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This is the most Gnostic anime I've ever seen
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ITT: Girls getting physically beaten

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Slime 300

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New episode in 20 minutes
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It's mother's day. Post you're daughtermomwife.

Tower of God S3

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The hiatus is finnally over at summer
1 mounth and finnally we will see the best girl ever Androssi with his lover Baam together again.

Dragon Ball Super

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CHADku's so great he's the only anime character to get his own day.
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It's time again, imoutos. Get out there and mickey mouse your onii-chan. Assert dominance and post results.
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Sexiest female One Piece outfits/designs

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I always loved how bold and slutty many of the character outfits are in One Piece.
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Make or request /a/rt

Those sexy anime girls aren't going to draw themselves, you know.
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Boku no Hero Academia

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will overhaul get his quirk back?
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