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Oshi no Ko

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Chapter 42 - Read-Through
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How did 2017 give rise to all of these teasing romcoms? Uzaki, Nagatoro, and Anjou all came out within each other that year.
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you find this creature trapped in your caged area
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>High school student Michio Kaga, while wandering aimlessly through life and the Internet, finds himself transported from a shady website to a fantasy world — reborn as a strong man who can use "cheat" powers. He uses his powers to become an adventurer, earn money, and get the right to claim girls that have idol-level beauty to form his very own harem.
Is isekai meikyuu de harem the most generic isekai ever created?
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Why do many shonen protagonists feel so samey? Naruto is basically Goku if he was a ninja, and Luffy is basically Goku if he was a pirate.
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Why do most isekais take inspiration from Dragon Quest and not other way better JRPGs like Final Fantasy?

It's Mother's Day, you know what that means

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post mommies in this thread

Tropical Rouge Precure

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Minori is cute without her glasses on!
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Pitch your anime idea in one sentence
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