojolion end?
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I did not care for eren yaeger