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>DBS movie release date announced
>Shaman King announced and already airing
>Kingdom S3 announced and airing
>Bleach TYBW, still no release date a year after the announcement
What's taking them so long?
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Re Zero

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Why does Tappei fail so hard at writing Emilia’s character?
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post characters who did nothing wrong
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Just ordered this. Did I make a good choice? I loved Bikini Warriors!!!FACT!!!
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Anon! Before you go into battle again, we must have sex to replenish my mana!
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Underrated Series

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I'll start with Rosario Vampire. The first half is very generic harem/tropey nonsense but the second half turns it into an intriguing battle shonen.

JoJo: Favorite Stand?

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for me it's little feet
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she lost...
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